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~FREE PDF ☮ Stern Men ☥ The Wonderful First Novel About Life, Love, And Lobster Fishing USA Today From The Bestselling Author Of Eat Pray Love, Big Magic And City Of GirlsIn , Elizabeth Gilbert S Stern Men Debuted To Phenomenal Critical Attention Now, Penguin Is Publishing A New Edition Of Gilbert S Wise And Charming Novel For The Millions Of Readers Who Devoured Eat, Pray, Love And Remain Hungry For Off The Coast Of Maine, Ruth Thomas Is Born Into A Feud Fought For Generations By Two Groups Of Local Lobstermen Over Fishing Rights For The Waters That Lie Between Their Respective Islands At Eighteen, She Has Returned From Boarding School Smart As A Whip, Feisty, And Irredeemably Unromantic Determined To Throw Over Her Education And Join The Stern Men Working The Lobster Boats Gilbert Utterly Captures The American Spirit Through An Unforgettable Heroine Who Is Destined For Greatness And Love Despite Herself My wife, the daughter of a lobsterman in Maine, bought this book after seeing Elizabeth Gilbert speak After she d read it I picked it up casually, not really expecting to read it I was surprised by how quickly it grabbed me and how much I loved the book I suppose living in coastal Maine with my 20 years of exposure to a family tied to island living and lobstering allowed me to picture each and every character perfectly A great ending, too. Extremely boring and poorly written. Generally, when describing books I try to use specific language, but in this case my opinion of Stern Men after reading it can be summed up in one word Weird I slogged through it, but the book never really completely grabbed me It had some of the trappings of the things I look for in a good novel artful writing, an intriguing cast of characters, enigmatic plot twists, but I never really came to a basic understanding of the character of Ruth Thomas One moment she is full of sass and wry banter, and the next she is making completely reckless decisions, alienating the people she cares about, and behaving like a self absorbed, sullen teenager I suppose Gilbert wrote this a long time ago, but I expected from her I did enjoy the attention to detail and the lengths the lobstering community goes through to stay afloat, but Stern Men ultimately left me wanting for something it just didn t have. Disclaimer As always, this review contains spoilers so if you want to read this novel with bated breath don t read this review Not that this is that kind of book anyway, but just in case Anyone who follows my reviews here knows that I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert which is why it pains me to say that I really, genuinely did not like this book I might go so far as to say that I hated it.It isn t because her writing was sub par in any way Gilbert shows the same astounding gift for dialogue and capturing the essence of real life people that I first encountered in Pilgrims her collection of short stories which I read prior to this and I would still recommend her to anyone who was looking for a good example of writing strikingly real characters or dialogue She still does an amazing job of capturing the complexities of human relationships And she still shows the same flair for creating atmosphere with setting and she devotes time to that in this book than pretty much anything else In fact, a much accurate description of this book would be to call it a story of two islands and their people rather than a love story or even a coming of age story which is how most reviews describe it.Where the book fails, however, is in the story itself Mainly, it s too damned short When I was still in the midst of reading this a friend asked me how long it was I told him it was a little under three hundred pages He commented on it being a rather short book and I realized that I hadn t really thought about it before then At the time, it didn t worry me That was until I finished a chapter ending in a huge development and then beheld the word Epilogue on the next page It hit me like a smack in the face.And then as I read through that last chapter I was horrified to find that she had skipped over six years following the dramatic development in the previous pages and jumped straight to the albeit heartwarming conclusion of the story So far as the story arc goes she pretty much completely skipped over the climax and jumped right into the resolution I was shocked when I realized this And, to put it mildly, I was pissed What the hell Did she not know how to write out that confrontation Did she write it but then scrap it for some reason Why the hell would she do that I don t know the answers to any of these questions nor to the countless others that come up as she describes where all the characters are at six years later because she didn t write them.I m not saying that you can t skip time in a story Heck, there s nine years between the second and third chapters and that didn t phase me at all What I am saying is that when the main character is revealed to have a huge life change in the works and her father has just learned this shocking revelation you don t skip over what happens next What s , the resolution, at least so far as the love story, doesn t make a whole heck of a lot of sense I mean, the main character meets this guy, they have a total of two relatively awkward conversations before walking off into the woods and screwing like bunnies in one of the most graphic and out of place sex scenes ever written, by the way The adults in charge are pretty pissed and one is expressly forbade to see the other so that by the time of that big revelation they haven t seen each other or spoken for about five months Then, in the epilogue six years later, they apparently have one of the happiest marriages on the planet even though the only thing they seem to do together is screw like bunnies I m sorry, but great sex does not a miraculous relationship make And calling this book a love story