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Thaks St Martin s Press and netgalley for arc.I m new to this series or I would have given it a 5 I was a little lost at first but the book was such a good paranormal fairy fighting urban fantasy that I m going to check out the first 3 books now. Brilliant, awesome finale to the wonderful Hedi and Trowbridge s story So GOOD #Free Epub ⚹ The Danger of Destiny Ü WHY WHISTLE IN THE DARKThere Are Very Few Days Off When You Re On An Epic Quest Believe Me, I Know I M Hedi Peacock One Half Fae, The Other Were And If Being A Half Breed With One Foot In Each World Isn T Tough Enough To Manage, There Are The Four Chambers Of My Heart To Consider The One Who Holds The Strings Robson Trowbridge, The Alpha Of Cree If I Had My Way, He And I Would Be Locked In A Bedroom, For Eternity, But A Pressing Family Matter Needs My Attention It S True What They Say A Woman S Work Is Never DoneWHEN YOU CAN HOWL AT THE MOON My Twin Brother Is Being Held Captive By The Old Mage In Another Realm Lo And Behold, As Soon As Trowbridge And I Arrive In Merenwyn, We Re Separated In Spectacular, Dramatic Fashion And I M Left To Figure Out How To Maintain The Fragile Balance Between My Fae Magic And My Wolf S Blood In A Realm That Cries To Both Not Easy, Particularly When I M Keeping An Iron Grip On My Temper So As Not To Dispatch With Extreme Prejudice The Odd Wizard Or Smart Mouthed Mutt Servant Who Crosses My Path My Mama Never Told Me There D Be Days Like These, But I M Not Going Down Without A Fightor My Mate THE DANGER OF DESTINY is by far and above my favorite of the Mystwalker books We FINALLY get to see our hero and heroine work together instead of apart, and Heidi accepts all parts of her and owns who and what she was born as It was extremely refreshing to see after the previous three books had her unsure of herself and her place in the world While this story picks up kind of just hours after the previous story left off, there is still enough back story sprinkled in so I wasn t totally lost But if you are one of those people who likes to wait until a series has a conclusion, there isn t SO MUCH back story sprinkled in that it gets old These would be great books to binge on DESTINY takes place mostly in the Fae realm, and is the only book to do so Not only are there new challenges they speak another language but there are new old enemies and a totally unfamiliar terrain and culture as well Heidi up until now just cannot catch a break other than snagging Trowbridge as her mate And it really is a good thing too, he makes a fantastic and sexy guide through the forest.I don t want to say too much, because this is the best series you have never heard of, and while this is a review for the last book in it, I don t want to give away any from the previous books Give it a shot, and let me know what you think Great read Review coming soonARC Advanced Review Copy received from St Martin s Press, via NetGalley. 3.5 StarsHedi jumps through a portal to the fae land, Merenwyn Behind her comes the love of her life Trowbridge Hedi has made a pact with the Old Mage who controls her brother, Lexi, to free him once and for all She must meet up with her brother, but that is a quest within itself complete with fae, hunter sparkle clouds, and traps.This is the fourth novel in Evans Mystwalker series and also the final book The majority of it takes place in Merenwyn where Hedi must face her wolf and prove herself against foe after foe Once Hedi and Trowbridge land in Merenwyn, it isn t long until they are chased After witnessing a slaughter of the Merenwyn were wolves at the hands of the fae, they re forced to high tail it Unfortunately the evil sparkle cloud, that hunts weres, pick up on Trowbridge s scent This first part of the novel was slow paced for me and the slaughter didn t have the gut punch I expected It s sad, don t get me wrong, but I felt too much at a distance from the horror of it The evil sparkle cloud force Hedi and Trowbridge to split up and a full moon is on the horizon Hedi turns into her wolf before she can make it to the spot she s supposed to meet her twin brother Lexi As it happens this equals danger of the worst kind In a series of unfortunate or fortunate events, depending on how you look at it, a guardian fae along with a servant who is half fae and half were meet up with Hedi The story picked up its pace for me with the inclusion of these characters and the danger Hedi soon faces There is a pretty awesome fight scene in the midst of these events that had me turning pages The strength Hedi showed was enough to compel the pages to keep flipping until our destination was at hand This is the point where the novel slowed down again There are a lot of important conversations that, but all I wanted was epic battles centering Hedi The ending, which I will not soil, was a fun ride that heavily involves the amulets, Merry and Ralph Looking back on the series, I was impressed by it It has funny and jaw dropping moments The only thing that didn t work for me in the series overall was Hedi s attitude towards any woman who got near Trowbridge I feel like we see too much jealousy out of heroines, and I feel as if it s always directed at other women Hedi is the perfect example of this I enjoyed much than I disliked The story is both gritty and funny, and humor in novels doesn t always work for this reader Each novel was an easy and pretty quick read I look forward to what Evans has up next Elizabeth The Danger of Destiny is the fourth title in Ms Evan s unique and exciting Mystwalker series The story wraps up Hedi Peacock s journey from a small time thief and barista to a powerful woman and mate of Robison Trowbridge, the Alpha wolf of Cree The book opens immediately after the conclusion of the previous book and cannot be read as a stand alone title Although I needed to jog my memory a few times trying to recall prior events, the author does a good job of working in the necessary details so I wasn t lost and could enjoy the book.Hedi Peacock and Robson Trowbridge are in Merenwyn, land of the Fae Although they were forced through the portal by some unsavory Weres, the couple needed to go in order to save Hedi s twin, Lexi, who is bonded to the old Mage Hedi sets forth on her epic quest to rescue her brother and defeat the Black Mage, while Robson also hopes to free the Raha ells, an enslaved group of Weres trapped in Merenwyn Although this seems a bit confusing, the story unfolds fairly straight forward and remains gripping throughout the book.After witnessing Hedi s character mature in the previous book, I was grateful that she remained strong willed and smart, while continuing on her journey and developing even But she retains so much of what makes her Hedi her humor and wit remain light and silly