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~FREE DOWNLOAD ⚕ After the Fire ♶ Arson, Accident Or Murder After A Fire Rips Through A North London Tower Block, Two Bodies Are Found Locked In An Th Floor Flat But Is The Third Victim That Ensures The Presence Of Detective Maeve Kerrigan And The Murder Squad It Appears That Controversial MP Geoff Armstrong, Trapped By The Fire, Chose To Jump To His Death Rather Than Wait For Rescue But What Was Such A Right Wing Politician Doing In The Deprived, Culturally Diverse Maudling Estate As Maeve And Her Senior Colleague, Derwent, Pick Through The Wreckage, They Uncover The Secret World Of The Th Floor, Where Everyone Seems To Have Something To Hide Thank you to Net Galley and Random House for giving me a copy of After the Fire by Jane Casey in exchange for a honest review Loved the book and was certainly impressed with the author but thought the title and cover design did it no favours I asked for a copy due to the very good feedback I received from other Goodread friends or otherwise I don t think I would have been drawn to it.This is the 6th book in the series and the fact that I hadn t read the previous five didn t detract from my enjoyment at all The main character Maeve Kerrigan is like a lot of fictional detectives a troubled person and that obviously leads to interest She is a very good character but it was her arrogant colleague Derwent who intrigued me This no nonsense character is an accident waiting to happen and certainly doesn t toe the line The plot was good but for me it was about the characters and the style of the writing that made it so enjoyable A good sign for me was that after reading the first couple of chapters I was already looking up the author to see what other books were available Yes I really enjoyed the book and intend to read the rest of the series very soon. 4.5 starsI am converted and these are now on the must read list I finished this instalment in one day, gripped by the pacing and plot line It was only recently that I read The Burning, which was an excellent start to a detective series This was mainly due to Jane Casey s skill with her characters, something which has improved to mastery in book 6.I am fascinated by the people in her books, from the main protagonists Maeve and Derwent, to the other police, side characters, and the dead Each individual is a totality, a complete person without easy classification I used Twitter to jokingly ask Casey whether I am supposed to like Derwent or not, but I love that I m not sure He confounds the usual book tropes, that of love interest , grumpy, but harmless cop , sexless friend He can be seriously challenging, unlikeable, and reckless But he can also be protective, caring, reliable Like people I know, and every reader knows, he is not one thing or another, his qualities don t all fall on the side of likeable or unlikeable His relationship with Maeve does not conform to the expected cliched romance Maeve Kerrigan is even better conceptualised She faces challenges and is battered by them, for most of this novel she is struggling with her past relationships, current case, and being stalked by Swain who is from a previous book that I hadn t read She is not a superwoman, things affect her She is intelligent and dedicated, her hard work helps solve cases She s someone I want to know about, read about, and support Staring at my Kindle screen, i m cheering her all the way.Many thanks to Jane Casey, St Martin s Press, and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review. Hurrah The latest Maeve Kerrigan We are so lucky that the wait is finally over Anyone who hasn t found this series yet, you simply must READ THEM ALL I have missed Derwent so much, and Maeve But mostly Derwent I love Derwent.The action takes us to Murchison House on the Maudling council estate, a grotty high rise in a dodgy run down area of the city A fire starts in the tower block destroying multiple lives and homes Geoff Armstrong, local Member of Parliament and controversial Nigel Farage type figure is found there dead , which is odd There are fatalities that need identifying, a child missing a mother, badly burnt and injured occupants from the high rise The police move in to investigate the fire and look into the background of the residents Maeve Kerrigan and Josh Derwent are on the team, looking into all of this There are elements of mystery about the fire and why the MP was found there Nothing is straight forward.The drama in the flats and leads in Maeve and Derwent capture your imagination from the start The duo just are so believable and rather fun to read about And they seem to have the knack of sussing out the truth I defy anyone to not love Maeve and want to snog Derwent Their conversation are a dream and there is one scene in this book that had me in hysterics We get a varied and well developed cast of supporting characters, in the multiple residents of the council high rise and the police team The book feels very up to date with the right wing UKIP styled MP and issues of race and gender are covered nicely.Maeve had a traumatic incident in the last book at Murchison House, that she is still dealing with She is also coping with a persistent stalker in creepy Chris Swain Chris Swain is watching her This strand of the series has been running for some time and it is quite entertaining how it is resolved In some ways, Maeve is fragile and this brings out Derwent s protective side