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(((Download Ebook))) ↜ Физика на тъгата ↝ Ve Na Prvi Pogled Jasno Je Da Je Pred Nama Moderan Roman A Koliko Je Jo I Moderniji Na Drugi Pogled Gospodinov Bez Zazora Preispituje Granice Anra To Ini Tako Da Nam Se Ini Kao Da Je Ovo Jedan Od Poslednjih Poku Aja Da Se Doka E Da Roman Kao Knji Evni Rod Ima Jo Oblika Za Izmi Ljanje, Oboga Ivanje I Pokazivanje Autor Istovremeno Lakonski I Temeljno Preispituje Roman Kao Oblik Knji Evnog Istra Ivanja, Dovode I Ga U Ozbiljnu Sumnju, Te Ga Potom, Tako Negiranog, Uspostavlja U Jednom Novom Melan U Fizika Tuge Nije Vi E I Samo Eksperiment Ona Je Nova Romaneskna Vrednost Istorija Knji Evnosti Verovatno E Ga Jednoga Dana Ozna Iti Kao A Prekretni Ki Roman, B Izdajni Ki Roman, Ili V Jedan Od Poslednjih Romana Koji Bi Da Obuhvate Sve Ovaj Pre Svega Poeti An Roman, Vrlo Tanane Du E, Pri A Je O Fizici Ali I Metafizici Tuge Ine Ga Monta A, Kinematografska Struktura, Pauze, Grafika, Simboli, Ti Ina, Prividna Fragmentarnost, Samo A, Minotaurska Napu Tenost, Lavirinti, Anti Ki Mitovi, Praznina To Je Istorija Sveta Ispri Ana Pogledom Neva Nih Doga Aja, Netipi Nih Stvorenja Od Pu Eva Do Dinosaura I Ljudi U Zbiru Svega Glavni Junak Je Ja Smo To Ja Smo Klju Je Romana Ono Je Osciliraju E Klatno Izme U Prvog I Tre Eg Lica, Jednine I Mno Ine Autorska Snaga, Koja Je U Svim Pri Ama I Telima Ove Knjige, Mnogo Je Ira Od Tzv Sveznaju Eg AutoraRoman Vremenska Kapsula Roman U Koji Se ZaljubljujeAko Je Originalni I Uspe Ni Prirodni Roman G Gospodinova, Preveden Na Jezika, Od Kojih Je Srpski Bio Prvi U Svetu Geopoetika Bio Postmoderan U Najplemenitijem Smislu Re I, Fizika Tuge Je Roman Apokalipti An U Najrevolucionarnijem Zna Enju Re I , alter ego ,. . 06 00 06 10 06 20 .06 30 . . Bulgaria The country where the first Christian church ever on earth, currently the oldest functioning church in the world, was built in the fourth century A.D authors, such as Ivan Vazov 1850 1922 , protesting the rule of the Ottoman regime, is commemorated against the buildings And other writers, such as father and son, Petko and Pencho Slaveykov, is invting visitors to a conversation on Slaveykov Square and open air book stalls nearby lure the reader in The variety of books from all over the world is simply staggering If my husband wasn t with me 1 a lot time would have been spent there 2 my baggage back home would have looked amazingly different 1878 In Koprivshitsa, the first shot was fired against the almost 500 year rule of the Ottomans, in which 200 000 Russian soldiers would ultimately lose their lives during the liberation of Bulgaria Partisans, workers and farmers welcome the Russian soldiers after liberation Independence declared September 22nd, 1908 The traveler finds a vibrant Post communist society with the a rebirth of hope pulsating through the atmosphere, although the author statesjoy is quickly replaced by frettingBulgaria is described as The saddest place in the world The evidence of sorrow is everywhere However, a rebirth of pride and resilience transcend a traumatic, dark past Thresians, Romans, Goths, Huns and Ottomans ruled over the country, and then, on September 9, 1944, the Socialist Revolution took place, a coup d tat, dividing the citizens experiences in two eras Before the Ninth and After the Ninth 1987 For once in this nation s history, a regime change did not happen with a bang, like so many times before The fall of Communism happened with a whimper an announcement on television Ironically, the people were not jubilant They were dumbfounded Television sets were rolled into the halls of the author s school so that the announcement could be viewed by all Who is going to protect us now, the teachers asked, scared to death.The country s history is truly ancient In 753 B.C there were only two cities on the European continent Athens and Sofia In the year Christ was born, only nine of today s European capitals existed Brussels, the youngest city, is only 1700 years younger than Sofia Many cultures formed Bulgaria and can be witnessed in the city center of Sofia There is a kind of melancholic dignity evident in the communist heritage.Sofia has a European atmosphere, a Mediterranean spirit This city is old and new, historical and modern, filled with tree lined boulevards, fountains and parks, old customs and new fashions and super modern shopping malls The city has not grown old, only extremely wise Like the rest of Europe it forms part of the Old World culturally, not geologically It forms part of the three thousand years of history in which civilizations have appeared and vanished, and new ones constantly arose from the ruins.One of the most outstanding moments for me was to wander along the Decumanus Maximus merging with the prestigious Vitosha Boulevard I used the GPS direction on Google on my super modern phone to walk on the same ancient stone road as the Romans New Bulgarian generations are born in a free society, with aspirations to either emigrate or change the status quo in the country Many ex communist