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An enticing romance novel filled with morals that should be followed correctly, but are forgotten because what feels right is better in a seductive wayLove stories come and go, and cliche ones have encountered upon my presence every so often This story is no exception attractive librarian, young and sweet, has an ex boyfriend who basically stalks her, is introduced to everyone at her new high school librarian position job by her attractive principle boss, and is a fan of pornography that includes her very well photoshopped hottie principal Yup, that about sums it all up As Lessie arrives to her new job as a high school librarian, she encounters herself in a dilemma that has her constantly doubting her position Being upon the presence of an attractive principle, Mr Whitehall, also known as Ryder, she takes upon herself to engage her fantasies of him Due to some unexpected reveal, Ryder ends up finding her stash of very explicit photos videos that she has from her friend who very well photoshopped Ryder into another man s body With the way Helena Hunting describes Ryder, his appearance is one to drool over And the way he is in bed HOT DAM Even I had to change my panties every so often because of the steamy scenes Helena wrote about Overall, this was a love story that I do not regret buying I am very picky with what I purchase on paperback, and I am still taken aback about the fact that I JUST found this book and had no read it However, I am glad I did because my weekend was sure filled with all the naughtiness Ryder and Annaliese endured Follow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter Can you imagine having your boss discover a stash of pornographic pictures on your computer Your worst nightmare, right Well, that s pretty much what happen to Liese Harper at her new school and to say she is horrified, well, that s an understatement Good thing her boss is a hot as hell, sexy and somewhat domineering man who is just as hot for Liese as she is for him But can they keep their incredibly hot chemistry and lustful thoughts under wraps so that their jobs will not be in jeopardy I fell in love with Ryder and absolutely loved his internal struggle as he fought his overwhelming desire for Liese He is a complete professional and does not want to jeopardize his position or Liese s professional reputation The trouble is, he just can t stay away from her The Librarian Principle is a totally fun, sexy, romantic and well written read that will keep you thoroughly entertained and ready to return to school There is some emotional tension later in the story, and a little bit of danger but mostly this is a highly erotic, sweet and yes, very funny sexy story that is a prefect read when you want something adult and very, very steamy Enjoy ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review. I LOVED this This book had everything I love about a good book It was funny, sexy, had a little forbidden romance and fantastic characters Ryder is the principal at an expensive private school Liese is hired as the school librarian Liese is attracted to her boss but inter employee dating is prohibited so she has no plans to act on it Plus, she doesn t know if Ryder feels the same way that is until Ryder accidentally discovers her massive porn collection when she brings her laptop to school Ryder is such a great character He comes across as strong and in control but also a little shy and unsure of himself Liese is funny and sweet and I loved the build up and sexual tension between these two Everything about this book worked for me and it was exactly what I was looking for a light hearted, sexy romance This is going on my all time favorites list and I highly recommend it Re read Feb 8, 2016 I loved this book even after doing a re read and listening to the audiobook It s such a fun and sexy story Plus, the audiobook is fantastic Re read via audiobook June 2016 I still super love this book so much so that I m adding it to my top 10 favorite books of all time LOVE this book I received an ARC via the book s publicist in exchange for an honest review Thank you I ve decided to hide my review considering that publication date is approximately 3 weeks away It has NO SPOILERS fyi view spoiler It must be me While I do adore and love this author for Clipped Wings and was uber excited for a principalXlibrarian taboo romance, it just did not click for me whatsoever It could just be my thinking in the minority, but, it just felt unrealistic, forced, and painstakingly slow I barely made it to the finish line without the DNF sign flashing its red light at me.I don t know Was it the characters Or was it just the execution that floundered for me Eh, you can decide for yourselves guys.On the bright side, it was super steamy and naughty Otherwise, I m out peeps hide spoiler I was lucky enough to be a CP on this book and WOW I m absolutely thrilled it s coming out It s hilarious and Ryder is the HOTTEST principal on Earth I want a detention NOW. SAFETY view spoiler The H is about 11 years older than h.No mention of H sexual past, just that he had very bad luck in dating.Heroine has also good sexual experience, her friend even told