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I hate to bring a heavy hand to a snowball fight, but this book is actually important to me You know how some books act as landmarks in your life, either as a reader or as an acutal liver of the world outside the window and the page This is one of mine.I bought it years ago with trembling glee, as the post 9 11 world of politics had become my insomniac obsession and I was in need of not only some rhetorical weaponry but an insightful, informed take on what I knew in my bones as so many of us lefties, new or abiding, did know and were right about all along was a shitshownon pareilI trusted Al Franken then as now for his wit, his humor, his sense of the absurd and patently obvious He s not only a humorist but an educated, tasteful, sober observer of the scene It s beyond cliche to talk about how comedians are truth seekers in disguise as funny monkeys and so I won t or will at least try to avoid saying this about Mister Franken.No, Al s gotthe human touch, dignity, authenticity, and even a certain kind of silly nobility in his bones Not only does he know what he wants to say but how to say it, what the goons ll yammer about it, and why it might not only be truth to power but proper policy for an earnest statesman At this point, I d like to mention that, poetic minded as I am, I have never interpreted the phrase truth to power in the literal sense of bending the ear of the high and mighty so much as a mode of speech in which the truth is made active, illuminated, vivid in a word, irreducible That s part of what Al s got And so I was tickled all kinds of pink when he was FINALLY elected Senator of the great state of Minnesota He beat out a stuffy, affluent shmuck who tried to wear him down by constantly recalling and thereby prolonging a truly close election, probably tacitly hoping that an exhuasted Al would concede He didn t Good for him, and good for us.Anyway, there is a quality to this book which is dated Taking swipes at Bill O Reilly and Coulter and the bunch doesn t have the same oomph it did back when there were still relatively important Fox blowhards twisting the national discourse, smearing ostensibly interesting and complex kitchen table debates with, well, liesand damned liesand innuendoand green fog of self righteousness and persecuted self pity Luckily these yahoos burned out on their own gluey corruption and hypocrisy, which was of course bound to happen some day just not as far along as it took I still think you can divvy up the GOP field between the archetypes represented by Billo and Hannity Hannity is the purist, the innocent, the foot soldier, the ignorant true believer who would take a bullet for his master Hannity used to smoke cigars this is true, now and he enjoyed this lesiurely activity until one day his tiny son came up to him and asked him why daddy smokes those smelly things aren t they bad for you Ol Hannity couldn t take it He took one look at the stogie and the other at his lil tyke and chucked it forever As a longtime smoker, I can appreciate the gesture But you know what IN the grand scheme of things, an equally appropriate answer would be to say you know what kid Daddy s had a hard day of payin the bills Don t you have some homework to do or something and that would be that.Another case one day he had a couple of working girls from the Moonlight Bunny Ranch on with their portly patron Dennis Hoff The girls explained the general Heffner line about America being hung up about sex, it s just a job, yes we have relationships outside of work, etc Hannity couldn t believe it He quoted Psalms but what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his SOUL The bunnies just looked at him, blinking It was an odd moment.Compare this with O Reilly s indiscretions calling up his employee and not only verbally fantasizing about her to her face, but remarking on how he happened to be following suit in the privacy of his bedroom, if you catch my drift Falafel the list goes on.Just look at this years race for the GOP nomination the point being that the GOP can be helpfully divided up between sleazy, oppotunistic hypocrites who preach family values and of course get caught with their 20 something campaign staffers becoming their third wives, blahblahblah and psychotic purists who buy the party line to the nervous system.Anyway it s this kind of stuff which reading Al has inspired in me, take it for what you will.I actually was able to meet someone who worked for him an auxiliary member of the grinning Team Franken in the back pages and he happily reported that Al has his down sides like anyone else, but was an essentially decent, hardworking, and conscientious boss Good to hear.Anyway, this book wouldn t really do much than further any interested parties in their desire to learn, get a bit of perspective, and enjoy the process while they re at it Not a bad accomplishment, all things considered Viva Al I actually listened to Al Franken read this on Audio CD, and I loved it The advantage here is that Al plays all the quotes by the people he s bashing with a little context and he himself is just very funny how he reads.I know the subtitle s supposed to be a joke, but this book is WAY MORE fair and balanced than anything by bona fide Ass Holes capitalized like Bill O Reilly and Ann Coulter they are the Zeus and Hera of assholes This book exposes them and all their logical fallacies for what they really are Racist, Elitist and Deviant I don t think it s a good book for converting far righters, but it makes a lot of good, logical points It s also heart felt and apolitical at points something