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At times reading like a dry history textbook then veering into colorful descriptive prose, Callow s bio seemed schizophrenic Along with the authors interpretive points were the well known parts of Van Gogh s timeline in life Callow spends the majority of the book in the early life then hastily writes of the final years when the artist was most prolific and prone to madness From prior bios we know Vincent was a voracious reader This book identifies specific tomes he loved, like Uncle Toms Cabin, and authors like George Eliot and anything by Dickens This was appreciated A good offering in a sea of exploration in the mind and talents of Vincent Van Gogh [[ Download ]] ⇴ Vincent Van Gogh: A Life ⇱ Vincent Van Gogh Wikipdia Vincent Willem Van Gogh IPA Vn Note, N LemarsGroot Zundert, Aux Pays Bas, Et Mort LejuilletAuvers Sur Oise, En France, Est Un Peintre Et Dessinateur Nerlandais Vincent Van Gogh Biographie Courte Du Peintre LBiographie Courte De Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Willem Van Gogh Est N LemarsGroot Zundert, Un Petit Village De Hollande Fils D Un Pasteur Protestant, Il Fut L Impressionnisme Biographie De Vincent VAN GOGH Fils D Un Pasteur Nerlandais, Neveu De Son Homonyme Vincent Van Gogh Qui Co Dirigeait La Firme De Ngoce D Art International Goupil Cie La Haye, Vincent, Comme Son Frre Tho, Commena Par Suivre La Tradition Familiale En Juilleten Entrant En Apprentissage Chez Goupil Cie Vincent Van Goghpeintures Et Dessins WikiArt Vincent Willem Van Gogh IPA Vn , N LemarsGroot Zundert Pays Bas Et Mort LejuilletAuvers Sur Oise France , Est Un Peintre Et Dessinateur Nerlandais Vincent Van Gogh Vikidia, L Encyclopdie Des AnsListe Des Tableaux De Vincent Van Gogh Wikipdia Liste Des Tableaux De Vincent Van Gogh Van Gogh A Produit Plus De Uvres D Art Dont Environtableaux Et Dessins Vincent Van GoghFamous Paintings Analysis Perhaps The Most Famous Artist In The World, Vincent Van Gogh Is Perceived By Many As The Mad Artist, The Man Who Painted In A Frenzy Or Simply The Tormented Soul Who Cuts Off His Ear Van Gogh Museum Visit The Museum About To Offer You Eveninformation About The Museum And Vincent Van Gogh, And Serve You Better, We Use Cookies Vincent Van Gogh WikipediaDeath Of Vincent Van Gogh Wikipedia The Death Of Vincent Van Gogh, The Dutch Post Impressionist Painter, Occurred In The Early Morning OfJuly , In His Room At The Auberge Ravoux In The Village Of Auvers Sur Oise In Northern France Informative, enlightening, but had extensive interpretation overlaying facts Author presented very bleak imagery which contributed to making this a drudge to read I gave this to a college student fan of Van Gogh and made her promise to limit her reading of this and then spend time with cheerful friends I would have liked to have seen images of the drawings and paintings to which he referred within the context of his history. While informative, the tone of the writing was influenced by the author s interpretation of van Gogh s life and work rather than offering an objective account of historical information regarding the man himself While I was able to glean the timeline of major life events in van Gogh s life, it seemed this composed only about a third of the book. I am very disappointed in this book I wish there were Vincent biographies I was hoping for a straightforward, informational biography of Vincent, but this one I couldn t even finish And I always finish everything Although, after skipping around, I was able to find interesting facts about Van Gogh which I didn t know before I can t say this book is all bad. This is a wonderful biography of Van Gogh Finally I understand his paintings and his pain A very easy read I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Van Gogh, not only as a painter but also as a human being.