He does care Yet she is gutsy and strong at the same time Maeve Kerrigan would never let her weaknesses get the better of her Derwent is as wonderful as ever, with his rudeness, 1970s sexism and completely hilarious little quips I love the way he blatantly ignores his new boss and just does his own thing I want of him Totally recommended Jane Casey has a stonking good series in this one And I fell in love with Derwent a little bit. After the Fire by Jane Casey is a 2015 Minotaur publicationOnce Jane Casey creates a moody, turbulent, atmospheric crime story disguised as a standard police procedural This series gets better with each installment and as far as modern British mysteries go, it has become one of my very favorites While it is not absolutely necessary to read the series in order, I still suggest you read the book immediately preceding this one in order to understand the relationships between the main cast of characters leading up to this book Overall, I am continually impressed with Jane Casey s work If you enjoy British mysteries, police procedurals or dark psychological thrillers, then you will probably find yourself as addicted to this series as I am.This review is the copyrighted property of Night Owl Reviews To read the full review, click on this link Josh Derwent That is all. Casey has earned her place in the small top tier of my most admired and loved crime novelists Each book in this series showcases her growing skill and unmissable talent This one once again surpassed the earlier books in stakes raised at all levels, deepening complexity of relationships and character, a signature curve of interest and tension from serious but leisurely to inexorable and startling And boy can she stick an ending I have one novel left in the series to catch up with what s published Do I hold back or race on Another superb outing for Maeve Kerrigan in this, the sixth in the series Although it isn t necessary to have read the previous five books, in my opinion, you are missing out if you don t read this series in order.So what happens Well there is a fire, always good when the title links to the content, at Murchison House on the Maudling Estate, the scene of the action in book five, The Kill The fire took hold of the tenth and eleventh floors of the tower block and one of the fatalities is MP Geoff Armstrong but no one knows what he was doing there On the eleventh floor two bodies are found but with no identification, the police need to find out who the victims are and why they were locked into the flat Added to that there is a boy who has lost his mother, an elderly woman who may have the key to the mystery and a young girl who has suffered horrific burns The the police probe, the secrets are uncovered, but the investigators struggle to decide who was the target and what the motive was for this terrifying act of arson.Luckily for us, but perhaps not so fortunate for Maeve the new boss DCI Una Burt decides contrary to her previous thoughts that she should partner Derwent specifically to investigate whether the controversial MP was the target of arson and unsurprisingly she would like the result before the last embers of the fire have burnt out I have to admit at this point that I love Derwent He is annoying supercilious a womaniser and anything but a team player but there is something about him that appeals strongly and I am amazed that Maeve remains or less impervious to his charms.I m a huge fan of Jane Casey s books, and this one was, if anything, even better than those that have preceded it The characters are an absolute delight, particularly Derwent who is arrogant and refuses to follow orders but who every now and again shows his softer side, something that is even apparent in this outing But the author doesn t just confine her great characterisation to the police force, the victims and the bystanders are so realistic that I felt I knew them even if some of them are predictably repulsive.There are multiple strands to the story, but at no time is there any hint of confusion as these are expertly handled, including the reappearance of Chris Swain the man who is stalking Maeve This is a great story arc which despite being an extreme example accurately portrays the absolute single minded nature of this kind of perpetrator.Added to the great characters, a complex but not confusing plot, there are a few contemporary issues to explore and finally, there is no mistaking the setting, a North London council estate I recommend this series to anyone who says they like crime novels, there isn t another series quite like it I d like to say a huge thank you to Random House UK who allowed me to read this book which will be published on 18 June 2015. I have just loved every book I have read in the Maeve Kerrigan series, you just cannot go wrong with it After the Fire did not let me down and was a really fantastic read with a lot of brilliant elements that made it shine.Jane Casey knows how to make her characters come to life, as if they are standing right there next to you I love Maeve Kerrigan, so much light and shade there, a really fascinating character I adore the way she goes after a case like a dog with a bone, not giving up until the answers are revealed Is it an arson, accident or murder After a fire rips through a North London tower block, two bodies are found locked in their 11th floor flat But is the third victim that ensures the presence of detective Maeve Kerrigan and the murder