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Loved it Scotsman of My Dreams is another great book in MacIain series,it is the story of a former rake,Dalton Maclain,who has return from America scarred, almost blind and unfortunately his older brother died in the hunting accident and now he is the earl.Now Dalton is a changed man who wants to stay home and deals with his new situations, blindness and being the earl if only the stubborn Miss Minerva Todd, the sister of the man, whom he blames for his blindness leaves him alone.Minerva is desperately looking for her missing brother and the only person who will be able to help her is Dalton, if only he just meets her and gives her the information This is a wonderful book with a great plot that keeps you guessing who the villain is.I love the characters, they were intelligent, strong and loyal to their family.Thank you Karen Ranney for writing another fantastic book. I gave this a B at AAR and somehow forgot to post the review here Karen Ranney s MacIain series moves away from Scotland for the second book, Scotsman of My Dreams, a well written and very enjoyable character driven romance featuring a hedonist who returns from war a very different man to the one who went away and the forthright woman who helps him to regain his confidence and find his purpose in life.Dalton MacIain, the middle of the three sons of the Earl of Rathsmere, was a hellraiser and became something of an icon to the many bored younger sons of the ton who attempted to emulate him Deciding that life as a rakehell wasn t interesting or exciting enough, Dalton decided to go to fight in the Civil War in America, and a group of his younger acolytes accompanied him, earning them all the nickname of MacIain s Marauders The dozen of them who went chose which side they would fight for on the simple toss of a coin, seeing as none of them had any particular loyalty either way Dalton and four others ended up fighting for the North, while the others took up arms for the South.Dalton soon discovers that his dreams of action, excitement and glory are just that dreams and that the realities of war are far gruesome than he could have imagined He is contemplating a return to England when he is shot and when, after months of convalescence in America and a long sea voyage he arrives home, it s to be told that his older brother, Arthur, is dead and that he is now the Earl of Rathsmere.Burying himself away in his London home, Dalton becomes something of a recluse The bullet which narrowly missed spattering his brains all over American soil took his right eye and has almost completely deprived him of his sight in his left, so he is, to all intents and purposes, blind He misses Arthur than he could have thought possible and doubts his ability to run the earldom as well as his brother he s purposeless and directionless, drinks too much and wonders whether he d have been better off if the bullet had done its job.When Minerva Todd, the sister of one of his merry band, bursts into his home, demanding to know what has become of her brother, Dalton angrily turns her away The woman is incredibly persistent, however, and refuses to leave him alone until she gets some answers, even going so far as to follow him on the rare occasions he leaves his house Furious, Dalton eventually tells her the truth he has no idea where her brother is and couldn t care less, because the last thing he remembers seeing was Neville Todd aiming a gun at him Minerva is, quite naturally, horrified and refuses to believe him, but Dalton isn t interested in what she believes he may now be blind, but at the time he could see perfectly well, and Todd had attempted to kill him.Unbeknownst to Minerva, Dalton has already taken steps to find her brother, calling in one of his closest friends, investigator James Wilson When Dalton tells Wilson that he has recently learned that Arthur s death may not have been accidental, his friend takes the view that Dalton s life may still be in danger and, having gained an idea of who might want him dead, Dalton is inclined to agree.Realising that Miss Todd is not going to leave him alone, Dalton throws her off balance by inviting her to act as his secretary of sorts From their encounters so far, he has learned that she will not lie to him, try to cosset him or sugar coat things she is straightforward to the point of pain sometimes, but that s exactly what he wants and needs Minerva agrees, in spite of herself Even scarred and blind, the earl is as devastatingly attractive as ever, and she is drawn to him in spite of the common sense that tells her that he presents a serious danger to her peace of mind and her heart.While there s a strong element of mystery to this story, the bulk of it is devoted to a very well developed, tender and often funny romance, and to the rehabilitation of Dalton MacIain He begins the book as a man wallowing in self pity and self doubt, and gradually transforms himself into someone who is aware of his strengths as well as his weaknesses, and who eventually comes to realise that he is than capable of running an earldom and of taking his rightful place in society His character progression is very well done, especially in those moments he is brought to the realisation of what a selfish bastard he had been by small things, such as when he wonders whether he ever actually bothered to thank his housekeeper for her excellent work before, or when he realises that he doesn t know the names of his servants and what they all do The fact that he is blind obviously means that he cannot return to his previous lifestyle, but it also gives him the breathing space to realise that he doesn t want to and that he wants to make something of his life.Minerva is an unusually forthright heroine, even for a genre that is riddled with them She is outspoken and sexually experienced, having decided in her mid twenties that marriage was unlikely but that she didn t want to go through life without having experienced passion she eschews corsets, stays