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One of the best collection of short stories I ve read in a long time Dark, provocative stuff The men found within these pages are indeed bad news, but the most dangerous paths aren t always led by them, as Rebecca Jones Howe s narrators take us right past the expected awfulness of dead end, drug addled relationships, bad sex on ant hills, or navigating the treacherous rubble of the bar scene, where her women can find satisfaction and even surprise flashes of triumph amongst all the emotional jetsam There s a certain kind of man who goes for damaged girls, she writes They may be broken, but as vile as these men may be and always such needy little beasts they don t get to have everything from my blurb #READ BOOK ó Vile Men è Vile Men Is A Collection Of Fourteen Short Stories That Are Transgressive In Nature, Filled With Heart And Emotion, Leaving You Sweaty And Spent, Your Heart Pounding In Your Chest Stolen Moments On The Subway, Fear Of Intimacy, Sexual Perversion And Dark Fears Come Home To Roost All Unite In A Powerful Mixture Of Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fairy Tales, And Late Night Confessions Shocking And Yet Touching, Unnerving And Yet Brutally Honest, Rebecca Jones Howe Is An Emerging Author That You Ll Want To Keep An Eye On Great title, great stories, great book Dark stories of love, loss and humanity I found myself identifying on some level with a character in each story We ve all been ashamed, felt angst, and anger and disgust in ourselves and those around us, this collection has all of the above and much Well written, I found myself running the gamut of emotions while reading these Be warned you have to be able to deal with language and dark themes to enjoy these stories. Vile Men, Rebecca Jones Howe s astute and cutting first collection, expands the animalistic, often anxious sexualized worlds found in her stories previously anthologized in The New Black and Exigencies venal tales where the disfigured and insecure find temporary empowerment through humiliation, in the process highlighting the even greater humiliations of the respective male counterparts And much like the men in those tales, the vile men of this collection are not so much perpetrators of pain and insecurity as they are catalysts for female self exploration or self annihilation, a fine line Jones Howe dances very successfully for the most part not an easy feat when dealing primarily with sexual violence, though even in questionable moments, her ladies are never want of agency and dimension Thinspiration, Masturbating Megan s Strip Mall Exhibition, and Modern Beasts are real stand outs here a trifecta kick to the groin and soul where impulse and misunderstandings lead to tragic results Vile Men even comes with a zombie and ghost story Better Places and Ghost Story, respectively to demonstrate that even in heightened, supernatural situations, issues of power, violence, and the carnal are never far removed from the human animal Rebecca Jones Howe is definitely a writer to keep your eye on. goodreads win Will read and review once received.I am sometimes a very picky person when it comes to books Mainly when it has to deal with short stories This book definitely lived up to my expectations for short stories I found my engaged in all fourteen of the short stories The book as a whole was well written and thought out It held my attention from the start of each story to the very end I would highly recommend this book. i am thinking really 2.5 but rounding up i suppose first and foremost, i have never been so utterly distracted by a title in all my years of reading found my self too often angry and confused and incredulous that the book is so mis titled it s not a book about vile men at all, false advertising, and i simply cannot believe the title in most stories it is the woman who is the aggressor, the egregious, the villain, the vile just a few in which it is indeed the male the stories themselves were widely varied in quality and effect, some of which i d say could be found in any college creative writing class across the country to a couple that i would dare say were raymond carver esque which is extreme praise, carver being my first ever favorite writer the two best paper bag princess and plot points brilliant i still can t get out of my head and the last has remained with me as well hate to sound so unsophisticated a reader with my preoccupation with the title, but read it and you ll see what i mean it makes one wonder if the writer is in touch with her own work which really kinda ruined my experience, and which is an obstacle i just too hard a time trying to shake, especially as story after story repeatedly made me question it change the title 3.5 4 stars After reading it a couple of times I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about the first story in this collection The Paper Bag Princess I ve read thousands of stories and that one is vaulted right into the top ten best stories I ve read I mean holy crap I d F her with a bag over her head is a kind of a sick joke right But as a premise for a story READ THIS STORY If it had been written by a man he d be strung up, but written from the woman s point of view by a woman writer This is one of the great stories This is the kind of story that demonstrates why we need stories And the rest of the collection kicks ass, too. There s a certain kind of man who goes for damaged girls Vile Men is a collection of 14 dark short stories, and it was so much fun to read The stories are intense, unsettling, and haunting I wouldn t classify these as horror, but they are still quite grim.A lot of this book is focused on sex, and different emotions that come along with it some stories are funny, some are horrifying, some are sad, etc It s an intriguing way to deal with the topic The title Vile Men comes from a quote in the book however, not only men are vile in this book Some are just normal characters, and it s the women who are vile My top 5 stories in this book are Paper Bag Princess, Blue Hawaii, Grin on the Rocks, Better Places, and Cat Calls All of these are going to stick with me, and I can t wait to read from this author