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[E-pub] ⚇ The Red Gold (The Viking #3) ♼ The Red Gold By John Snow Is The Third Book In The Viking Series After A Disastrous Fire, Sigve The Awful Decides To Rebuild The Old Hall, But In One Of The Post Holes, The Thralls Find A Gold Hoard Hidden Under The Stone Footing It S A Huge Treasure Trove, But How Big Is It, And Who Buried The Gold There Sigve S Guardsmen Have Spotted A Large Warship Sailing Towards Vik, And In Order To Defend The Gold, The Young Chieftain May Once Again Depend On Yljali, His Thrall Lover Only She Can Unleash The Hidden Powers Of His Magic Sword Yljali, However, Is In Labour, Giving Birth To Sigve S Child In This Third Book Sigve Is Dragged Further Into The Struggle Between The Powerful Claimants To The Norwegian Throne The Young And Unexperienced Leader Must Use All His Wits And Strength To Defend His Property And His People He May Even Depend On The Gods In Snow S Viking Stories, Rune Magic And Shape Shifting Are No Fantasies But Facts Of Reality The Life Of Sigve The Awful Is Weaved By The Norns, But Sigve S Prosperity Also Depends On His Own Courage, On Odin S Cunning, And On Thor S Strength Luckily, Sigve Can Ask Grim For Advice, But Often The Sage S Answers Are Difficult To Understand In The Viking Series John Snow Tells Exciting Stories, And Based On Thorough Research, He Gives A Very Realistic Interpretation Of Life In The Viking Age Not a Great StoryThe plot was weak and the overdone sexual aspects detracted from any serious attempt to capture the essence of the Viking age and style of living The writing was poorly done with weak dialogue and inner thoughts The only redeeming quality was the character descriptions. Nothing specialI am getting sick of the hype been given to average tales This is one them I have gone as far as I intend to with series It weaves a reasonable story line But is predictable half way through I was ready for the end. Once a decent book that sparks the imagination Whilst it is somewhat limited in it s scope there s nothing really wrong with that if the characters are interesting enough and in this case, barring the main character who can be somewhat difficult to like, the rest of them are decent well written characters whom I found myself rooting for One of the main problems this book has in my opinion is with regards to the passage of time, the characters seem to cover a great deal of ground in remarkably short periods of time and so things sometimes end up feeling rushed.Now, the elephant in the room, the sex scenes They are a problem They are a little too frequent and somewhat crudely done, in fact sometimes it seemed downright juvenile, however by the end of the book there you do leave with some context to frame it all There is also a plot line that has been spanning the last three books that frankly make it seem like it s been going on forever by the time the author makes any attempt to resolve it At the end of the book the author rounds everything off with a good set piece and a decent twist, that while not wholly unexpected was well done and might have just contributed to that third star.All in all a decent read, with a sometimes ponderous plot that should keep you entertained for the time it takes to read the book Not the kind of thing you ll remember in years time though.