and petticoats whenever she can, and even wears trousers well, a sort of divided skirt Her real passion is archaeology, and she looks forward to returning to a site in Scotland that she visits regularly but has delayed her most recent trip due to her desperation to find her brother But underneath her tough exterior, is a lonely woman who can be easily wounded, one with a great capacity for love and affection, who spent her life trying to be proper until she realised that propriety wasn t making her happy This underlying vulnerability, together with her no nonsense attitude makes her an attractive and sympathetic heroine.The mystery element of the story is perhaps overly simplistic, although it does reach a satisfactory conclusion The romance, however, is very good indeed Dalton and Minerva are a well matched pair neither of them cares overmuch for society s approval, and they are both stubborn, determined people The dialogue zings with sexual energy and attraction, and the genuine friendship that develops between them is every bit as enjoyable as the love story I enjoyed Scotsman of My Dreams very much and am definitely going to be reading the next book in the series. 2.5 stars I have a question Why is the title of this book Scotsman of My Dreams when the man in question is not a Scotsman Sure, his last name is Scots, as is his ancestry, but this man was a Brit through and through In fact, the only Scot in this book was a distant cousin who had one scene You re just setting readers up for false expectations.Speaking of unrealistic expectations, there was this She reached down between them and grabbed his erection with both hands, stroking it, measuring it with her fingers It was at least nine fingers long and so wide around that her thumb and forefinger didn t meet when she extended them around it.A nine fingers long penis Good lord that thing should be registered as a deadly weapon But seriously, I m totally fine with giving book hero unrealistic proportions, but even I know you must draw a line somewhere Scotsman of My Dreams was okay I thought the plot moved terribly slow, but was interesting enough The leading characters were fairly likable, even endearing at times I just can t get past the monster peen, really I won t remember anything about this book EXCEPT the non Scottish Scotsman with the nine fingers long peen. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Scotsman of My Dreams was a charming and sweet romance with a sparkle of angst in here I have really enjoyed what Karen Ranney has done with her books, and Scotsman of My Dreams was no different I honestly don t know how to express what this story did for me Now there were times I was in and out of the story but I have been dead tired all day, so that might have something to do with it It begins with out heroine searching for her missing brother, and so she goes in search of the one man that should know where he is at Only the infamous rake who went to the America s to help fight in their Civil War has returned scarred and blind Needless to say both Dalton and Minerva have a difference of opinions on this subject, because Dalton believes its Minerva s brother that caused his injury, so he isn t all that eager to aid the man that shot him, however, he is fascinated by Minerva Minerva isn t your average lady, she lives her own life, has had a lover, wears breeches when the need strikes her, goes in search of old objects Hates balls and parties or even dressing up, she prefers dressing down Dalton technically is Scottish, but has spent much of his life in England so he comes off as of a London rake who has gone through some rough patches Despite his torrid past, he is a character that you just reach out for, because he is emotionally traumatized and you don t see the rogue in him much despite the rumors The banter between these two is quite energetic and they definitely have some sparks flying between them I can t kiss you Just a taste of passion, he said Absolutely not I have needs, he said with a smile As if that s my concern Are you afraid Of course not I just don t want to kiss you Not at all Not one little bit Not an iota You re fibbing, Minerva I m not He lowered his head, brushed his lips over her heated cheek To his surprise, she didn t move away Slowly he traced a path to her lips, breathing against them before placing his mouth on hers A kiss should be an appetizer A kiss was a prelude, strings being tuned in an orchestra pit, dawn on an important day A kiss was not a feast A kiss was not an explosion of the senses but this one was.What was most interesting about this one, was the hint of danger you sense from the very start of the story and it builds and builds gradually until the end It also doesn t detract from the romance, it tends to even out in the end Quite a lovely romance that had spark and flare and I had quite a time seeing these characters come alive off the pages SIMPLY FANTASTICIn Your Wildest Dreams 1The Scotsman of My Dreams 2An American In Scotland 3 Actual Rating 3.5This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoScotsman of My Dreams ended up being a very fun book to read but as much as I enjoyed it, I also thought there was way too much buildup for the romance.Minerva and Dalton make a fantastic team and while they were a team for huge chunks of the book, they were also on opposite sides for most of the book So while the tension between them was amazing, I hated that they weren t on the same side It meant that it took longer for their relationship to develop to a point where they could admit feelings and it also meant that there was a certain level of distrust between the two.Minerva and Dalton are both fantastic characters in their own right and I LOVED reading about them as characters but I wanted from them together which was why I cannot give this book the 4 stars I would have otherwise.Moving on though, I DID enjoy many aspects of the buildup especially since Minerva and Dalton worked together a lot and they were so FLIPPIN