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This is the second Omnibus volume in the Ubel Blatt series I continue to feel a bit mixed about this series The illustration is amazing and I really enjoy all the awesome action scenes However there are soooo many characters and places we jump between, it s hard to keep track of everything I feel like I only half understand what is going on every time I pick up one of these books.This series would really benefit from having a couple pages of characters pictures with a short explanation of who they are at the front of the book A quick synopsis of the story thus far would also be incredibly helpful.The story is fairly simple at its core Koinzell is off to kill the Seven Heroes of the realm because they betrayed him way back when Of course there are a whole bunch of complications and politics surrounding this story that make it muchcomplex In this book Koinzell kills the first hero , Schtemwolech, and then starts to try to go after the next hero.This is for mature readers only there is a lot of nudity and explicit violence in these books.Overall this was a well done fantasy manga The illustration and world building are amazing The book could really benefit from a character guide and story so far section there are just too many characters and the story jumps around too much I struggle to follow what exactly is going on at times In the end the frustration of reading this series is out weighing the amazing illustrationso, I don t plan on continuing it. Still enjoying this manga I m caught up on the English releases, but I think there are 17 total counting volume 0 Aht is annoying This is the least sexually explicit volume to date, and while I have no problem with sexual content in general, I must admit that that made this acomfortable read Yes, I know Koinzell isn t as young as he looks, but still Backstory is also delved into indetail, giving us muchof an understanding of just what he lost along with his life While it does have some harem aspects, generally speaking this is the volume that might convince people to keep reading. (FREE PDF) º Ubel Blatt, Vol. 2 Ò At Last, Koinzell Will Have His First Taste Of Revenge After Decades Of Anticipation, K Inzell Finally Squares Off Against The First Of His Former, Traitorous Comrades, The Hero Schtemw Lech Without The Moons To Fuel His Strength, Though, Is He Up To The Task Of Dispatching This Formidable Opponent More Importantly, Should He Prevail, Is He Prepared To Face The Wrath Of An Empire Robbed Of One Of Its Beloved Knights Of The Order Of The Seven Lances An Epic Fantasy On The Grandest Of Scales