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Looking for a way to hold onto summer for just a little while longer Juniors is the ultimate summer beach read with realistic friendships and a tropical beach setting Also, the main character is very relatable due to her independence and very strong will, making Juniors a fun and entertaining read.The story line of Juniors is very grounded When reading a contemporary, I find it much enjoyable when I can relate to the plot Every relationship in Juniors has its ups and downs, much like real life Lea and Whitney behave as most teen girls do They have wicked fights, but also find a way to make peace and move forward Hemmings has certainly hit the nail on the head with this accurate portrayal of friendship.The setting of Juniors is one to fall in love with The book takes place in the guest house of a mansion in a tropical location Do I need to say The depictions are so breathtaking that readers will definitely find themselves whisked away to the tropics It is the perfect backdrop for drama and adds so much fun to the plot of Juniors.Lea is an incredible main character for Juniors She really changes throughout the novel to become a strong person What I really enjoyed about her is how independent she is Lea s father left and her mother is an actress, so she has learned not to rely on the support of others It is her spunk and determination that gives the book its dimension and makes the book connect with the reader.Juniors is the perfect summer read with its realistic relationships, tropical setting and spunky main character I definitely think fans of Morgan Matson will enjoy this book, as the writing style and summer theme is pretty similar This is the perfect book for the end of summer I thought this was an interesting exploration of family and friendship I found myself wrapped up in the friendship aspect than the family aspect Lea was trying to navigate a new school, form new friendships, and continue an old friendship in a new context Lea made many mistakes, because she was young, but she learned and grew, and in the end, she found people she could be real with and who were real with her BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER BLOGLOVIN FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS I wish I had enjoyed this book I didn t HATE it, don t get me wrong, but I don t know if I would necessarily recommend it as a Christian, I felt very uncomfortable with some of the content in this book there was some mature inappropriate content, as well as some strong swearing Overall, it was just a lot of drama, which could be addictive at times, but overall I just felt blehhh while I was reading kind of dirty , I guess the word would be.I did really like the main character I could relate to her in the sense that she s an awkward, strange minded at times, introverted teenage girl.All of the characters different quirks and habits made them feel very real to me.The West family is a strange one they seemed kind of mysterious in a way, to me Like, we know them, but there are secrets behind each character I think that they re family shows how flawed people can be, and how reluctant, also, people can be to acknowledge those flaws, but I liked the development some of the family members went through throughout the novel.Honestly, I think I will miss these characters It took me a while to get through this book so it feels like I ve been with them a while and I m now finding that I ve become attached to a few of them PI don t want to sound at all like I m bashing this author, other than the fact that I wish it had been cleaner, I actually really enjoyed the writing style, it was quick and easy to read, the characters were quirky and funny I did enjoy it, but I would have liked it a lot better if it was cleaner If you don t care about this sort of thing, then I m sure you ll enjoy it as a fun, quick, summer contemporary I liked the setting, parts of it sort of reminded me a bit of Morgan Matson s Since You ve Been Gone , but overall, it just wasn t my cup of tea DISCLAIMER I was sent this book to read and review. I got around 65% through the book before DNFing I have a pretty good scope and idea of the book though, so I feel comfortable reviewing the title.From my understanding this is Kaui Hart Hemmings young adult debut, and it shows She brutally miscalculates the inner workings of a 17 year old s brain, actions, and thoughts, and it severely affects the novel The characters are highly unrealistic and unlikeable in everything they do and say I couldn t understand or connect with any of them The story goes nowhere for most of the book, and the protagonist spends most of her time pining over someone she hardly knows The setting is gorgeous yet errs on the side of lacking description Overall this book was a disaster that I just couldn t stand to continue. Review Lea and her mother have just moved to Hawaii where her mother is from and they have visited throughout her life Lea is used to moving so that s not too big of a deal What is is moving into the guest cottage of the big shot West family whom her mother is friends with She will now be living there and going to school with the family s two kids Whitney and Will She is surprised when she becomes friends with them, as she is not normally the popular type But is she changing too much to fit in Is her mother doing the same This book was so addicting for me because I found Lea to relatable in that imperfect lost teenager way She totally made some really dumb decisions but I could