because of that is just straight up ridiculous.And if you re in it for the other reasons those complex relationships between the occupants of these two islands, their long history of distrust and warring over lobster fishing territory, their complex and somewhat fascinating way of self governing and their chosen lifestyle which is so vastly different from the mainland you ll still be disappointed Gilbert has the main character do something for the community which every single flippin character in the book repeatedly says would never, ever happen and provides virtually no explanation as to how she does it Is she just magic What on earth did she say How could she possibly get them all to agree to that Explaining it all away by saying that because she was an accepted insider is not a satisfying end.Like I said, I was pissed Still am, in fact I m sure you can tell I have absolutely no idea what purpose that giant skip forward served other than to ruin what seemed like it could have been a really good story And while this is no way detracts from my love of her other works it will make me wait a while before I pick up her new novel. Foi o t tulo que me chamou a aten o O t tulo e o facto de estar venda por apenas 2,50 Ah, e tamb m por ser escrito pela irreverente e hilariante, Elizabeth Gilbert Estas foram algumas das raz es que me levaram a adquirir esta obra e a mergulhar nestas duas ilhas remotas da costa do Maine, com personagens terrivelmente hilariantes que comp em a com dia trag dia romance document rio sobre lagostas mais original que j tive oportunidade de ler Gilbert deserves far credit for this novel than for her much publicised Eat, Pray, Love and wishy washy Commited In Stern Men she takes us into the very heart and soul of this isolated island community of lobstermen The subject, Ruth Thomas, is a fiesty young lady who is determined to stay on the island and join the gruff seamen in pursuit of lobsters Here Gilbert delves into the dubiuos ancestery of Ruth, the longstanding fued between the people of the neighbouring island and the many characters of island inhabitants It is definitely a well researched novel, and a smoothly woven tale about a little known community cant say i have read many novels set within a lobster fishing community and i began this novel with a sense of trepidation less the content appeared too dry, but i think Gilbert skilfully broached the subject, without boring any reader with too much technical detail. having just read gilbert s newest novel, the signature of all things , i wanted to go back and re read this book, her novel that came out in 2000 it s fine there are some similarities to the newer novel strong female lead a family with money, working in with, understanding nature but this earlier works is not quite fully realized, and kinda bumpy along the way but, the setting is so interesting and gilbert has a few characters i really enjoyed edited for typo original review written 02 dec 2013 Perhaps it was my love of her other book, Eat, Pray, Love, that made me not completely love this book If 1 2 stars were an option, I would have gone with 3 1 2 stars, so I m rounding up It was an interesting readcharacters were well written, but there was no one I was emotionally invested in although I loved Kitty, the drunken aunt It seems that perhaps there is commonality between classes than between geographic groupsthis was about a small, lower middle class community on the east coast who were dependent on lobsters to get by, but it could have easily been the small, middle class community in Iowa that I grew up in that was dependent on the weather crops to get by It was the small town anecdotes that I found most entertaining.It almost seemed as if this book was written in stages left that wayseveral chapters overlapped on information character description The fact that Ruth was given so many opportunities that she didn t take advantage of out of spite misguided loyalty to her father threw me a little bit While I saw the predictable ending coming before they went to the wedding on Courne Haven, I was a little annoyed that she didn t want to see of the world before settling down I m sitting here typing myself into a lower rating for this bookI ll stop now. This is Elizabeth Gilbert s first fiction effort This is not Eat, Pray, Love Not at all If you want Eat, Pray, Love read that book and not this one The men here are not sexy Our female protagonist doesn t travel far and wide There is no pasta Don t read Stern Men and complain that you re not getting Eat, Pray, Love If you need that EPL tie in to make it through the day, this was probably one of the books that caused Gilbert to constantly owe money to her ex husband for the rest of her life Ruth Thomas, our heroine, is born and grows up in Maine on Fort Niles island Fort Niles is a scrappy and tiny place for lobster fishermen and the women they love and or abuse If you can t or don t want to be a lobsterman, it s best you leave Fort Niles But even though Ruth has a special connection that would allow her to leave and do better, and she can never be a lobsterman, all she wants to do is stay This book is about Ruth and how she finds her way For most of the book, Ruth is 18 years old and acts it smart and savvy yet raw and impulsive The two subplots include the story of Ruth s grandmother and her mother, and the bitter and hilarious lobster wars between Fort Niles and Courne Haven I thought the characters were well written and the research was impeccable Gilbert must have spent months researching how lobstermen and the lobster business operate.YOU MUST READ THE EPILOGUE Sometimes I m guilty of just skimming the epilogue because I ve assumed all of the plot action happened already Read the epilogue or else you ll just be depressed I do wish the action in the epilogue was expanded on and made into actual numbered chapters But I really liked this book, and can t wait to get into The Signature of All Things next.