her that her ex boyfriends was telling how amazing she was in bed which was really refreshing when i take its usually the Hero we heard that about.Condoms are used between them just the first time, than not.No OW.OM drama Heroine has crazy stalking ex hide spoiler 2 starsToo long Just too damn long And so much crap This is about a relationship between a principal and a librarian They like spanking She has a psycho ex boyfriend Pretty much the entire storyline.Now picture three hundred pages of this I know I am a sucker for punishment.So much unnecessary drama I can t even begin to explain this So they shag very early on 20% maybe and they end up having lots of rendezvous in his office and house There s really nothing going on, except for their struggle to hide their relationship from their colleagues and the ex boyfriend s occasional creepy moments This was the author s pathetic attempt at creating some kind of conflict so that she could drag an empty plot endlessly.There were also plenty of inconsistencies For instance, Ryder a.k.a the principal either acts as a domineering asshole or he s blushing and acting like a fourteen year old Which is it If you can t even decide on the personality of one of your main characters, how can you possibly hope to write a decent book So why not one star Because, despite it all, the sex scenes were great Not too many, and never of the same They were probably the only thing I don t feel like complaining about In contrast, everything else annoys me to no end. 3.5 weird narrative starsThis was a mainly sweet and light version of the forbidden love affair at work story I loved the sneaking around, secret trysts and intense gazes across the classroom going on in this I never felt particularly angst ridden or worried they d be found out though, not sure whether that was deliberate or not.The writing style took some getting used to, the language seemed a little overly formal and a bit forced at first, but the I read, the I got used to it I think I d have preferred the narrative to be in fp, not sure why it wasn t.The banter and wit made this feel a little like a quality chick lit at times and the smut was intense and lusty, just really good.Excellent epilogue Recommended for lovers of low angst, funny and sexy stories. (FREE PDF) ⛓ The Librarian Principle õ Annaliese Harper Knows That One Tiny Mistake Can Jeopardize A Career Before It S Even Begun Letting Your Boss Find The Extensive Collection Of Porn On Your Personal Laptop Is One Way Sleeping With Him Is Another Liese Manages To Do Both As The New Librarian At A Prestigious Small Town Private High School, Liese Is Drawn To Her Sexy, Charismatic Principal, Ryder Whitehall An Attraction She Refuses To Acknowledge Given Their Relationship And Her Recent Liberation From A Delusional Ex Boyfriend Liese Is Certain Ryder S Flirtation Is The Product Of Her Sex Deprived Imagination Until He Discovers Her Digital Porn Stash During Working Hours And Demands A Private Meeting Behind Closed Doors, Their Attraction Explodes Into A Dangerous, Passionate Affair That Not Only Threatens Their Jobs And Reputations, But Most Of All, Their Hearts She s the new school s librarian He s the domineering principal A combustion of kinky and forbidden proportions starts when he discovers the large collection of porn and edited pics with both of them on her personal laptop I ve read everything Helena has published and to say I was enad with her writing, plot and characters in every Clipped Wings book is a gross understatement They are stories that have intertwined in my heart forever So when I saw there was a new book by her there was no hesitation, I wanted to read it The Librarian Principle is not exactly what I expected, but it was certainly hot, sexy and sweet I anticipated a deep, maybe even angsty sort of story where the hero and heroine fight temptation It s about two people who acknowledge their mutual attraction, but the circumstances under which they meet aren t ideal for them to pursue a public relationship so their struggle is mostly directed to outward situations I think Liese made it harder for me to enjoy the read She s not my type of heroine Depending too much on the opinion of others indicating low self esteem, she also lacked common sense, maturity and was mostly ruled by her horny hormones Even when said hornyness was the source for comedy relief or many steamy scenes, it got to a point where I was truly irritated with her and just about anything she did grated on my nerves making me feel the plot at times go slow and then rushed and forced at the end I know it was mostly me Had I known it was a light, comic, steamy read, or maybe just jumped in without expectations I know I would have had a suitable frame of mind and enjoyed it so much In spite of my issues, it does have fun banter and laugh out loud situations which made reading this sexy story entertaining and charismatic, just like its hero I look forward to reading of Helena s books ARC provided by publisher as an exchange for honest review buy link Librarian Principle s Pinterest board full of sexy teasers of my reviews and those of my best book buds, and updates Visit our blogStalk us on FaceBookAs well as Twitter