squad It appears that controversial MP Geoff Armstrong, trapped by the fire, chose to jump to his death rather than wait for rescue But what was such a right wing politician doing in the deprived, culturally diverse Maudling Estate As Maeve and her senior colleague, Derwent, pick through the wreckage, they uncover the secret world of the 11th floor, where everyone seems to have something to hide This one kicks of with a great beginning and then just keeps you hooked all the way The lives of everyday people are brought into the open and inspected and exposed as the police investigate the fire in the block of flats and the mystery bodies left in it s wake It s one of those that has just about everybody appearing to be a suspect.I love the descriptive writing about the estate where all this occurs, a concrete jungle that hides criminals, drugs, sadness and where a lack of hope is tangible Delving into real human emotion whilst being a fantastic crime read, I cannot recommend this series highly enough to crime lovers It s well written, the plot is tight and exciting, the pace is steady but really hold your attention and before you know it you are at the end and ready for another in this great series Loved it 5 paw prints from Booklover Catlady for this one Add it to your list, in fact add the whole series to your list For of my reviews, book talk, competitions and come see me at so much to the publisher for my copy of this book to review via NetGalley. Maeve goes maverickA fire in a block of flats leaves three people dead and one little girl terribly injured The fire inspectors suspect it may have been arson and, when it turns out that one of the victims was a much hated politician who had no known reason to be in the building, it looks as though murder may have been the aim But as Maeve Kerrigan and the team begin to investigate, they discover that many of the residents have secrets, and that there is than one possible motive for the arson.This is another strong entry in the Maeve Kerrigan series, with a complex and interesting plot and Casey s trademark fair play the clues are all there, though the reader will probably only spot them after the solution is revealed The setting of the block of flats allows Casey to develop several different story strands for the various residents, and she handles them with aplomb, making sure that each is brought to a satisfying conclusion Two of the victims are women who have been trafficked into the sex trade one is a lonely old woman, almost a prisoner in her flat because of the constantly broken lift another is in hiding with her young son from her abusive husband Then there s the extended family who seem to be under the thumb of their elderly matriarch, and who are suspiciously well off considering none of them seem to have legitimate jobs Maeve, working again in partnership with Josh Derwent, must try to discover which of them was the target, in case the wrong people died and the intended victim might still be in danger.The running sub plot regarding Maeve s stalker also continues in the background, and I fear in this storyline Maeve seems to be turning into a traditional maverick copper, willing to bend or break the rules and use or instigate violence even when it seems unnecessary There s also a lot angst in this than in the earlier books, with Maeve s personal life having taken a nose dive In fact, she doesn t actually seem to have a personal life any not even the fun phone messages from her mother But then, I accept I seem to be in a small minority of reviewers, certainly, though I m less sure about the wider group of readers who prefer their detectives not to be messed up and violent than the criminals.For the most part, however, the book concentrates on the main plot regarding the fire, and is at its strongest when it does, with Maeve behaving as the competent, team playing officer she has always been Una Burt is now in charge, and she and Maeve are beginning to appreciate each other a little now that they re working closely Casey is always excellent at characterisation, and not just of the main characters Each of the residents in the flats is well drawn she gives us enough information to make us care about them or dislike them, as appropriate without bogging us down in endlessly detailed backstories The Maeve Josh relationship is developed further, becoming something that feels almost dark as Maeve leans and heavily on this bullying, sexist, macho man, who is the only person she confides in, and who seems to have appointed himself her guardian and watchdog, telling her how to run her life outside work as well as in I m not at all sure where Casey is heading with it hopefully not towards romance , but it s intriguing, especially the way Maeve appears to be allowing him to control her He seems as much of a stalker as her stalker at points, but at least this means he s always at hand to rescue her from the difficulties she s constantly getting herself into In their lighter moments, however, the pair still provide the humour that lifts the tone of the book and keeps it an enjoyable read despite the darker and maverick elements.Overall, another strong outing that I am sure most fans will thoroughly enjoy Because of the running storylines I would suggest that anyone new to the series should read them in order, starting with The Burning.NB This book was provided for review by the publisher, Random House Ebury.www.fictionfanblog.wordpress.com