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Read as part of the complete set of erotic fairy tales.Holy moly This is straight up erotica It pushed the limits of too much for me, so this is not a book I d lightly recommend The fact that it s pure erotica gives it some leeway in my mind for plot holes and ridiculous turns of events You don t look for deep meaning in porn So yeah, there were definitely some issues with plot, and random super hero actions, and a tidy ending, but the sex was hot, even if the dom sub thing didn t fit just right Yes, it s as superficial as that. Pretty good story line, but clouded with too much sex for the length.i read this genre for the sex obviously but when its on every page and there is no buildupit gets kind of monotonous so that s my main complaint.good character builds, good bits of mystery but i could put it down when i wanted to and had a few eye rolling moments but over all a good read. Read as part of the Erotic Fairy Tales The Complete Box Set Red Wolfe, Hansel, and Beast anthology.I m full of cold and I left it too long to write a full review of all the things that annoyed me about this book I should have taken notes because there were a LOT but here s what I remember In serious need of editing missing words incorrect words poor spelling etc Needed a continuity editor too one minute her hands would be tied above her head then she d be using them to touch herself, then they d be tied again, clothes would vanish and reappear etc Too much sex, yes I get that this is erotica but there are times when sex just isn t appropriate like when you ve been tied up and tortured She was literally cut all over with a knife and had paint smeared into her wounds but when the supposed hero rescued her and was trying to clean her wounds all she could thing about was wanting sex Seriously You ve got to be kidding me Bad guys with nonsensical motives they think the hero is guilty of murder and because he was found innocent they ve decided to extract their own form of justice and kill him That actually makes sense but what doesn t make sense is that they decide to torture his girlfriend and frame him for the attack to try and make him look guilty of the original murder Well, I guess that makes sense too until I tell you that they re not wearing masks when they attack her so she knows it wasn t her boyfriend who did it They say they re going to leave her alive yet they re not trying to hide their identities How fucking stupid do these bad guys have to be It s not like the hero is any brainier though He lives on an island and 5 men come by boat to attack them He knows there were 5, he knows he has taken down tied up 4 of them but one has escaped He s not used the boat so therefore he s still on the island somewhere but does the hero go looking for him Nope he s too busy having sex with the heroine and then acts all surprised when guy 5 releases the other 4 and they all escape the island Which again is stupid because if there are 5 of you why would you just leave the island and not ambush the hero and heroine when they re so busy having sex that they won t even hear you coming Throw in the fact that the hero calls the heroine his little Fuck Doll throughout the whole story and I m just done He treats her like a blow up fucking doll and I m supposed to find that sexy Screw this book I Am Done 3 stars cuz I can t quite describe it.Safety gang Ladies, no cheating, no OM OW.This is erotica with a side of light BDSMit threatens at intense D s then doesn t really deliver It held my attention the plot was interesting but didn t develop fully It just kind of unfolded all at once and at lightning speed in the last installment I would have really liked this fully developed into a 80k novel, but I m picky This was such a great premise, it deserved it A suspected murderer turned recluse, turned world famous mysterious paintera real bad wolf A woman who is trapped in his web because of her grandmother s deaththe h is a redhead called red Wow That s originaleye rollsorry, natural redhead here and we hate being called that NOW, add some hot sex into the H h mixand I still need plot I think where this didn t work is in its serialization When a story is broken into chunks of 100 pages or less, it loses some of its elasticity The plot becomes harder to dribble through because the author is trying to hold all her cards to her chestto keep the reader hanging on until the last moment That s all great in theory, but I haven t seen many that can accomplish it in a decent way So often they end up like a soap opera where you can miss months of it and still pick it up without a problemthink HM Ward the Arrangement series Lord, do I feel sorry for anyone who bought into that train wreck. With the exemption of Fifty Shades of Grey, I m not really a fan of BDSM books so my rating for this one is quite unfair I guess But BDSM fan or not, that sex scene after the abduction still bothers me I mean, after being drugged, tied up, beat up and fighting with the bad guys, they still managed to have sex What are they Super natural beings I know it s just fiction but it still bothers me. This started off