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This is part three if the Don t Deny Me serial Novel It is a short, fast read that is well written and interesting This part relates the present day second chance romance between Mick and Alice Ten years prior these two had a passion that fizzled due to distance and lack of communication They are trying again after a reunion via mutual friends shows them they still have a deep attraction, but, Alice wonders, is that it Is their relationship purely physical Is she over invested, again Mick may be thirty something, but emotionally he s a bitstunted He wants to demonstrate his love and commitment to Alice, so he changes the oil in her car And fixes leaky kitchen faucets And, makes all sorts of spontaneous dates while making no actual plans I think Mick would have been better off if he d listened to his mother s advice about SPEAKING to Alice, and, say, TELLING HER that he loves her Instead, he tells her how fun it is to be with her, leading her to believe he s only out forfun Again, this ordinary couple falls into the pit of misunderstanding The book reads like a million relationships, and that s why it is good There are significant feels, as this is a very reality based and extremely relatable story If I had Mick in front of me, I may flicked him in the ear, as I do with my own kids, and told him to Wake up before he lost the perfect woman a second time.Note to all men while a gal may appreciate a man taking her car for service, it will never equate with the words I LOVE YOU..Still, a strong end to the three part series I received a copy of this book via NetGalley. 3.5 stars for all three installments Something that you will feel in large quantities during this book is frustration Yes, that appears to be the theme and that is pretty consistent all the way to the end where it just ended very abruptly I really did want a fulfilling ending than what I got I was left feeling that things weren t really resolved Mick and Alice were a couple 10 years ago and apparently in love but where they connected perfectly in the bedroom, verbal communication was not their greatest accomplishment and ultimately caused them to break up But, they were young and it happens right Don t Deny Me, Part Onewas about their reunion 10 years later and yes the physical attraction and sparks are still there So, they decide to give their relationship another go Don t Deny Me, Part Two is where we step back to the past and find out how they met and what happened to cause them to split Part 3 and the final installment brings us back to the present where we are hoping that age and time has matured this couple to a point where they can hopefully achieve a successful relationship together Throughout all three installments we follow the very awkward relationship between Jay, Paul and Dayna It seems someone can t decide which side of the fence he likes to play on and so Paul spends the entire book flipping back and forth between his sexual relationship with Jay and Dayna This storyline went nowhere it just happens and it s kind of a side note Also left very unresolved at the end Alice was obsessed with Mick saying what she wanted to hear instead of accepting him for who his is and it appears that actions mean nothing to her if it s not paired with the correct verbal response I thought she was incredibly high maintenance and her expectations were way too high Mick was a great guy, he was doing everything he could think of to take care of her and show her he wanted her Just because he was having difficulty saying those three little words she wanted to hear that was no reason for her to assume that he didn t care I could not wrap my head around this chick Mick wasn t perfect, but no one is and, his positive attributes definitely outweighed the negative The sex in this book is good 5 stars for the great steam But, great sex does not equate a great relationship And, I guess that is the point of the book or maybe that s just the message I was getting Anyway, this was an entertaining read, strangely engaging despite my frustration but, it just felt like it was a bit unfinished in the end ARC was provided by St Martin s Press Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinterest [Read Pdf] ♌ Dont Deny Me, Part Three (Dont Deny Me, #3) ♌ Have The Flames Finally Gone Out Or Will They Burn Brighter Than Ever Before Part Three Of Don T Deny Me, The New E Serial From Bestselling Author Megan HartMick Is Determined To Be The Kind Of Man Who Is Worthy Of Alice And Vows To Hold On To Her And Never Let Go But Can People, And Relationships, Really Change If Alice Does Decide To Let Him Back Into Her Heart And Into Her Bed Will Mick Be Ready To Show Her The Man That He S Become And Take A Chance On Love And Can Alice Ever Trust Him Again Alice and Mick Boy, did these two leave me with messy thoughts The previous part left me feeling a little baffled by what they let break them up In this part, in present time, they were giving another go at a relationship, and once again being a confusing, frustrating, infuriating couple They were back to being great in bed, and at odds out of it Mick was trying to prove he d changed He returned calls, he answered texts, since that had been one of Alice s big complaints, and he did whatever he could to take care of her Alice, on the other hand, hadn t changed She focused on what she didn t hear from Mick instead of seeing what he was doing for her Mick was showing, not telling Alice, apparently, preferred words over actions Truth be told, I thought she was blowing things out of proportion Plus, there was the whole making decisions based on assumptions Ugh While I sympathized with her in the first two parts, in this part I was with Mick Ah, what an unnecessary mess Now and ten years ago The story left them in a good place, but I have to wonder how long that will last Overall, Alice and Mick s love story was, as I said, frustrating, infuriating, confusing, messy, sad, but I liked it on some level Ha Seriously, though, despite everything, I liked it. In the final installment we watch Mitch try to prove to Alice that he loves her and wants this to work while he continues to fall back into the same patterns of the past Unable to properly communicate to Alice his lack of ability to express his feelings and Alice s lack of demanding it or explaining to him