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Spoilers Well, well, well I love love love this book Barely back from looking for her sister, Patience MaCinnis is thrown into an adventure all of her own She must travel north to sort out a fued between another clan, the MacLauds and hers But when she arrives the head of the MacLaud Clan, Greer, is anything but helpful or willing to talk peace It takes a marriage of duty between Greer s youngest brother Hunter and her to slow down the much wanted war by Greer Hunter although suggested the marriage has to battle his own growing feelings for his new unwillingly wedded wife But Patience has to also battle her own growing feelings for her new husband Patience fully believes she has no time for love or romance yet when her company and herself must split up she finds that Hunter is everything she ever wanted and Patience is still totally dedicated to finding her lost sister, Heather, and Hunter understands this which is why I like him, I can see that he s the coolent to her fire promising to help find Heather When they get back home Patience learns that Emma is expecting and is the first to learn it with Hunter and Rogan over hears it upon reaching the Great Hall reacting with a hint of anger but I got to admit it s sweet.Full of adventure the second book is AMAZING Read this if you want to know about the adentures of the 3 Sisters Love this series Warrior Woman I really enjoyed reading about this warrior woman and how she was claimed by her great love Thou he didn t try to change her he let be who s he was a warrior. [E-pub] ♋ Highlanders Rebellious Love (Macinnes Sisters Trilogy #2) ☩ Patience Macinnes Is Angry That Her Father Has Ordered Her North To The Clan McLaud To Settle A Dispute When She Should Be Searching For Her Sister She Intends To See The Task Done And Resume Her Search But The McLauds Prove Of A Problem Than She Anticipated, Especially One McLaud In Particular Hunter McLaud Is Known For His Love Of Women He Spends His Days Entertaining Himself With Them And His Nights As Well Patience Has No Time For The Ne Er Do Well Warrior Until He Offers Her A Solution To Settle The Problem Between Their Clans He Asks Her To Marry Him And Unite The Clans With The Possibility Of War Looming Over The Clans, Patience Has No Choice But To Agree To Hunter S Outrageous Plan, But She Has Some Stipulations Of Her Own He Agrees To Her Demands, Though Neither One Of Them Is Prepared For The Turmoil That Follows And Neither One Of Them Is Prepared For The Demands Of Their Hearts 2nd in the MacInnes hunter and patience feed off each other and are great characters can t wait to read the third book where it will all come together would recommend the trilogy very good author Of the 3, this one is a 4.5 star rating Still really good, but the other 2 were SO good that it was hard to love this one quite as much But worth the read for sure. wow ENTHRALLING SPELLBINDING HIGHLANDER ROMANCE I have a list of authors which I consider my treasures, and this author, Donna Fletcher, is on this list What this means is that if an author is on this list I auto buy the releases as soon as they become available They are added to my keeper read and reread shelf Donna Fletcher is one of the best authors a reader will have the honor of reading, in my opinion Her past releases includes stand alone titles, duos, and trilogies, of which I have read Her latest release of Highlander s Rebellious Love, book 2 of the Macinnes Sister s Trilogy, following The Highlander s Stolen Heart, doesn t in any way disappoint and will join the others on my keeper shelf The trilogy tells the story of three sisters, Emma, Patience, and Heather, who are very close and entwined with each other s lives The first book, The Highlander s Stolen Heart tells Emma s story This release of Highlander s Rebellious Love tells Patience s story Patience, whose personality is defined by anything other than her name, is a strong minded confident lady who has been trained all her life as a warrior and the future leader of the clan Instead of possessing skills for cooking, sewing, or running the inside of a keep, she is highly skilled and talented with various weapons and is considered the leader of the clan warriors Whenever problems or disputes arise among the clan or surrounding clans, it is Patience who travels to resolve the problem With one sister missing and anxious to find her, marriage and love or interest in the opposite sex is the last thing on her mind, and any problems detracting her search must be handled quickly.It is while investigating such a dispute between two neighboring clans that Patience meets Hunter, a third son and brother of the evil power hungry, will do anything to turn the tides to his favor, laird of the McLaud clan The dispute over land stemming from the McLaud clan is very large well planned and possibly could turn into a blood spilling war Hunter, although a smooth talking, very handsome, hunk of a highlander ladies man, he is still a strong, powerful, and feared highland warrior Within minutes of their meeting he presents Patience with his solution to the problem between the clans, marriage to this lady warrior As it is discovered a forced marriage seems the only possible solution, although Patience demands her specific stipulations be met, and not many warriors would be willing to meet her demands This book is filled with unexpected hot steamy passion between Patience and Hunter, disagreements, mystery, laughter, tenderness, strength, and eventually trust beyond question I highly recommend this book and anything else written by Donna Fletcher This installment can be read as a stand alone but I would recommend reading The Highlander s Stolen Heart first as characters and mysteries continue from the first into the second book This is yet another book that has found a home on my keeper shelf I can t wait for Heather s story and the third book in the trilogy This was a good book I actually found it better than the first book in this trilogy Highlander s Stolen Heart but in the end still left me a little bit disappointed For a totally different reason then the last one.While book one in this series lacked a really good conflict and the action never seemed to get very far off the ground, THIS book had a LOT of action going on I was really into It was exciting The whole book felt like it was building up to the grand finale and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for it to happen And then it never actually happened.Rather then get the big blow out I felt like the book was promising me, we got a little tiny puff of dramatic smoke and are left feeling tied up with this tension that will not be resolved until the next book And that REALLY bothers me The third book is suppose to be Heather s story, but before it s even out I sit here worried about how a portion of HER book has to be dedicated to finishing her sister s book I don t look forward to attention getting dragged away from the hero heroine of book 3 to wrap up loose ends left in book 2.And yet, that s the ONLY real issue I really had with this book As I said before, it is action packed It NEVER slows down for a minute, in a GOOD way Patience and Hunter are strong characters both as a pair and as individuals It does well to twist and turn from page to page and not be predictable If we had ONLY gotten to see that climax that the book was building up chapter after chapter That s all I needed to make this a perfect book for me I am okay with a cliffhanger, but this one is a BIT much. Patience Macinnes is the warrior of the clan Her father has ordered her north to the Clan McLaud to settle a dispute, when she should be searching for and rescue her sister Heather Patience will see the task done, however, the McLaud Clan prove of a problem than she anticipated, especially one McLaud in particular Hunter McLaud is known for his love of women Patience has no time for ne er do well warrior until he offer her a solution to settle the problem between their clans He asks her to marry him and unite the clans With the possibility of war looming over the clans, Patience has no choice but to agree to Hunter s outrageous plan Patience has some rules of her own Neither of them is prepared for the turmoils that follows, or the demands of their hearts. Distracting when the author has character names typos Keith LeithOver all good story