so well, but by the end I found myself disappointed that along the way it lost some of its original sparkle and promise In places I felt that it pushed the bounds of credulity, especially from around about book 3, with a few errors of continuity, and plot incongruities creeping in, such as the point made during the trial scene, that James Wolfe s movements could not be tracked by satellite to verify his account of events, because he had left his cell phone behind after his wife s call for help and then later, in the description of that journey, he is apparently constantly checking his phone during the drive In some of the sex scenes, the male protagonist also seems to have than two hands, which he has no problem using despite having just smashed one into a wall repeatedly, and burned the other Red, at one point, while restrained by the wrists, also seems to have amazing use of her hands at the same time Towels also appear to have magical properties, being dropped to the floor one moment, and then miraculously needing to be yanked off moments later.Not a bad read, but unfortunately spoiled for me by editing oversights, and also what I considered to be some rather strange responses by the two main characters to some quite precarious situations. I liked it I like the story and the characters even though I found Red a little immature, sometimes I guess, I felt it could have been better and maybe not so repetitive with almost the same sex scene And I m a huge fan of his termFuck dolldefinitely has a nice ring to it. PART 1 Oh yeah I m totally going to love this series, that actually doesn t shock me because any book I read by Ella I love Red, is something else, God, this is so my luck Some a hole poses as my grandmother, and now you want to steal her island from me You re likethe big bad wolf These two had chemistry right when they first met and well Red she does a little investigating, another glance up at Race s back and a , and I m distracted by the bulge I imagine is still straining against his pants Now our boy may be an a but he s a sexy a , I rock against her and groan my words Bad first impression, baby On to the next one I go.PART 2 Wolfe I just can t get enough of him and his dirty talk, you look like you need a good effing Is that true Red Even from a stranger You ll accept a thorough effing Take the pleasure that I give you Yes the boy is a tad bit crude but honestly that s what makes his character Red her smart mouth needs some taming and I think our boy Wolfe is up for the task, it was very nice, okay You re a total stud In every way And I enjoyed myself I m not going to lie about it I m sure I couldn t if I tired I m ready for PART 3 This time around Wolfe was crude than he normally is, and I think he s trying to hide what he s starting to feel for Red, and like a typical man he doesn t want to admit it to himself, so he uses his crudeness, I don t want to talk about art, Red I don t want to hear you talk about it, either What I want is for you to suck my d Did I mention the extreme measures the boy goes to, to make sure Red is alright and Red well she s a tad bit ditzy when things like that occur, he stands, water sluicing down his chest and stomach, following his happy trail and dripping off his half erect c I m gawking like the pervert I am when his eyes find mine and widen What the eff are you doing Next book please.PART 4 Panties are needed for this one ladies, well actually panties were needed for all of them, but this one you might need an extra, extra pair Red, she brings something out in Wolfe that I think he tried to long bury and that s well compassion, and actual feelings, Jesus He digs his hands into his hair and turns away When he turns back toward me, I can see him coming into himself Effing Christ, he says I need to clean you up Of course the boy is still a dirty one, but he s a dirty one with feelings and likes to get his girl excited, you re asking for a thorough effing, Red My c , your pu Now This one had action than the others so it wasn t all about the sex, and you re emotions got involved as well as your inner organs. sdfasdfas ben bunu ta ge en senenin ortalar nda okumu tum nas l eklemem asdfasdfasdf unuttum bile kitab `DOWNLOAD EPUB ↜ Red & Wolfe ↞ When Sarah Red Ryder Loses Her Job As An Art Critic For A Boston Newspaper, She S Brokenhearted Worse Than That She S Broke Her Boyfriend Recently Left Her, So She S Stuck Paying Her Hefty Apartment Rent Alone After Two Months Unemployed, There S No Money Left With No Immediate Family To Turn To, Red Reaches Out To Her Estranged Grandmother, A Reclusive Writer Living On An Island Off The Coast Of Charleston Several Days Later, Red Receives , And An Invitation To Visit James Wolfe Is Not Red S Grandmother But He S The Only Person Waiting For Her At The Boat Dock Red Has Something He Needs He Won T Take No For An Answer, And He Doesn T Mind Screwing Her Over To Get It He Lost His Conscience Six Years Ago, When He Went Off The Grid Since Then, Life Is About Him And The Renowned Oil Paintings He Does Under The Mysterious Pseudonym W Until The Moment He Sees Her Then Red Is All He Wants And Wolfe Will Have Her Thoroughly