CUTE Minerva is an independently wealthy woman who never had the time for any sort of relationships after her parents died and left her in charge of her younger brother Minerva took what she got and raised her brother and instead invested her time in her interests, archaeology.Dalton, on the other hand, is an ex rake He made some poor decisions and decided to go fight in the civil war for the funsies and learnt that war wasn t what he thought he was Unfortunately, he also got injured, lost his sight and returned to a newly inherited earldom because of his older brother s death Dalton was dealt many blows in one go but these blows really helped him grow He was no longer the cocky, poor decision making Dalton of the past, but rather a new Dalton who realizes how much of his life he wasted because he was bored It was so much fun to watch him develop over the course of the book and I loved seeing the part Minerva played in helping him get there.Their romance is fantastic my issues aside and I loved seeing them help each other overcome their insecurities.This book was so much fun to read and I d definitely recommend it if you are looking for a quick fun HR to read that won t fail to make you swoon Note that I received an eARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review I ve given this a B for narration and a B for content at AudioGals.The second in Karen Ranney s current MacIain series, Scotsman of My Dreams is an enjoyable character driven romance in which the reclusive, wounded hero meets the unusual young woman who is destined to help him rebuild his life.Hellraiser Dalton MacIain, bored with the predictability of his life in London and wanting excitement, left England with a group of followers in order to fight in the American Civil War Deciding which side to fight for on the toss of a coin, five, including Dalton, fought for the Union while the remaining seven men joined the Confederate army Dalton very soon learned that the gruesome realities of war were a far cry from the glory and adventure he had anticipated, and is contemplating a return home when he is shot in the face, losing one eye and the sight in the other Following months of convalescence in America, he returns home to be greeted with the news that his older brother has been killed in a hunting accident, and that he, Dalton, is now the Earl of Rathsmere.You can read the rest of this review at AudioGals. When I was getting ready to start reading Scotsman of My Dreams, I realized that it was the second in the series I am trying to stay on schedule with my reviews, so I didn t have time to go back and read the first book, In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams But I got along just fine and didn t feel lost There was only a small amount of crossover in the characters, so if you are in the same boat as I was, you should do fine I will definitely go back and read the first book now.I totally loved the leading man in this story, Duncan MacIain Duncan was a renowned rake who, on a wild hair, decided to go to America to join the Civil War I had no idea the British joined the Civil War until I read this book or maybe I learned it in school but it wasn t told in such an interesting way so I just forgot Anywho, Duncan is severely injured in America and loses his sight, so now he has returned home and is a recluse Ranney s imagery with Duncan s plight was excellent She did a good job detailing what he was going through and feeling, and it created an excellent emotional connection with his character.The leading female, Minerva Todd, was unique for her time She enjoyed archaeology, digging in the dirt, studying the past, even sewed her skirts to create voluminous trousers Minerva believed her brother Neville to be a sycophant of the renowned rake, and Neville foolishly followed Duncan to American to join the war Now Neville has not returned and Minerva vows not to leave Duncan alone until she can find out what happened to Neville Minerva was quite unlike any woman Duncan ever met She was very practical, honest to a fault, and somewhat shocking in her candor I liked Minerva very much as well She was a modern woman for her time, and I liked that she wasn t one of the young debutantes out on the marriage market The characterization for this story was excellent Duncan, Minerva and Mrs Thompson particularly jumped off the page for me The title was a tad misleading as the story takes places in London and Duncan is not particularly Scottish though he is descended from a line of Highlanders But I enjoyed it nonetheless and I think you will too.I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 4 stars 3 flames. As an author Ranney has always been one of my favorites Majority of her books I have loved, others I have liked, but without a single doubt lingering within my mind I have found Scotsman of My Dreams to be one of best romantic love stories I ve ever read.If you love romance as much as I do than I am happy to reveal that this book is nothing shy except pure passion The attraction between Dalton and Minerva was a spark that could not be denied I absolutely love an author that bring a romance novel to new heights the way that Ranney did this story.The plot was equal to the romance with its many twists and turns of mystery I think the mystery within the pages worked well with the balance of the romance because it forced Dalton and Minerva to have to work together It is such special traits rarely found in romance that made me a voracious reader of the genre in the first place.Lastly I want to touch briefly on Dalton For the most part he was a different kind of rake I was happy to have found this out because I feel like the theme of rakes is slightly overdone Of course Minerva was not the ideal heroine that I was expecting her to be Instead she was strong willed and was a great match for a man like Dalton.Whether or not you consider yourself a larger reader of romance novels I would still recommend this book I loved it and I think you will too Discover new