She s perceptive and knows when to be serious or when to lighten the mood, yet sometimes things just seem to pass her by She is faithful to those she loves, keeping her focused on those around her, and even causing her to make a few tough decisions Hedi finally comes to terms with her entire heritage both the wolf and the fae, dealing with both spirits to give her strength and courage, and a few surprises along the way The only negative thing I have to say is that she wields her fae magic around as if there were no repercussions, something that definitely could not and would not have happened in earlier books No explanation was given for her increased ability, and I felt it was a little to convenient at times.Since the story is told in the first person point of view of Hedi, we see everything as she perceives it, and this changed how I felt about both Robson and her brother, Lexi, as Hedi matured and developed a deeper view of her own world I loved how the author made Lexi so morally ambiguous It kept Hedi, and this reader, constantly wondering if he was worth redeeming, and even if it was possible In addition, we see a harder side to Robson as he faces old enemies and takes on his full alpha responsibilities Since this is the final book in the series unless I can convince the author are needed , several outstanding issues are tied up, to include Robson and Hedi s romance, what becomes of Mad one, and whether or not Robson and Hedi can save the Raha ells, just to name a few As the series began, it also concludes, with an imperfect heroine doing her best She s come a long way, yet I feel her journey is far from over however, Ms Evan s has ended the series in a good place There are still several subplots that could be explored, and I for one would welcome additional stories.In the end, I really enjoyed the Mystwalker series, and The Danger of Destiny is an excellent conclusion I found the book to be much straight forward than earlier titles, and I could clearly see the path of the story, while Hedi s thought process didn t seem to skip any steps which had been a small issue with previous books Even when the author tossed in exciting complications and engrossing twists, I felt it was explained in context so that I was easily able to follow along I enjoyed Hedi s journey, and I am completely satisfied with where she finds herself by the end of the book I also appreciate that not everything is perfect and questions still linger with respect to subplots and supporting characters If you haven t started this series, I strongly encourage you to go back to the beginning and discover The Trouble with Fate.My Rating A Enjoyed A LotReview copy provided by author.Originally posted at That s What I m Talking About A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review This is book 4 in the Mystwalker series In this book we FINALLY get to see Hedi and Robson working together instead of apart I enjoyed getting to see them as a unit instead of them being apart Now, saying that, they aren t fully together the whole book sad face In this book Heidi s twin brother is being held captive by the old mage in another realm As soon as they arrive in that realm, they are separated BUT they work together Finally, Heidi accepts all parts of her and owns who and what she was born asDESTINY takes place mostly in the FAE realm, and is the only book to do so Not only are there new challenges they speak a whole nother language but there are new old enemies and a totally different, completely unfamiliar land and culture as well Just to mention, this story picks up about hours after the previous story left off, the author provides just enough back story dusted in so , as the reader, I wasn t having to go back and re read But if you are one of those people who have to wait until a series has a conclusion to go back and read , there isn t SO MUCH back story sprinkled in that it gets old.Heidi and Robson still have that chemistry that make reading this story wonderful and the fact you know they are mates , makes this even better I just wish that they could spend the WHOLE book together without being separated I would have given this a 5 star rating if they hadn t kept separating them Overall, still a very good paranormal fantasy read and I will still continue to read the series My rating 4.0 stars Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewI did not know that this was the last volume of the series before reading it and I admit that I am a little sad to leave behind the characters I ve learned to discover and to love But much to say right now, I think this was my favorite volume I enjoyed all the novels in the series, but it s true that for the others that it took me a few chapters to really get into the stories Here, surprisingly, this has not been the case and I was carried away by the adventures of this couple from the first chapter It must be said that both characters have plenty to do As I said, we find our two heroes in Merenwyn, facing many new events Yes, because one thing is certain, they do not have the time to get bored Even if they are together in this new world that Hedi is discovering, they will soon be separated and our heroine will find herself left alone We discover with her how the fae and the werewolves live together in a rather difficult way it must be said , but we also learn a little about the Magi and of course her twin brother New characters appear, who will attend our heroine in her mission and that we learn to discover about.Gone to achieve a specific event, our couple will end in a story that transcends them completely Many things are added and Trowbridge is determined to do the best to help the werewolves he had left behind him to find his mate Hedi has evolved a lot over the novels, she knows that she is not a savior, she does not want to be one which is quite nice to see She only wants to save her twin brother and to return quietly home with the man she loves Unfortunately nothing is easy It is perfectly clear that they love each other deeply, but the previous novels have changed them and it s true that nothing is as easy as it was before They must learn to know each other to progress.In all cases this novel was a very good conclusion, a very good story and I was glad to have the chance to follow our hero until the end to see how it was resolved. Finally, all of Hedi s strongest parts merge There was still a lot of time spent in her wildly imaginative head, but her character grew by leaps and bounds Hedi s relationship with Trowbridge is strong Finally, Hedi behaves as a leader should Also, her long and arduous journey to save her twin brother ends The Mystwalker series had its bumps, yet it did arrive to a gratifying end for Hedi and her Trowbridge Full review to come ARC compliments of St Martin s Press