representatives are still embedded in the current government, protecting the principles of a bygone era, with fraud and corruption blossoming As time passes, a new generation, with global exposure, might be able to change the government into a true democracy In their own way the young generations are working hard to accomplish just that The contrast is everywhere, from bumping into thick neck Rayban ed giants with wired ears at a fueling station, to an energetic young woman with her own restaurant, called Natural where she serves fresh strawberry juice in canning jars with lots of ice from Porches and Mercedeses lining the streets, to a humble statue of the Trabant first car to be built from recycled material in the 1950s In popularity it equaled Hitler s Volkswagen beetle for almost forty years With a language barrier preventing any serious conversations, I wanted to find the soul of the people by reading their stories THE PHYSICS OF SORROW BY GEORGI GOSPODINOV, available in English, seemed to be a good choice A big thank you to www.openletterbooks.org for opening up world literature to English readers Congratulations to Angela Rodel for the excellent translation.First of all, I do not understand why it is called a novel Biographical fiction, perhaps Disordered and fragmentary musings Yet there is the recurring theme of bunkers, archives and hoarding in a subterranean world Gospodinov jumps between stories of different people his grandfather, ancient folklore, Greek mythology and himself during various periods such as the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and Nineties, and people he met on the streets or at university The book is a postmodern jumble of impressions dotted down through various periods of the author s life It has many beginnings and many endings The most oppressive thing about the labyrinth is that you are constantly being forced to choose It isn t the lack of an exit, but the abundance of exits that is so disorienting A linear narrative does not exist, but rather a disorienting labyrinth filled with philosophical and nostalgic meanderings into the heart of the country The corridors of the labyrinth are constantly intertwining, crisscrossing one anotherA story in which eras catch up with one another and intertwine with dead end corridors, threads that snap, blind spots, and obvious discrepanciesThe Minotaur jumps out in the different eras with Gospodinov often in the role of Ariadne One of the endings depicts Theseus meeting up with the Minotaur, protesting his inclusion in the myth He had no desire to kill Minotaur Someone forced me into the story What is outstanding though is the empathy with which the author approaches the myth of Minotaur He also presents the history of the country as a time capsule in which people from different eras tell their experiences to unknown future generations and readers, with the author embedded in his subjects hearts and minds, presenting their thoughts and tales Tales of Jimmy Carter, the Beatles, the French film star Alain Delon, Salman Rushdie, a Turkish soap opera, a basketball player who went to America, the author s own life, his visits to Germany and beyond A potpourri of everyday life throughout history For me there was a modern Garison Keiller esque feel to the tales Even a Kent Haruf ambiance of some sort The empathy of the author for his country and its people flowed endlessly through his passionate observations The Physics of Sorrow is not for the light reader, like myself, but seeks the philosophical postmodern scholars in the literary discipline to figure it out That s the bottom line The myth of the Minotaur is used as the main vehicle to throw archives of information together, mix myth and memory, and borrow stories for his own time capsule A complicated structure for a novel The novel is both an intellectual game and a very human story If at times the novel s postmodern experimentation seems self consciously clever and its plot confusing, the insights offered by its deconstruction of myth and its exploration of family, memory, and loss are worth the effort required to unravel its tangled skein.Georgi Gospodinov is an excellent writer Very often anecdotal, with dry humor lightening up the sorrow in between Spring has gone berserk, bees are buzzing, nameless scents waft through the air, as if the world has just been created, without a past, without a future, a world in all its innocence, before chronology 1980s Memories III The Yellow HouseBulgaria was not directly involved in the other important event In December, we heard about AIDS for the first time Which, in 1981, officially put an end to the 60s All sexual revolutions were called off for health reasons Since they had never really started here in Bulgaria, we didn t take their end as anything particularly tragic. The author as Scheherazade VI THE STORY BUYER In the past I could implant, now I m forced to buy I could introduce myself this way, too I m a person who buys up the past A story trader Others might trade tea, coriander, stocks and bonds, gold