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Most people are always so interested in Sensei, even the friend that recommended this manga to me loved Sensei, but I never harboured that kind of feeling towards Sensei. However, the first time I saw Mamura, well that was another story.
I know that behind that rude attitude and excessive self defense towards girls has a story behind it and I am so grateful that Mika Yamamori decides to write about Mamura's story (which made me cry bucket of tears, fyi). I was crestfallen when I thought that Chun Chun is going to be with Sensei even thought I have been preparing for this moment since the first time I laid my eyes on the book.
CLEARLY, what happened was not what I expected.

I really thought Sensei will end up with Chun Chun, and I was really prepared to collect the pieces of Mamura's broken heart and try to piece them back together and I was more than prepared to hate Chun Chun for the rest of my life for breaking Mamura's heart.

But. that. doesn't. happen.
If the Chun Chun ends up with Sensei, then this story is a stereotypical studentteacher relationship, but it doesn't, which is a great plot twist, to be honest.

I love Chun Chun.
I really love her because she clearly made the right choice. See my point of view:
Mamura has been there for Chun Chun the whole time, fragile little Mamura who hates all kinds of girls but opened his heart to Chun Chun. If Chun Chun had chosen Sensei, I would've judged her as that kind of girl who uses a boy so that she can forget about the other boy and I do not respect that kind of person, may it be a girl or a boy. Someone shouldn't just use others for their own comfort. Who do you think you are?
Chun Chun, thank God, is not that kind of girl.
And I am so happy for Mamura, he clearly deserves it.

For Sensei, well I hope you find the right girl. I don't hate you, and I don't dislike you. I like you quite enough, but I just don't love you as much as I love Mamura.

My ship is endgame! I'm both happy and sad. Happy because my ship is endgame, and that rarely happens. Sad because it wasn't satisfying. I guess I want more time in between the confrontations. An awesome and totally realistic ending. I really enjoyed this one :)


After my initial reading of this manga and writing the review I think I reread it over 5 times and now I'm officially in love with the whole series. Most of the people kept saying how they liked Shish but for me from the beginning it was Mamura. From the first time they introduced him, I literally loved him. I really did;t see any good in Shishio. He was selfish and didn't act as an adult. Meanwhile Mamura was the complete opposite Although he was just a teen he had much more insight to life and much more mature. His decision taking especially at the end showed what a truly kind hearted soul he was. And also how pure he was. Seriously being able to take such a decision must have been pretty tough for him but he still did so. That shows that unlike Shishio, Mamura really loved Suzume. Also their romantic moments were 100000000 times cuter than Shishio's and Suzume's.

Anyway I really loved the ending and it ended up giving me really fuzzy feelings by the end. Too cute. I wish there was a bit of longer epilogue. Bit more of "their" story after the ring incident ;) 2.5 stars
Cute, light, nice little read. Personally, I loved the whole thing, and I enjoyed the touch of realism in the journey of a young girl experiencing her first love.

But, I'm a bit of a sore loser in this manga. I really did love the relationship between Suzume and Shishio. Even if it was a forbidden love between student and teacher, I was gunning for them all the way through. I was surprised that they didn't end up together, but yet at the same time I don't hate Suzume and Mamura together. I just happened to cheer for the other team more. ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ♹ ひるなかの流星 11 ☦ 獅子尾からの突然の告白に戸惑うすずめは、その言葉を信じず、馬村との距離を縮めようとします。運動会になり、リレーで直接対決をすることになった獅子尾と馬村。すずめが応援するのは──どっち?
Gaaaah! Omg! I cant believe this is over! OO somehow i feel unsatisfied with how things work out. Don't get me wrong, i love the story and characters. I just.. i don't know. A part of me was rooting for "Shizume" and the other part of me was rooting for "Mazume" (/.\) i just felt so torn. When i thought that Suzume still loves Satsuki because she went to him after finding out he was in the hospital, i felt bad for Mamurakun. Like, i mean c'mmon! He freaking picked up the pieces when Satsuki broke Chun chun's heart because he kept going back n forth with her cos of his lies/ pride. So, i guess the ending of this mangaka was okay. Mamura deserved to be the one chosen by Suzume in the end. Satsuki lost his chance. I guess the 1st guy doesn't always win the girl. :P I shipped Sensei and Suzume so hard EVEN from the very beginning. I miss those cute scenes between them before Suzume was involved with Mamura. It dissatisfied me when sensei was rejected by her...sweetly.

I like the whole idea of studentteacher relationship because I find it exciting as its has this forbidden love element in it. But, I believe whatever the ending is.. I think it's the best ending that the author can make for this manga story.

So it's official Shishio Sensei is mine now. ;;) ha ha

okay.. lastly

YAMAMORI MIKA PLS MAKE LOTS OF SHOUJO MANGAS LIKE THIS we need it... what am I going to do without any shoujo worth reading like this one. it ended
and now 'm both sad and happy :')

i hoped chunchun and sensei would be together at the end, although i didn't accept the age difference.
so somehow its a relief she ended up with someone her age.
but now, what about sensei??
they say the extra chapter coming in january would be about him, so i'm waiting!

thanks mika for this lovely manga <3 What a cruel author/mangaka. The end. Pure brillance. Yet it was destroyed by Chapter 78..... Aaaah the disappointment.