Bill O Reilly can t ever accomplish. This very funny but extremely serious book goes after the deliberate falsehoods perpetrated by the right wing on liberals As you may know, the Fox Network went after Franken for trademark infringement because he used the phrase fair and balanced The judge threw out the suit as completely ludicrous and made several trenchant comments about the inability of the Fox executives to recognize satire when they saw it.Harvard University gave Franken a fellowship to basically do whatever he wanted, but demurred at his idea of having Harvard students write his son s college application Franken finally hit upon the idea of having a group of students do research for his book They bought the idea.His first target is Ann Coulter, author of Scandal Franken methodically picks apart her book, revealing it for the inaccurate, if not disingenuous, piece of nonsense it is He also shows how she has blatantly lied about things Her Connecticut driver s license shows her birth date as 1961 her Washington DL says 1963 She claims the Washington DL is correct, which means she voted as a sixteen year old On one of the applications she lied about her age Now, many people have done that, but since the US Patriot Act makes it a felony to put false information on a government ID, she could be whisked away and held without counsel for a long time I wish they would Simple charges she makes in her book were never checked For example, she complains that Evan Thomas, supposedly one of those heinous liberals, was the son of Norman Thomas, four time sic candidate for president on the Socialist party ticket Actually, he ran six times, and a simple phone call to Evan Thomas reveals that he is not the son of Norman Thomas Coulter s book is filled with such false details Either she is extremely lazy or a blatant liar Franken obviously suspects the latter.Francken has infuriated that scion of right wing Fox Bill O Reilly by publicly pointing out many untruths that O Reilly has put forth At Book Expo in Los Angeles, O Reilly was humiliated by Franken, who categorically listed all sorts of lies O Reilly had perpetrated on the public Now, Franken makes clear that occasionally making a mistake on a statistic is hardly a crime, but O Reilly s customary tactic, when challenged with the correct information from unimpeachable sources is to simply bully and yell at his challenger rather than correct the mistake The problem is also that he makes lots of mistakes More from the sewer of right wing dishonesty When he interviewed the son of a worker killed on 9 11 on February 4th, 2003, he became enraged at the son s opposition to the war in Iraq, had his engineer cut off the man s microphone, and sent him packing saying to him after the show s end, Get out of my studio before I tear you to f cking pieces O Reilly, who constantly rails at the lyrics of rap songs, wrote a murder mystery in 1998, Those who Trespass about a serial killer who murders everyone who interferes with his rising television career , that took explicit sex and violence to new heights and the English language to new lows In one murder, the victim is killed by having a spoon driven through the roof of her mouth into her brain stem Variants of the F word and B word are used than 51 times Case of the pot calling the kettle black O Reilly is not a nice man.Team Franken took a look at Hannity s of Hannity and Colmes, book to verify the factualness of his statements Examples of disingenuousness and dishonesty abound.Bush s initial indifference to al Qaeda prior to 9 11 is astonishing The Clinton administration had developed plans for eliminating Bin Laden, but those plans were ignored That the Bin Laden family were good friends with the Bush family is well known, and Franken speculates as to what might have happened to Clinton had he been so nice to the Bin Laden family, permitting a Saudi plane to fly around the country picking up family members for return to Saudi Arabia, while American airplanes were grounded In the meantime, President Bush has broken all presidential records for the number of days spent on vacation.The book is often uneven, some parts funnier and some serious Should one laugh or cry learning that many of our leaders today, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Perle, Bush, and other chickenhawks who are sending men off to die in war, did everything in their power, having their fathers pull strings and inventing flimsy excuses shouldn t pick on Limbaugh, I think he was just too fat to avoid service in Vietnam. Why I love this book 1 Definitely one of the funniest book titles I ve ever seen2 Remember when, for years after 9 11, so many media and entertainment figures held themselves back from criticizing Bush administration Al broke the silence quite a bit with this book, which was basically a bullshit cry heard round the country After that it seemed to be way ok for others to start speaking out You may think he s too moderate but he s pretty clever at calling bullshit on the right.3 There was some really hilarious controversy surrounding this book when it came out Bill O Reilly got in a fight with Al over this book in a heated exchange at a major Book Expo The details of this fight are hilarious Also Fox tried to SUE him for using the fair and balanced phrase in his subtitle What happened is, the judge told the Fox representatives in court that the were full of shit and in over their heads and the case was I think literally laughed out of court4 His sense of humor is very unique 0.5 stars Okay, this one was entirely my fault After reading and hating Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot, I