watches, land I go around buying up the past wholesale Call me what you want, find me a name Those who own land are called landholders, I m a timeholder, a holder of others time, the owner of others stories and pasts I m an honest buyer, I never try to undercut the price I only buy up private pasts, the pasts of specific people Once they tried to sell me the past of a whole nation, but I turned it down I buy all sorts of stories about abandonment, about unfaithful women, about childhood, about travelling and getting lost, about sorrow and unexpected deliverance I also buy happy stories, but there aren t many sellers of those From the first word I can tell fresh from rancid goods, true stories from those of fibbing shysters who only want to make a quick buck Most people sell their stories for a pittance, some are even dumb founded that I offer them money for something that doesn t cost a thing Others are thankful to have someone to take on the burden they had previously been carrying alone. Whatever this book might be called, it was a fascinating read, a seamless crossing of a shallow river to different historical eras It was like a spotlight being switched on unexpectedly over a nation, exposing the schizophrenia embedded in human history as a whole But also a diameter of a nation s psyche.Compared to the internal dialogue of Secondhand Time The Last of the Soviets by Svetlana Alexievich, this book is a light read, but very similar in style The Physics of Sorrow however, avoided brutality It is a manifest for peace and reconciliation instead Readable Digestible The grim history of the Soviet is exposed in books such as The Gulag Archipelago 1918 1956 by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes City of Thieves by David Benioff One Night in Winter by Simon Sebag Montefiore Between Shades of Grey by Ruta Sepetysand a plethora of others.Compared to all of them, this novel might not make it as one of the greatest, although it has won numerous awards The author is also well read in many many languages For me, after visiting this beautiful country, with its inherently gentle people, it was an honorable read I wanted to find the soul of the people in literature I did Four well deserved stars it is The author opened up the heart of his country to us all It was a good beginning. . Retko pi am prikaze ali Neobi no je lep ose aj kada se ispostavi da je knjiga nasumi no odabrana u biblioteci ovoliko dobra Fizika Tuge je neobi an, originalan, dubok, poeti an roman, na momente prelep Roman esej, roman zbirka pri a, roman zbirka anegdota, vremenska kapsula, dnevnik Sve Uostalom, autor na jednom mestu eksplicitno navodi Zami ljam knjigu koja sadr i sve rodove i anrove od monologa, preko Sokratovih dijaloga, do epa u heksametru, od pri e, preko traktata, do spiska Od visoke antike do instrukcije za klanice Sve mo e biti sakupljeno i preneto u takvu knjigu I zaista svega ovoga ima u ovom romanu ak i spiskova i instrukcija za klanice eli da spoji knji evnost i kvantnu mehaniku Na alost, pri a je linearna i svaki put treba da uklanja granice, da zazida bo ne hodnike Klasi na pri a je anuliranje mogu nosti, koje te sale u odasvuda Pre nego to ga fiksira , svet je pun paralelnih verzija i hodnika Samo u kolebanju i neodlu nosti bazaju svi mogu i izlazi I kvantna fizika, puna neizvesnosti i nesigurnosti, to je dokazala.Poku avam da ostavljam vazduh za doga anje drugim verzijama, upljine u pri i, jo hodnika, glasove i sobe, nezatvorene pri e, kao i tajne u koje ne u zaviriti A tamo gde greh pri e nije bio izbegnut , nadam se da je nesigurnost bila s nama Gospodinov u romanu polazi od mita o Minotauru i koristi ga kao metaforu za usamljenost i tugu i oko njega plete istoriju svoje porodice Minotaura zami lja kao usamljeno, ostavljeno dete koje samo eli ljubav i neki smisao Od Minotaurovog lavirinta prelazi u lavirint ove knjige, pritom koriste i originalan i uspe an pristup koji zove Ja smo gde koristi prvo i tre e lice, sada njost i pro lost, jednako govore i i o sebi i o drugima, o ljudima i ivotinjama Ka e Ponekad imam etrdeset etiri, a ponekad devedeset jednu, ponekad sam u lavirintu jedne pe ine ili podzemlja, u no i vremena, ponekad u tami jedne utrobe, jo nero en Naj e e mi je deset godina Da li u umreti kao sve ove stvari istovremeno Masovno u izumreti Prelep je prava re koja opisuje Fiziku tuge Ima mnogo briljantnih delova kao to su pri a o ljudo deru vegetarijancu Moj otac je vegetarijanac I veterinar Jednostavno ne jede svoje pacijente , predlog da se Starac i prepri a iz ugla sabljarke i da se istorija sveta sagleda i iz ugla neke ivotinje neantropocentrizam , ma tanje o mogu nosti da neka naredna civilizacija prona e na e vremenske kapsule posle smaka sveta, fobija od pitanja Kako si , filozofiranje o prednostima koje bi se dobile ako se umesto trajnog, mrtvog i ve nog, po ne vi e da se ceni netrajno i ivo Scena kada glavni lik pronalazi dedinu prijateljicu me je ostavila bez daha Ukratko, ita u Gospodinova jo , ali mislim da sam otkrio jo jednog omiljenog pisca. 2011 2012.