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Joe Pepper has been convicted of murder and condemned to death by hanging As the gallows are being built, he tells a preacher about his life and how he got into this predicament As the reader listens to the story, Pepper becomes a most likeable character This is a well written and fun western that made me think about choices and consequences. [Free E-pub] ♬ Joe Pepper (Tales of Texas) ☮ Joe Pepper Is A Texas Badman With Quite A Past In Fact, There Isn T Much That Joe Hasn T Done In His Forty Years Of Living On Both Sides Of The Texas Law Except Face The Hangman Now, Convicted Of Murder, Joe Is About To Get That Privilege But Before He Goes, Joe Has A Few Things He Wants To Say And A Few Stories That He Wants To Set StraightWith Joe Pepper, Legendary Western Writer Elmer Kelton Tells A Fine And Moving Tale Of The History Of His Home State Of Texas This book was originally written under the pseudonymn, Lee McElroy This book was a change of pace for Kelton Kelton tells the life story of Joe Pepper, a gunman and an outlaw, whose life story had been greatly exaggerated Kelton chooses to write this in a completely conversational manner The lead character, Pepper, is telling the true story in hopes of setting it straight The story describes how a man might become a gunman and an outlaw, some of the scrapes he d been in, and some of the misunderstandings about who he really was We learn that Pepper is not really a bad guy, just a tough guy who survived A great book, a quick read, full of traditional western action, and well worth the time you take to read it. I don t read many westerns these days, but I read this book on the treadmill and it held my interest sufficient to distract me from the terrible misery of exercise And that ain t nothing. A pleasant interlude of old west entertainment Some great one liners. Very good western told with tongue firmly in cheek Old gunfighter is waiting in jail to be hung and tells his life story to a preacher Nice ending Recommended to western fans The books I have read by Elmer Kelton, I really believe he is one of the best story tellers ever This book is almost like writing in the first person as if Joe Pepper was actually telling you the story of his life At first I didn t know if I was going to like this type of writing, but just like any other Elmer Kelton book I have read it didn t take me long before I was totally immersed in the story The character himself is strong, as Kelton s writing lets us in on his life from his eyes and soon you realize instead of being an outlaw waiting to be hanged, as he is telling the story of his life to a preacher, that this could have been any of us taking a wrong turn in our lives The story left me with a strong sense of how my life could have been changed by perhaps taking another fork in the road or making different choices You get the sense that the character Joe Pepper was in the wrong place at the wrong time along with making some bad choices A good book for a lot of people on the wrong side of the tracks to read and I think they might come out of it with a sense of things they should change in their lives or things they might do different The book is typical of Elmer Kelton and like most of his books, is a quick and enjoyable read This would be a nice book to take on a plane or simply just for an evening of reading