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I went into this book with the warning that it was inspirational reflective than a how to Viewing the book as reflections from a very successful woman making a career change, I enjoyed it and only had minor complaints mainly it got a bit repetitive People looking at the book as a how to will be disappointed Especially since the author seems to still be in the discovery stage Which added to the books success at being inspiring and reflective, but not so much as a plan for pursuing a new career This isn t the book that ll give you a plan for what to do after quitting a job or being fired It IS a good book to normalize the emotions of quitting Tess relays the emotional struggle of quitting and losing an identity such as ranging from self congratulation to self doubt within the same hour The author s radio voice translates well into a written voice Think of it like sitting down with a close friend who isn t judgemental and tells her story in a real way instead of the fake versions of ourselves we all project on social media. So, here s the thing Vigeland writes well And she brings up good points about women in the workplace, how our identity and sense of self worth can be so wrapped up in our jobs, how ambition can sometimes be about insecurity, how quitting is not necessarily failure, and why a general sense of contentment can be enriching than a roller coaster of invigorating highs and devastating lows.But, even though she had no Plan B, she had a lot of safety nets And while the fear of what s next is still very real even when it s mainly about your identity and self worth, for once I would love to read about big life changes from someone who didn t have most or all of the following well to do parents a degree from a prestigious university an acclaimed career a series of helpful professional connections fame, or at least name recognition a partner whose income can support both of them savings and or investmentsTHAT would really be a leap of faith If anyone can recommend a book like that, please let me know Because I can t read about another person who was okay financially for SEVERAL YEARS without a paycheck and I can t stomach another Sheryl Sandberg reference This was not the book for me. [Free Kindle] ⚔ Leap ⚖ Until Recently, Tess Vigeland Was A Longtime Host With Public Radio S Marketplace It Was A Rewarding, High Status Job, And Tess Was Very Good At It But She D Begun To Feel Restless Without Any Definite, Clear Sense Of What She Wanted To Do Next But An Absolute Certainty That What She D Been Doing Was No Longer Truly Satisfying , She Walked Away From Her Dream Job And Into A Vast Unknown Suddenly She Was No Longer Marketplace S Tess Vigeland, She Was Just Tess Vigeland For The Multitude Of Americans Who Change Jobs Mid Career By Choice Or Circumstance , The Growing Legions Of Freelance Workers, And The Entrepreneurially Minded Who See Self Employment As An Increasingly Appealing And Viable Option, Tess Vigeland Has Created A Personal And Well Researched Account Of Leaping Without A Net With Her Signature Humor, She Writes Honestly About The Fear, Uncertainty, And Risk Involved In Leaving The Traditional Workforce But Also The Excitement, Resources, And Possibilities That Are On The Other Side Leap Is Also About Finding A New Definition Of Success Tess Poses The Important Question Who Am I Without My Job She Shares The Accounts Of People Who Struggled With This Question Before And After They Took Their Own Leap Of Faith, And Ended Up Finding Out About Themselves Than They D Thought Possible Success Doesn T Have To Be Measured By Salary Or A Traditional Career Path, As So Many Of Us Are Conditioned To Think, But By Your Own Happiness And Fulfillment Part Memoir And Part Field Guide, This Book Offers A Funny, Thoughtful, And Provocative Look At How To Find Satisfaction And Success When Pursuing A Career Less Ordinary I hate not finishing books Hate hate hate.In fact, I find it physically painful I wish I had good things to say about this book I had high hopes, that s for sure It came at a highly appropriate time in my life I love NPR I appreciate the topic Tess Vigeland is great But it really just fell flat for me A great career self help inspirational book is hard to achieve It takes finesse, global thinking and specificity Leap had none of that Instead, the book fell victim to many of the stereotypical problems this genre of book can gave mainly, falling victim to navel gazing.The book spent so much time talking about the author, her feelings, her history and, mostly, how great she really is that I put down the book about a third of the way through and haven t found it in myself to pick it back up While I can totally understand that the emotional turmoil caused by leaving a job means having to find the kind of inner purpose your job once gave you, I m not sure the right place for working through those feelings is in the book It isn t a place to so forthrightly ask for your readers to like you, which is what, essentially, this felt like to me.I ll leave it at that.Bee Tee Dubs I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for an honest review But as usual, this girl has got some opinions on her and they re all my own. An engaging read This is not a How To book, but rather a look at the ups and downs of taking a leap I read it after taking my own leap last year and ending up back at the same job I wanted to read something that would give me some faith in putting myself back out there and I think this book gave me some of that.That being said, Tess left a job she really loved and keeps sort of coming back to For me, I keep trying to leave an industry I don t like but seem stuck in There s definitely a difference there for sure But I think even taking that into account, it s a good read to give you the feeling that there are other options, and maybe you re not as stuck as you think Whether you take a leap or not. I liked Tess Vigeland on Marketplace, I would probably like Tess Vigeland in person, but I did not like Tess Vigeland s writing in this book It was one note I had a great job that I was crazy to quit, right But I did it anyway, yay me Okay, maybe two notes But I didn t find anything particularly insightful or illuminating here. When I first was let go from my job in 2010, and was feeling adrift and sometimes panicky and often like a failure, Tess Vigeland on Marketplace Money always calmed me down So much so that sometimes I would save an episode or two and listen to the podcasts immediately before an interview as they left me feeling confidant and in charge Then in 2012, she left, rather abruptly I was sad I tried listening to the show for another 6 months or so but I eventually stopped I didn t like the new host or the new format very much Maybe I should try it again, but I think I really liked Tess.So last fall, when my husband and I were considering a grand leap moving across the country and both getting new jobs, and I heard Tess had a book coming out, and one that was about making big leaps in one s career, it seemed like kismet And then a variety of things kept me from getting to read the book for one, I was determined to listen to it on audio, but it wasn t available through Overdrive as a download And then I got let go from my new job and was in another unemployment funk Seems like perfect timing so I requested the CDs.And ah, there was my friend