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!Read Ebook ⚜ REC*OG*NIZE ⚣ A Collection Of Short Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Personal Narratives, Critical Essays And Visual Art Produced ByCisgender And Transgender Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual And Fluid Men From The United States, Canada, Chile, India, Spain, Sweden And The United KingdomThis Compelling Anthology Which Also Includes A Resource Section Is A Significant Contribution To Literature Available About And By Bisexual Men And Expands Our Understanding Of How Bisexuality Is Lived By Men Across Race, Class, Gender, Age And Nationality Disclaimer this anthology of work by bisexual men contains artwork by my husband Hew Wolff It gets an extra star from me for bisexual content Like many anthologies based on identity politics, the quality of the work is uneven However, the groundbreaking collection contains enough good work to make it worth reading, and its purpose goes beyond the strictly literary and artistic. Audaciously broad, this Lambda nominated anthology contains a broad diversity of voices and approaches to the subject of male bisexuality If you have a bi man in your life, buy two copies one for him, and one for yourself. This is a collection of testimonials from bisexual men expressing how they feel about their situation in the USA territory in which they live.The stories vary because there all a lot of different layers of this since no one is really alike with these sexual things, I mean, if they are honestly looked into, explored Most are happy to be bi, some feel oppressed by the outer world s reaction to them and somewhat bitter about the whole thing Many are annoyed by the bipolar assumptions of our time and see them as inaccurate, in the least, to intentionally dismissive of the variation they are They express feelings of not being comfortable with either of these poles I agree The born this way gay culture is clearly not for me any than the exclusively heterosexual assumptions So here is what I might write if I were involved with a book like this.I consider myself lucky to be somewhere on the bisexual spectrum I like to think that I am closer to basic pre conditioned and trained, civilized, humanness by being this way This is not a new concept for me I have been like this for as long as I can remember I mean from childhood back in Ohio where there were sexual encounters with other boys playing around doing this and that But even though that went on and was not unusual and really quite natural there was a sort of prohibition given USA sex attitudes and this was Ohio in the 1950s and early 60s All this activity was done in secret, certainly away from parents Yet it went on, not with all boys, but certainly not restricted to one of two boys I guess I just assumed that it was what we did because it was fun and exciting with partly getting away with something But yet that period was tricky for me There was an older boy who lived behind our little ranch style house in Ohio I ll call him Woody, because that was his name I have been wondering how much older he was than me and just now did some internet poking around and found a man who kind of has to be him and who graduated from high school in 1965 which would make him at least 4 and probably 5 years older than I because I was born in November and unusually young when I began school at age 5, too young, but that s another issue Well, this kid was somehow into me sexually and he was involved with an incident that looms large in my mind because it was so terrible at the time There was a big apple orchard near where I lived and beyond the end of the orchard, a woods and a lake One summer afternoon I was out with some of the older boys who I loved hanging out with The frozen moment outside at the end of the orchard has the boys standing around me and me kneeling I remember being persuaded to put someone s penis in my mouth I m not sure how old I was then but I know it was before junior high because we had moved out of that neighborhood before I went to junior high So I m guessing 10 or 11, but I could have been younger since I lived in that house since age 5 And knowing what I know now it is probably better if I was 10 or younger than say 12 if the other boys were all Woody s age 4 or 5 years older Because then they would be getting rather old to be fooling around with this kid And one would hope, being older, they could have come up with asecure play area That day we were suddenly discovered by some girls and enough was going on and exposed that the girls had something to tell The next thing I knew I was in the kitchen being interrogated by both of my parents regarding if I had put someone s pee pee in my mouth Honestly sitting here now I don t know if I did or not I remember some reluctance at the moment but that could have been added on later to support my story to my parents that nothing went on Years later my dad told me that he had caught me with Woody another time in Woody s family s shed Now when I look at Woody s two Facebook photos and read about how he spent his life, I find it interesting that he has chosen male power roles being an auxiliary cop, involvement with military and some marshal training thing And there he is as an old man wearing navy whites with 4 small children standing with him, the only other people in his photos I not saying he went on from back then to career pedifile, but those guys come front somewhere I suppose So it this my metoo moment It could very well be Woody had no other reason to be involved with me I was just a little kid who lived down the hill He had what I wanted, which was to be acceptable to these older boys Did this hurt me I mean I m aware that my relationships with other men are not normal, whatever that means I don t have any close men friends I would describe part of me reaction to others men as being somewhat homophobic By that I don t mean some sort of hatred but rather a suspicion that they might be interested in something or that I am and all that is just below the surface and enough to confuse the desire to get together After all, little me might think, what else do I have to offer being not otherwise successful or engaged in popular male interests Is this related to why I have been such an outsider with no career or anything like that when I had some sort of raw potential that is only apparent in hindsight So what goes on with me with men I periodically seek anonymous encounters in places set up for that and maybe have a little oral or manual interaction Actually probably trying to recreate the setting at that moment in the orchard since it was loaded with such energy, emotion and interest So there you have it I m rather old now Have a really lovely open relationship with a woman who can understand, so now that sex with other women is basically over I can say that I m not of team straight and have no interest in being straight in its homo and hetro variations Anyway, interesting book with writers of various abilities in self expression.