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READ KINDLE ⚡ A Hockey Tutor ⚥ Katie Miller Longs To Be An Independent Adult She S Tired Of The Memories That Refuse To Let Her Go Now, In Her Sopho Year In College At North Maple College, She S Ready To Focus On School When She S Offered A Job As A Tutor For The Star Goalie On The Hockey Team, Her Determined Focus Waivers Andrew Moore Is On Track To Become A Professional Hockey Goalie, But Being The Party LovingYear Old That He Is, Andrew Finds His Dreams At Risk When His Grades Gall, Jeopardizing His Chances At Success His Dad, Sick Of Bailing Andrew Out, Hires A Tutor As A Final Chance To Get His Act Together Katie S Independence And Andrew S Stubbornness Creates A Toxic Learning Environment Or, Are Their Passionate Arguments The One Thing That Helps Them Both Find Their Way I hate when a book has really great characters and a good story line but the book has so many errors that it s hard to get past A Hockey Tutor was a cute book I thought Andrew was adorable, and that Katie was a good pairing for him Things I liked.Andrew and his charismatic charm Katie and her take no shit attitudeLindsey and Franks cause you always need a dynamic duo of friends Things I disliked Wes, he s an ass.Katie being hypocritical over Andrew but she was keeping things herself.The editing When there is a blatant spelling error on the very first page it s hard not to notice all that follows Over all good book Just can t give itthan 3 stars because of the bad no editing. Frustrating heroinethis heroine irritated me to the point of nearly killing my kindle.let me sum her up.confused, horny, lush, immature, and a raging bitch I skimmed her chapters of the book so I could avoid hearing anything she thought or spoke as much as possible seriously that is how utterly annoying she is.the angst in this story should not even be considered angst seriously let go move on I won t reveal what causes them to be broken because seriously it is ridiculous.I can t say I would recommend this book because it needs a new coat of paint. Story line and characters were good enough, but found a lot of silly errors in the writing I d have given a lower rating, only for the fact I liked the characters relationship and how they interacted. Decent story Kept me interested Realistic characters.Usual troubles secrets that leads to a temporary split.Wasn t a fan of Wes from the beginning.