understand them all It is super easy to get swept up in things especially when you re new and don t have a lot of friends Still, I love that we got to see her grow and really come into herself by the end Also her thoughts and inner quirks I found really endearingHer relationship with her mom was pretty awesome They seemed like friends but her mother clearly was still her mother They seemed to move around quite a bit because her mother is an actress but it came off like they made a good home no matter where they were Her dad was never around and was something that, though she denied it, she clearly had issues about.Whitney was someone I was sure I would hate She came off as kind of the typical spoiled rich girl And she did have her moments that fit that stereotype But Lea brought out a different side in her Someone who was real I liked watching their friendship develop even with the many bumps in the road One of those bumps was Whitney s brother Will, who Lea was clearly attracted to.One of her childhood friends Danny, who is not of the rich prominent type, was also around He seemed to be attracted to Whitney and she was into him too This brought out some jealousy in Lea She just couldn t place if it was because she felt like a third wheel, or she felt like she was losing a friend or if she had feelings for him.The worst character was the West matriarch Melanie She was pretty much a Real Housewife clone if that helps paint a picture They actually talked about her wanting to be on the new Hawaiian edition of a similar show She was clearly using Lea s mother to try and gain some sort of way into that scene since she was an actress She was just super fake and only cared about appearances The worst.Ultimately this was a book focused on family, friendship and growing into yourself with a dash of romance The setting and its description were wonderful and I felt like I was in Hawaii It was a super quick read that I didn t want to put it down Also, the ending out a smile on my face I can t wait to go back and read of Kaui Hart Hemmings other books This review was originally posted on Rebel Mommy Book Blog Lea Lane s mother is a not too famous actress who lands a role on an upcoming drama series set to take place in Hawaii, which moves Lea s to Hawaii during the middle of her junior year of high school Lea has no problem with moving away from her friends to Hawaii She s been visiting Hawaii with her mother since she can remember But it s not until they both move out of their little house to the West s beach house when things escalate.When I first read about this and recognized the authors name as the writer of the The Descendants, I knew I had to read it and it delivered I m not sure if this is Hemmings first YA novel but it s the first I ve read and I really enjoyed it I love reading Hemmings novels set in Hawaii, reading about Hawaiian culture and it being so different from what I know is always refreshing to me However, in saying that I don t mean this contemporary is totally different than every contemporary out there.Juniors follows Lea s struggle in making friends at Punahou and living in the West s beach house a few feet away from Whitney and Will, both also attending Punahou and have never met before Melanie West and Lea s mother have known each other for ages and have history but when Lea s mother is casted a role on the new Hawaiian drama Melanie makes sure she s at an arms length at all timesI love contemporaries, it s a genre I have always read loved and will always read love but why do these main character almost always have to be weak for the popular guy I understand why contemporaries focus on weak main women characters developing into stronger character at the end of the book, it s to teach young readers to be as strong as that but why can t we have strong main women characters from the beginning and have that as an empowering, role model I know I love a strong main character that s a woman because I m one and I know there are a lot of us out there It always bothers me why we re perceived as being weak This is mostly only a thought I was having while reading the book, not necessary a huge issue of the book.There s a personal part in the book between Lea and Whitney where it brings to light that because Whitney is a girl, she s not encouraged or even an option to take over the family business She s automatically categorized as being like her mother, a future wife, a future mother and a social entertainer, which is fine if that s what Whitney wanted in life too but no one is asking her and it s not.Juniors shows how the male character is flawed and I appreciate that I really appreciate when problems like this are talked about in YA books.Juniors isn t a contemporary that only focuses on romance and I really loved that about this, it focuses mostly on friendship and family and I highly enjoyed it I will continue to read Hemmings books.I recommend this to all YA contemporary readers This book is a great summer read if you re a seasonal reader and great to read at the ending of summer to appreciate it s beautiful weather. Lea and her mother have upped and moved to Hawaii, which is where her mother is originally from Moving isn t anything new for Lea, so she s not at all bothered by this move What does, however, bother her is that they are residing in the Cottage of the West Family, who is an extremely wealth family friend The Wests have two children, Whitney and Will, how are both Lea s age Lea, Whitney, and West get into all kinds of teenage trouble and are having a blast, but