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This book is fiction It s so frustrating to read along, thinking a book is non fiction, only to discover it isn t Otherwise, I enjoyed this little story very much. @DOWNLOAD EBOOK ¹ White Pumpkin Seed ⚢ Vanessa, The Daughter Of White Australian Parents, Grows Up In Taiwan Adopted By Local Farmers The Story Follows Her Journey From To She Experiences A Childhood Surrounded By Love, Death, Poverty, And Beautiful Nature Vanessa Discovers Music To Express Her Joy And Grief She Puts Her Soul Into The Music Notes Melting Her Listeners Hearts Music Brings Her Into The Larger World And On A Journey To Discover Her Real Parents Discover The Taiwanese Culture In This Heart Touching And Uplifting Story White Pumpkin SeedAn interesting story of adoption, friendships and traditions A surprising twist between teacher and student I enjoyed her reaction to the music she played I really loved this story Though the chapters were sometimes a little abrupt, it really didn t take away from the amazing story of an Australian girl adopted and raised by a family in Taiwan I loved all the explanations of different cultural traditions and beliefs I highly recommend this to anyone interested in other cultures, especially Taiwanese This story really pulled at my heartstrings It is a fictional work based on the author s childhood experiences, and it makes me wonder which parts were fictional, and which parts were real. This young adult novel was about a young Australian girl who was adopted by local farmers in Taiwan It seems to be the reverse of most adoption stories I have read.It was a heartwarming story of growing up as a blond Taiwanese, in a small farming village, where she was very loved and had great friends Music became her way of expressing herself, putting all of her emotions into the pieces she played on the piano Through this gift, she was eventually able to find out who her birth parents were Wonderful descriptions of how she and her friends would entertain themselves and of the areas around where she lived, and of the people that were a part of her life. I enjoyed reading this story because I knew next to nothing about the Taiwanese culture Also, the construction of the story and the storytelling were pretty good What made me stop and wonder were the coincidences and the unbelievability factor of some of the plot turns Other than that, I read the book in one sitting at late night and had a pretty good time doing that. Very interestingThis is a well written and interesting book I felt like I could experience growing up in Taiwan through Vanessa The outcome of the story is a surprise and heartwarming.