was still somehow drawn to open up and read this book Big mistake and I freely admit it As for a review of the book, my best summary would be blah, blah, joke that isn t funny, blahhalf truthblahout of context quoteblah, blahpolitical attack without evidential or even logical basis blah, blah, blahsay the same thing ten different ways, none of them rightblah, blah, blah, mean spirited, bomb throwingblah, blah, still jokes that aren t funnyblah, blah, blahthe end All that said, if the book had been funny, I would have looked past the flaws as I don t look to Al Franken for political insight However, when you waste my time AND are boring, all of the other flaws jump off the page at me In a wordOUCH Grown up love means actually understanding what you love, taking the good with the bad and helping your loved one grow Al Franken, Lies the Lying Liars Who Tell Them A Fair Balanced Look at the Right4.5 stars.I guess one s enjoyment of this depends on how much they like Al Franken.This was the first book I ve read by him and I found it to be a warm, human and utterly hilarious read Al takes on FOX News in this this book, in particular Bill O Reilly.This book has a very interesting back story as supposedly Fox News sued Franken in court over the words Fair and Balanced which I find to be utterly hysterical And yes it is discussed in the book I suppose I can see why conservatives might get pissed off at this book but even if you re not an ultra liberal this does make for fun reading Franken brings up a lot of things that are really on point George Bush was president when this came out Franken brings his wit through the book, to be sure, but the thing is lots of stuff in this book make so much sense I loved his Lawyer and the waitress story.I personally love reading political nonfiction books to get all viewpoints and I happen to be a fan of Franken If you are seeking a good political Non Fiction book, this is a great one AND there is nothing about Trump because he was a long way from being president when this came out Sigh..resisting the urge to say something Snarky about now.Whatever your views on Franken, he is not and never has been, boring I would give this 4.5 stars Highly recommended. I don t have many five star books on my list this one made the cut because I laughed and laughed and laughed, often out loud Thinking back, other books have made me chuckle or smile, but I can t remember any other book just tickling my funny bone like this one Al Franken is clever but he s not this funny in person Team Franken, discussions with God, exposing the lies of famous conservatives, and particularly, the field trip to Bob Jones University all classic material What s , Franken is smart, enlightened, and knows his stuff No wonder he s running for Senateand all the satisfying that he s going for his old friend Paul Wellstone s seat.I couldn t muster big stars for the follow up The Truth The Truth was hard hitting and bitter I enjoyed it, I learned from it, I share his bitterness, but it was missing the playful touch that made Lies such a great read. Franken has a quasi Socratic disingenuousness It s not quite that he claims ignorance while exposing the ignorance of others What Franken claims is that he s a comedian, in contrast with the apparently serious political commentators he skewers And he really is funny And sharp I laughed out loud at Loving America the Al Franken Way, a grab bag of facets of America, rated on a good bad weird scale But often Franken sounds deadly serious In the same chapter, responding to the claim that liberals train our children to criticize America, not celebrate it, he says, To a four year old, everything Mommy does is wonderful and anyone who criticizes Mommy is bad Grown up love means actually understanding what you love, taking the good with the bad, and helping your loved one grow It s a good point And it is funny, sort of, that Franken s target in this case, Sean Hannity seems to miss it After a while, though, the seriousness seeps through I found some of the later chapters sad or discouraging and funny at the same time He s his own straight man, and it works. I would recommend this book to intellectual conservatives so that they simply have ammo to disassociate themselves from the neo cons I actually respect true conservative thought and this administration was not it At all And Franken gives a funny, sometimes enraging, flogging of the neo con media.It s a great book I think, however, it preaches to the choir since the person who would read this is a liberal to begin with in the first place.And he DESTROYS Ann Coulter and Bill O Reillythis, in and of itself, are good things `Free ↽ Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right ⇬ Al Franken, One Of Our Savviest Satirists People , Has Been Studying The Rhetoric Of The Right He Has Listened To Their Cries Of Slander, Bias, And Even Treason He Has Examined The Bush Administration S Policies Of Squandering Our Surplus, Ravaging The Environment, And Alienating The Rest Of The World He S Even Watched Fox News A Lot And, In This Fair And Balanced Report, Al Bravely And Candidly Exposes Them All For What They Are Liars Lying, Lying Liars Al Destroys The Liberal Media Bias Myth By Doing What His Targets Seem Incapable Of Getting His Facts Straight Using The Right S Own Words Against Them, He Takes On The Pundits, The Politicians, And The Issues, In The Most Talked About Book Of The YearTimely, Provocative, Unfailingly Honest, And Always Funny, Lies Sticks It To The Most Right Wing Administration In Memory, And To The Right Wing Media Hacks Who Do Its Bidding