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I can only review this book through a poem Here it goes Sitting on the edge of the formless and formed,Peering into each and expressing it through language,That is the true power of Hawkins.Standing on the line between the Divine and Illusionary,Gazing into each and elucidating it through prose,That is the true love of Hawkins.And while sitting and standing he was neither sitting or standing,To be the infinite and to be nothing,That is what Hawkins realized and explained,That is what You are Amazing read beyond words. .May have update once completed, but suffice it to say, this author s work is a complex mixture of physics, spirituality, psychology, and life Written in easy to read sort of Q A format Content will stretch anyones dendrites and nuronets in their brain, guaranteed Fascinating. @Ebook õ I: Reality and Subjectivity ⛏ This Work Continues The Presentation Of A Long Predicted Major Advance In Critical Human Knowledge It Explains The Very Essence Of Consciousness As It Evolved From Its Primordial Appearance As Life On Earth On Up Through Evolution As The Human Ego, And To Its Transcendence As The Spiritual Reality Of Enlightenment And The Presence Of Divinity Subjects Include Clarification Of The Ego, Karma, Creation Vs Evolution, Spirituality Vs Religion, Truth Vs Falsehood Includes Meditation And Contemplation Techniques Wow.I mean wow Hawkins ventures into political discussion, which I found not only unnecessary but hurtful to the greater message about spirituality and divinity that he is writing about. Magnificent and beautiful information in it One of a kind. all his books are reality Power Vs Force supplies the measuring stick, The Eye Of The I soothes the spirtual questions, and I does the cleanup Simple as that. This is another enlightening book by David Hawkins It is the third of a trilogy, the previous books being Power versus Force and Eye of the I It is divided into five sections, respectively entitled The Process, The Realization of Divinity, The Obstacles, The Transcendence and The Recontextualization.The book is intended to help the linear mind understand the nonlinear reality of spiritual truth.It too includes continual references to the Map of the Scale of Consciousness, which runs from 0 1000, 0 being death and 1000 being the level of the Christ, Buddha and Krishna.As always, the best bit for me was the section, in this book the Introduction, which comprises a pr cis of the author s life This pr cis includes descriptions of the states of awareness the author has experienced Reading about these brings me myself into higher states as I ve described in previous reviews of Hawkins books.Most of the book is presented as the author s answers to questions posed by his students In this way he explains things that many of us might have been inclined to ask him about.We are informed that cults calibrate below 200 They appeal to the innocent, the gullible, and the spiritually na ve or ignorant.Pope John II at the time of calibration tested at 590, the level of extremely high Unconditional Love However, various political and authoritarian positions regarding church matters may calibrate well below 500 the level of Love H states that the position of the Catholic Church on clerical pedophilia calibrates at 165 200 being the level of Truth , whereas current Catholicism itself calibrates at 510.The mystics of the world s great religions calibrate higher than the religions themselves and are generally in accord with each other He defines the mystic as one who has bypassed the mind in order to realize the pure truth.H states that great leaps of consciousness result from surrendering oneself to God at great depth Long periods of agony can lead to transcendence of many levels of consciousness The author himself experienced a leap from a hell like state to a state with no personal I but only an Infinite Presence of unlimited power.We are advised about two methods of focus that could be used in both contemplation and meditation The one is to be aware of the totality of one s surroundings with no focus on anything in particular, and the other is to fixate on the central focus of vision so as to be one hundred percent focused on the current intended action Spiritual advancement may be made by by passing all information and merely doing the spiritual practices described All that is required is blind faith, the truth of a teaching, the integrity of the teacher, plus dedication and adherence to a simple practice.One can carry out both the pathway of the heart and the way of the mind simultaneously In the pathway of the heart we make the decision to be unconditionally loving to all that is encountered, even such things a garbage can.This, like the others in the trilogy, is an amazing book and provides invaluable spiritual information It answers most of our spiritual questions and illuminates many aspects of spirituality that we may not have been aware of I strongly recommend that you read this final volume too Reading the book will allegedly raise your consciousness between ten and forty points The book itself was calibrated as having a level of 999.8, with two chapters calibrating at 1000. 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