what she needed exactly These two seemed destine to fall right back into the same routine of horrible communication on both their parts As I think back on this book after taking far too long to put my review together after finishing it, I am struggling to really remember it all But this series just didn t stick Overall this series was an okay read and was different than most other contemporary romances out there but it wasn t just my kind of read I think the setup of the story was interesting but I couldn t ever really connect to Mick or Alice in any way and that ultimately is what I need as a reader. This ARC kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers part three continues off from part oneI ve get a general feeling of meh about the whole series, and have concluded that they are both stubborn fools, she is a hypocrite how dare she get shitty he doesn t tell her about something when she does exactly the same thing the same can be said for the love thing if you don t say it, don t expect to hear it idiots complete utter idiots In the final act of Don t Deny me, it is questionable if Alice and Mick will get back together or even if they should Many may feel that Alice has been wronged over and over again by Mick My conclusions are different because Alice is illogical to me She s emotional and doesn t see all the things Mick does for her She doesn t realize words are cheap and it s the actions which means the most He does all these things for her because his love language is all about taking care of the person he loves to show how devoted he is to her.Alice just wants fancy words to proclaim his undying love for her What is interesting is she doesn t do much to stop her game playing, tallies in her book in when he wrongs her and learning how to love and show Mick she returns his love I believe it s clear whose side I fall on and how I d like to smack Alice upside the head several times for her immaturityIt s not I m not Alice shut up There was no point in lying to her sister, even if she d been lying to herself I like Bill That s okay Alice shook her head No I mean, yes, it s okay to like him He s nice He makes me laugh But he s no Mick He also didn t roll over my heart in an eighteen wheeler, then put it in reverse so he could back up and roll over it again, Alice said darkly kindle loc 193 198 Dramatic much Warning Angry emotional woman speak commencing Then she continues with how she feels when she is with Mick Alice paused I was doing okay, you know Without him I thought about him sometimes, sure, but then he swept back in my life and I m on some kind of magic cock carpet ride kindle loc 909 910 So, she can be bribed with a hard screw and then loses all logic One would need to be logical BEFORE losing logic What Alice really wants is a romantic declaration such as the below from Mick which he can never say aloud Instead, he writes it in an unsent letter In this case, Mick, it s the thought that counts doesn t cut it Just say the damn words she wants to hear Let me paint my name upon your skin with my lips and teeth and hands and tongue, you won t regret the song we sing when we both come undone Mick to Alice, unsent kindle loc 1006 1007 Ms Hart brings a good ending where it s not certain if Alice and Mick will last, and that s okay The connections these two make through both mistakes and successful discussions is hopeful This is what Ms Hart does She creates this hope and leaves it to the reader s imagination for a conclusion they want to see This story is a painfully accurate portrait of how many couple s love life exists Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy a bit of uncertain in their romanceprovided by NetGalley received an arc for reviewOh, thank goodness this is over I want romance when I read a romance book If I wanted this, I would just call one of my girl friends and ask how her how love life was going And the whole side stuff with Jay Paul Dayna didn t help this book at all Sorry, Ms Hart, but I won t be reading you again. Arc provided via St Martin Press in exchange for honest review 2.5 stars This review is posted on Way Too Hot books.I think I enjoyed this part the least, because it was the most frustrating of them all and I felt that neither the story nor the characters progressed in the way I wanted them, or better say not enough for my liking That s the curse of shorter stories, I guess you always feel that something is missing, and that s why I don t like rating them.The setting of the story is back to the present It continues after the cliffhanger of the 1st part of the novel Unfortunately, this last part didn t manage to change my opinion about the characters I wanted maturity from them, character growth, but I didn t get it Just like in the past, they still have big communication problems, especially Mick, and therefore I felt that their situation concluded too smoothly.After reading some extraordinary books from this author, books like Broken , Tear You Apart etc., for me, this novel as a whole was of a 3 stars read Those books are among my favorite books ever and they had a bigger impact on me which is both a positive and negative thing, because I ll probably compare every next book by this author with them I would recommend this novel, especially the first part which was the best, to readers who want a fast paced, emotional, steamy romance with a little drama, but if you want something really good from this author, choose one of the books listed above. We come to the end of the story for Mick and Alice While part one gave us their reintroduction and part two gave us their back story, this final installment is all in present day, and it concludes their romance To be honest, I felt like Mick and Alice were less dynamic in this installment Before, it was their normalcy and lack of dramatics that made me really love their story, but I guess I wanted out of the finale I think it ended without actually solving their problems The issues that they had today were pretty much exactly the same as they were ten years ago, and I don t feel like either of them understood the other any On the other hand, it s a fantastic example of how a marriage can be left to die simply because a couple doesn t know how to communicate Still, I wish that this part of the book would have been a little less common and just a hair memorable Copy provided for review