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I have always been a tremendous fan of Judy Blume and was pleased to find this new series that was out about the Pain and the Great One It s a great transitional novel for children looking for advanced books than picture books It is probably recommended for 1 3 grades I love how the characters are two siblings who encounter everyday problems fear of the ocean, wanting to go on carnival rides, etc Blume cleverly alternates point of view each chapter between the siblings and even touches on some key lessons and values that children can relate to including loving your sibling even when it seems like they are the most annoying person around I could really connect to the characters because I shared a lot of their same thoughts as a child and feel a similar closeness to my siblings Kids will really understand the idea of a big sister bugging you, but at the same time being your best friend I LOVE IT I am planning on buying a whole bunch for my classroom because they are so relevant and as much as I love the old Blume classics this series is a fresh take on life today This one is not exactly a novel it s a series of brief vignettes, the adventures of sister and brother Abigail and Jake, also known as The Great One and The Pain The siblings take turns narrating stories about going to a fair, getting lost at a mall, vacationing in the Everglades, and The voices are authentic, as is the relationship between the 3rd grader and the 1st grader, who argue like most siblings, but clearly love each other too. You know how people do things specifically because they think that s what they have to do to be a good parent Despite the fact that the book was about a 1st grader and 3rd grader AND the font was big, I read every single page I couldn t quite deal with the idea of releasing a Judy Blume book without being sure she didn t sneak in some sort of Are You There God, It s Me Margaret kind of thing She didn t This was 7 short stories about a brother and sister who annoy each other but still love each other obvious in the story where one of them gets lost in the mall than anywhere else I especially enjoyed the story where the boy and his friends try to shoot pussy willows out their nose This results in a trip to the ER I think every family has a story like that LOL.Anyway, it was a cute book without anything that would make me hesitate giving it to a young reader. Siblings, Jake the Pain and Abigail the Great One are at odds nearly constantly, in every activity that the family does, but when push comes to shove, they really do stand by each and stick up for one another Full of zany, quirky characters and a sassy, irreverent dialogue,Going, Going, Gone1 with the Pain and the Great One is quintessential Judy Blume at its humorous best. Listened to the audio version with my boys ages 5 and 3 It was our first experience with the Pain and the Great One I liked that the stories were fairly short and easy to follow I didn t care for all the sibling drama because I m trying to have positive models for my sons to look to. Jake calls his third grade sister Abigail The Great One because she thinks she is , and she calls first grader Jake The Pain They take turns narrating chapters about visits to grandparents, the mall, and even the emergency room Blume has a natural children s voice, and this will appeal to older and younger siblings alike. .FREE PDF ☨ Going, Going, Gone! with the Pain and the Great One (The Pain and the Great One) ⚉ THE PAIN AND The Great One Are Going Places In These New Stories The Kids Are On The Go The Pain Needs A Trip To The Emergency Room The Family Goes To The Mall And Not Everyone Stays Together The Kids Visit A County Fair And Want To Ride The Super Slide And A Beach Outing Includes A Boogie Board Lots Action And Adventure For The Dynamic Duo Who Never Stay Still Easy read and fun sibling rivalry book My boys laughed, it was a nice book to pass around and take turns reading The brother and sister are definitely not nice to each other, so avoid it if you don t want your kids to hear that. I liked this book because I like surfing I also liked this book because I liked the part when the pain scared his grandma with his mask. Every Pain and the Great One gets five stars That probably goes for every Judy Blue book, actually