Tess again The one who has her head screwed on straight, is sensible, and yet is also human and not afraid to admit it The times I loved her the most on Marketplace was when she was admitting her own financial missteps, when she talked about how her and her husband combining their finances was a difficult decisions to make, when she talked about the several bouts with identity theft she s had to cope with You felt like jeez, if these things can happen to an expert in personal finance who s at the top of her career, then of course I m occasionally making a misstep myself no one s perfect Now Tess doesn t even give away what was the event that lead to her leaving And while I would love to hear the dirt, I appreciate her unwillingness to gossip Although it did feel like there was a bit of a hole in the story After all, why she left wasn t really about a single event The book is about what to do when you decide you just can t take it any but you also can t get something else lined up whether because nothing else materializes before you get to the end of your rope, the time you gave yourself to transition out was too busy to do anything else, or because you just really don t know what to do next It s no step by step guide to refiguring your career life, it s about acceptance and about how the struggle to get to that next step in your life is okay.Of course I didn t get to a breaking point and quit I was let go so it s not quite the same But a heck of a lot still applied, and I even appreciated when she talked about some problems that I don t have as a let go rather than a quit unemployed person Namely, I am not a quitter, I don t have guilt for having put my family into this position financially on purpose, and Tess also experienced that a lot of her network didn t step up to help, as mine has, because they assumed she had something else already in mind, or else why would she quit I had assumed that quitting was advantageous over being let go, but perhaps not.While at the end, she doesn t have everything figured out just yet, she is in a better place mentally and emotionally, and she s ready for the next big thing to come along And hearing that even Tess Vigeland occasionally is runner up for an awesome job she d love and be great at host of NPR s Weekend Edition makes it a little easier to swallow when I am runner up for an awesome job I d love and be great at If I can have confidence that something else great is out there for her and she ll eventually find it, I ought to be able to have confidence in my own situation, as hard as that is to do when everything feels like a personal rejection So I learned no tips, I have no new knowledge, but I come away from her book with a slightly better state of mind, and I m going to try to cut myself slack, job hunting during the hardest time of the year I do hope Tess will end up back on the radio or on a podcast, though, because I will listen to her talk about almost anything I loved it I highly recommend the audio version which instead of printing a speed she gave at the World Domination Forum, gives you the actual live recording complete with audience reactions and questions, etc. Well I always loved Tess Vigeland on the radio sorry, Tess and I wondered where she went This was on the library 2 week browser shelf the other day and although I feel mostly settled professionally at the moment, I have had a lot of crazy and unexpected turmoil in the last year that made me want to read about someone else s leap It was a fast read Made me feel better about some of my own demons And others I live with honey I liked Tess voice, but I didn t love the interspersing of other s stories It was clunky and forced at many times Like she scrunched together her personal essays with a bunch of interviews, without much smoothing or transition It s also a one off dream to just up and quit with no plan At least she admits that it is a whole different ball game when you don t have kids or other dependents to worry about Whew It was comforting to read that corporate American operates on 8 or 9 hour work days but workers are only productive for 3 hours On average of course This explains my wildly productive PT schedule we really can do in less time.Parting thoughts it s embarrassing Surely, an adult with than two decades of work experience can figure out for herself what she wants to do Especially when she has so much time to think about it and explore her options I m smart, I m capable, and it s up to me to get my ass in gear and come up with some answers instead of just asking these questions over and over Oh, Tess How right you are. A lot of readers complain that this book was not advertised well they thought it was help when in actual fact it s a memoir with some tips on making a big career move They also complained that the author went on and on about how awesome her job was and wished she wrote less about that.On the first point, I agree the cover was misleading It should have been advertised and promoted as a memoir and the cover and title didn t do it any favours.However I think the second complaint wasn t completely fair it s a big part of her journey out of her career Having been in a similar position where the job you adored changed on you and you were forced to leave or end up in a worse position, I understood her angst It s hard to leave behind something you loved eventhough you had to Sometimes you hold on far too long like our author but that s also part of the journey We have to deal with the reality of it all and embrace the next step and she has If you Google her story you would have discovered that she has spend the years after her book was published as a wandering journalist, globe trotting and writing stories I think that s an awesome second career, don t you think Disclaimer I won a proof copy of this book from Goodreads As you can see, it did not force me to write a great review I was excited when I won this book because I ve been laid off for a while and am really trying to figure out what to do with myself career wise I was hoping that it would give me some helpful advice and pointers on finding a career and life I really want because I totally didn t have a backup plan when I lost my job THIS IS NOT THAT BOOK For at least half the book I felt hit over the head with the fact she used to work at Marketplace It s a high profile NPR show, in case you haven t heard of it It wasn t quite as bad as I ran into an old coworker, from Marketplace, who said I looked ill but it was close Very close And then she tries to backspin by saying that she s not a diva and her life doesn t revolve around the fame she got from Marketplace You know, the show she hosted That had millions of listeners This book reminds me a lot of Rebecca Black s song Friday Not horrible, but definitely self serving If I knew who she was or cared before reading the book it might have been interesting She does include other anecdotal pieces of people who quit their jobs without a backup plan, but a lot of them didn t have to worry about money and ended up doing well and can go back to work whenever they want Not really relate able to the middle class working Joe who is miserable and wants to find a new career and life tl dr Read this if you know who Tess Vigeland, of Marketplace, is and want to know what she s been doing since leaving Marketplace Otherwise, not full of advice for those looking to make a career change without a plan.