romance reviews at The Bookish The Romantic.http thebookishandtheromantic.blogs Karen Ranney writes books that are a consummate blend of history and romance In the first McIain book, In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams, Glynnis and Lennox s second chance at love was set in Glasgow, where River Clyde shipbuilders turned out thousands of blockade runners for the Confederates during the American Civil War That war also serves as a distant backdrop for Scotsman of My Dreams, as our hero, Dalton MacIain, has returned from fighting in America a blinded, broken shell of his former self Moreover, upon his return he learned that his beloved elder brother had been killed in a hunting accident, making Dalton the Earl of Rathmoor, a title he neither expected nor wanted Dalton has become a virtual hermit, drinking to forget the horrors of his past and his present His handsome face is horribly scarred one eye is missing and the other is sightless and his former friends in society have forgotten his existence He doesn t trust his secretary, who moves around stealthily and never announces himself, and he has no interest in running his estates The only semblance of love or joy in his life is his faithful housekeeper, who coddles him with tasty meals and makes him a patch to cover his empty eye socket.Truly, Dalton s life is depressing, and the first quarter or so of this book is equally so, but that s because Karen Ranney is such a good writer than a reader can t help but feel what the characters are experiencing So, don t give up, because into Dalton s hopeless life bursts Miss Minerva Todd, a most exceptional young lady Minerva is twenty nine, wealthy, outspoken, lacking in social graces, and much interested in archaeology than marriage She raised her younger brother Neville after their parents deaths, but upon his majority he began to carouse and move in Dalton s hell raising circle Now, after accompanying Dalton and friends to America, Neville has gone missing, and Minerva is determined to make Dalton help her find her little brother.When I said that Minerva bursts into Dalton s life, I meant that literally First, she breaks into his house but is summarily thrown out Next, she climbs the garden wall and confronts him face to face, finding herself horror struck by his injuries.Eschewing the discretion that someone with better manners might have chosen, Minerva blurts out, What happened to you When Dalton threatens to bodily remove her from his garden, she retorts, You d have to call for someone to help you Never one to back down from a challenge, Dalton strikes back, and the ensuing confrontation is hilarious in its rudeness Are you ugly I found that women without an iota of appeal often appear strident I have never measured myself by my appearance That s a lie Every woman has Should you care so much about the appearance of other people she asked Especially since your own appearance has been so grievously altered by your stupidity I know why Neville came with me To get away from you These two really don t like one another, especially after Dalton informs Minerva that it was Neville who shot him in the face Dalton does not know why Neville wanted him dead, but he begins to wonder if perhaps Minerva could be part of her brother s lethal plot Now this is romance, so you know that this pair will fall in love, but at this point in the book, it s pretty difficult to imagine how that s going to happen A less experienced author might have had love come quickly, but Karen Ranney has the confidence to allow it to come upon them slowly, as Dalton and Minerva reluctantly join forces to find Neville Minerva becomes his eyes, and notwithstanding his blindness, he becomes her protector They form a grudging respect for one another, followed by trust, affection, physical passion, and only after all of that love.Ranney excels in writing dialogue and their progress is a joy to read, as the couple learns to know one another by talking forthrightly Both characters are fully realized, as are the several secondary characters such as their respective housekeepers, Dalton s creepy secretary, his investigator friend, Dalton s spoiled younger brother The element of mystery is well done, but fairly easy to figure out My one criticism is that Minerva is a bit too progressive for her time she took her coachman as a lover, just to experience passion , but she is so darn much fun that I overlooked that Dalton, however, is just about perfect In creating a man who transforms from a surly, self pitying drunken wreck into a man who finds himself thrilled by a woman who despises his wealth, his reputation, and his title, Ranney doesn t put a foot wrong His blindness is always there, but it does not define him And may I just add that I loved Miranda s elderly spinster neighbors, the Covington sisters Read the book, and you ll see what I mean. `Free ⇗ Scotsman of My Dreams (MacIain, #2) ☈ In New York Times Bestselling Author Karen Ranney S Second Novel In Her Breathtaking Series, An Unconventional Woman And A Former Scoundrel Embark On A Daring Mission Of DesireOnce The Ton S Most Notorious Rake, Dalton MacIain Has Returned From His Expedition To America During The Civil War Wounded And A Changed Man Instead Of Returning To His Old Haunts, He Now Spends His Time At Home But Dalton S Peace Is Disturbed When Minerva Todd Barges Into His London Townhouse, Insisting He Help Search For Her Missing Brother Neville Though Dalton Would Love To Spend Time With The Bewitching Beauty, He Has No Interest In Finding Neville, Whom He Blames For His InjuryMinerva Has Never Met A Infuriating Man Than The Earl Of Rathsmere, Yet She Is Intrigued By The Torrid Rumors She Has Heard About Him And The Fierce Attraction Pulling Her Toward HimDalton Does Not Count On Minerva S Persistence, Or The Desire She Awakens In Him, Compelling Him To Discover Her Brother S Fate But When Danger Surrounds Them, Dalton Fears He Will Lose The Tantalizing, Thoroughly Unpredictable Woman He Has Come To Love