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Disclaimer I am not Jewish I respect and admire Judaism, though, and if I could just bring myself not to be such an atheist, I would certainly convert to Judaism This book will obviously speak mostly to Jews, but even a goyim can get something out it Rebbe Schachter has a bright and enlightened view of worship that some have written off as new agey , but that is a mistake on their part This is a solid Talmudic scholar trained in the Old World ways of yeshiva and hasidim and his background is unimpeachable He brings his knowledge and experiences to a new way of viewing liturgy, ritual, and laws that is refreshing I came away from the book with a profound new respect for such things as the Sabbath his teachings are so universal, even an atheist like me can learn something new The joy he finds in his love and worship of the Divine is inspiring The book is written in a simple style that is enjoyable and plesant it covers some heavy topics, but is an easy read. Interesting book I read through it, skipping over chunks I started reading this looking for a way to connect with hashem The first part of the book, that focused on that aspect kind of eluded me However, the second part of the book was amazing I loved reading about how he prayed with people of different religions I love the environmentalist aspects as well Glad I read it. What a wonderful, peaceful book I relished this reflection on what it means for Rab Zalman to be Jewish, how he thinks of Judaism s place in the world the challenges and gifts of his tradition and his encompassing affection for everyone who is searching for a life of the spirit While some of the book is directed toward those who are Jewish and looking for a rejuvenated understanding expression of their faith and tradition, the book is also a doorway to communication between different faith groups I found much here to strengthen my own spiritual life, and gained a greater understanding of how Jewish Renewal functions expresses ideas about life, love, spirit, community, and environment Definitely a book I need to buy for myself so that I can return to it at other times Marvelous This book was amazing I loved how accessible it was to everyone As someone with a minimal Jewish upbringing, I didn t feel excluded from its message or wisdom It is practical, honest, and inspiring.I was first introduced to this author as one of the members of a group that travels to Dharamsala, India to talk to the Dalai Lama about Judaism in The Jew In the Lotus, which I recommend for those interested in the crossover between Judaism and Buddhism. very energizing and exciting stuffof an apologia than i need at this point seems pitched to a less engaged audience but ZSS has amazing insights and metaphors for what spiritual practice is can be, and really charming suggestions for meaningful practice he embodies this beautiful marriage of old world Yiddish culture and ultra progressive philosophy this is sort of intro to Reb Zalman so it s probably better to readadvanced stuff, but truly this is a sweet and insightful argument for Jewish not just modern spirituality. It is hard to know what to say about this book Maybe, as a gentile, I shouldn t be reviewing it at all But I thought that a lot of the author s approach to spirituality was interesting, and certainly not what I d expect from someone who started out as a Hasidic Rabbi Some of it even struck me as useful for my own idolatrous practices That said, I found it painful and difficult to deal with the fact that, even as he was willing to modify many other traditions and commandments, the author repeatedly emphasized the essential value of infant genital mutilation As someone who is still severely mentally broken by having had their genitals mutilated as a baby, this isn t something I can really deal with that well. This is, hands down, the most inspiring book I have ever read about Jewish practice The author s enthusiasm and acceptance of all levels of Jewish practice is infectious, and he very gently lays out ideas and opinions without pressure or shoulds Rabbi Zalman is so positive about other faiths as well, and I love how he stresses that all humans should learn from each other Definitely my kind of Judaism &BOOK ☉ Jewish With Feeling: A Guide to Meaningful Jewish Practice ☞ One Of The Great Innovators In Jewish History Writes A Practical Guide To Jewish Living In A Modern World Scholar, Mystic, Teacher, Friend To Spiritual Teachers From Thomas Merton To The Dalai Lama, From Ram Dass To The Revered Native American Elders, Zalman Schachter Shalomi Is Himself One Of The Great Spiritual Leaders Of Our Time In Jewish With Feeling, Rabbi Schachter Shalomi Brings The Core Tenets And Practices Of Judaism Into The Twenty First Century Drawing On A Wide Range Of Philosophies And Religious Traditions, Schachter Shalomi Illuminates The Universal Aspects Of Judaism And Shows Readers How To Apply Them To Daily Life Emphasizing Personal Experience Over Doctrine, He Offers Sage Insight Into How Judaism Both Old And New Can Help Us Lead Satisfying Spiritual Lives One of my favorite books on spirituality Written by a Reconstructionist rabbi, this book shows how people of all faiths can come together in worship without sacrificing their individual beliefs A terrific read for anyone who is looking for a how to on spirituality. I m not Jewish but I ve studied the religion extensively Perhaps it s because I m a liberal outsider, but I loved this book Its insight into spiritual practice was easy to understand and even implement in my own life.