Lea soon realizes that she s not like these people, and is changing herself quite a bit in order to feel like she fits in.The characters in this story were a lot of fun The friendships were strong, and the parent sibling relationships were even stronger I really enjoyed how loyal and protective they all were, even while making the normal mundane mistakes we ve all made in the past Nobody is perfect, and neither were these characters, which is what made it all even realistic There was a villain though that added a lot of fuel to the fire, and that was Melanie West She wasn t just wealthy, she was conceited, entitled, and overly willing to use whoever was in the way to get where she wanted to go including Lea s mother Trust me, you ll love to hate this witch I also have to mention the setting because HAWAII I haven t come across many books taking place in Hawaii, so this was a huge bonus for me The sights and sounds are ones I ve only dreamed of experiencing I d love to visit Hawaii some day.I had heard such great things about this book, so my hopes were pretty high going in It didn t disappoint one bit A solid YA contemporary that is loads of fun and also carries with it quite a few values lessons This is one that contempt fans won t want to miss Audiobook Impressions Jorjeana Marie is an experienced narrator that never disappoints I ve listened to The Boy Most Likely To also narrated by her, and I enjoyed her narration of that one as well She has a wonderful teenage voice and portrays the teenage persona perfectly I m always happy when I see Jorjeana Marie is narrating a book that I m listening to Thanks to Listening Library G.P Putnam s Sons Books for Young Readers for the review copyFind this review and others like it at Lost in Literature As the first book I ve read by Kaui, I enjoyed it quite a lot This story follows Lea Lane, a daughter to a single mother who is also an actress She s moved a lot in her lifetime and her mom s career takes her back to Hawaii The move into a guest cottage that belongs to a wealthy family, and old family friend They have two children, Will and Whitney.We follow her as she tries to build friendships and other emotional ties with those around her I didn t really get a good first impression of Lea and my opinion didn t really change after reading the last page I didn t like how much she cared about what others thought of her She was super gullible and I just wanted her to grow a backbone than anything She asked too many questions too so basically, she wasn t what I look for in a favorite main character And because this story focused on her, it put a damper on my reading experience The main reason why I give this such a low rating was that as much as I liked some characters, I didn t connect to them in an emotional level, or in any way at all I felt like there was a wall between me and them and I didn t hate it, but I didn t love it either.I loved the relationship between Lea and her mother from the very start It made me wish I was as close to mine as she was with hers Their banter and interactions were believable They were close, but the mother daughter dynamic didn t suffer in the process Cue in Will and Whitney West I never liked Will He always gave me a bad feeling in my stomach I could ve done without his appearances I honestly didn t believe Whitney and Lea were friends until the very end Their friendship didn t feel real to me They weren t mean to each other but I would ve called them acquaintances instead of friends The way they interacted isn t how I see friends interacting but, luckily, all that changed on the last chapter The last few pages made me feel proud for how far they came in their friendship I was all smiles for them so I decided to give this 3.5 stars instead of just 3 My favorite character award goes to Danny, Lea s childhood friend Their friendship chemistry was my favorite thing to witness out of everything He was genuine and kind, two major things any guy could possess He showed me that he actually cared for Lea in his every action and I loved that I really wished that this story focused on them instead of everything else If there is ever a sequel, I hope Danny is the main focus {FREE E-PUB} ⚝ Juniors Ø Lea Lane Has Lived In Between All Her LifePart Hawaiian, Part Mainlander Perpetual New Girl At School Hanging In The Shadow Of Her Actress Mother S Spotlight And Now New Resident Of The Prominent West Family S Guest CottageBracing Herself For The Embarrassment Of Being Her Classmates Latest Charity Case, Lea Is Surprised When She Starts Becoming Friends With Will And Whitney West Instead Or In The Case Of Gorgeous, Unattainable Will, Possibly Even Than Friends And Despite Their Differences, Whitney And Lea Have A Lot In Common Both Are Navigating A Tangled Web Of Relationships, Past Disappointments And Future Hopes As Things Heat Up With Will, And Her Friendship With Whitney Deepens, Lea Has To Decide How Much She S Willing To Change In Order To Fit Into Their WorldLea Lane Has Lived In Between All Her Life But It Isn T Until Her Junior Year That She Learns How To Do It On Her Own Terms Lea is the daughter of an actress filming a TV series in Hawaii Her mother agrees to live in the guest house of one of the richest families on the island They have a daughter Lea s age who happens to be in her class at school Lea has a crush on Whitney s brother, and Whitney is dating Lea s best friend Teen drama ensues.I wanted to really like this, but it s just OK The setting is great, and clearly the author knows Oahu I just wanted.