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I read it, and likes parts of this book rather well Wish the heroine could often think and act maturely and intelligently, consistent with her portrayed abilities and experience The Native American theme was uneven and naively characterized Drawing on native wisdom could be presented in a believably nuanced manner and make those portions readable I will try a second volume in the series to see how this writer develops over time The promise of better writing draws me on. This was an OK book Not one I would highly recommend, but a satisfying read for me I will read some to follow the story line. Everything was working or less fine until the heroine whom is supposed to be smart had a TSTL moment and ran off to meet the villain s henchman alone Hence, only three stars. I LOVED THIS BOOK JUST THE PERFECT MIX OF MURDER MYSTERY SUSPENSE ROMANCE PARANORMAL I LOVED THE CHARACTERS AND STORY LINE IT WAS FANTASTIC I CAN T WAIT TO READ MORE SIGH D ( READ BOOK ) ♷ When the Dead Speak ♱ The Body Of A US Soldier Reported AWOL During The Korean War Is Discovered In A Cement Pillar Clasped In His Hand Is A Gold Pin Shaped Like A Lightning Bolt What Secret Did He Carry To His Grave And Why Is Someone Hell Bent On Keeping That Secret Buried Sam Casey Is The Only One Who Can Help The Dead Speak To Her, Tell Her Secrets About Life And Death But Sometimes What She Learns Can Get Her Killed When The Dead Speak Combines Police Procedure With Native American Mysticism In A Story About Racism, Conspiracy, Political Cover Up, And One Woman S Relentless Pursuit Of The Truth Sam Casey is a police sergeant who has the unique talent of being able to read a body to determine how that person died A body is found encased in a bridge abutment It was uncovered when a truck struck the bridge and the body was found The police want the death covered up but Sam and her new partner, Jake, determine that the body is of a missing soldier from the Korean War He was written off as a deserter but Sam feels that he was of a hero and wants to prove it even if the powers that be are determined to cover it up This was a very good read and I will read of this author. I wanted to like this book I really did Paranormal with romance and mystery right How could i go wrong Hot diggity there was even diversity amongst the characters, though some of it was a bit stereotypical big breasted hot black hookerseriously That probably should have been my very first clue that trouble was afoot.The premise was good Part Native American cop that can somehow speak to the dead Too bad Sam is such an egotistical idiot There was not nearly enough dead speak though to impress me with her para skills The dove thing was interesting.Jake the love interest is only a marginally better egotistical idiot His tortured past does at least make for some interesting back story Frank, his partner is likeable if lukewarmly portrayed.Abby, is a manipulative mother hen, but i liked her for some reason The most clearly drawn of the good guys.These characters needed a bit development, growth and depth What makes Sam or Jake tick Who are these people really Plus, i did not see the romance between Sam and Jake really happen I briefly thought he was digging on Abby More lukewarmness but with the main characters and that was disappointing The sex scene was pretty much nonexistence Not that i was looking for soft porn, but geez They never even kissed before they did the do All of a sudden they were in love OiyAlso, where was the detective work in this story I m not necessarily looking for a procedural, but IMO Sam and at times Jake made some of the most boneheaded decisions It was hard for me to believe she was an actual trained investigator Yes i wanted to slap her There i said it.Will i read the next in the series I will give it a trystay tuned The blurb on the book said it started with a bang, and wouldn t let upTRUTH I haven t HOOVERED a book this fast in all my life It is a murder book, so it starts with death A truck hits an overpass, the trucker is okay, but the body that is partially uncovered definitely is NOT This is a VERY GOOD BOOK Please give this author a try. Sam Casey is special in many ways, following her native american traditions to solve crimes for the local police department She also does side jobs to ensure justice is served Casey examines the remains of a black man embedded in the over pass of a local highway, when the dead speak to her, she listens and fights until justice is served Sam is willing to take on a corrupt state senator, the FBI, the local police and the President of the United States to ensure the four black servicemen killed in Korea has justice Sam uncovers goverment lies and cover ups than she can stand, as well as the suspicions that her father was killed to cover up the story It is slow paced, as the story is told from Sam and the bad people point of view But, worth it as the story unfolds and Sam Casey gets her bad guy even if its the hard way. Book Description The body of a U.S soldier reported AWOL during the Korean War is found encased in a concrete pillar What secret did he carry to his grave and why is someone hell bent on keeping that secret buried Detective Sergeant Samantha Casey has an advantage over other cops The dead speak to her, tell her secrets about their life and death But sometimes what she learns can get her killed Book 1 in the series When the Dead Speak is a fast paced, tension filled joy ride sprinkled with humor, plot twists, romance, and a touch of native American culture.