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Holy shit The title may be Forbidden, but I m utterly addicted Lauren Hawkeye and Tawny Stokes have completely bewitched me with this first installment of Seth and Allegra s story I just want.I loved this one I was instantly caught up in the story, and I read straight through, except when I absolutely had to put it down And even then, I was sneaking in pages whenever I could The story starts off good and gets even better with each chapter To top it all off, the authors throw you some kink, I mean a bone Now I have a seriously bone to pick with the authors as I have no story and have to wait E serials kill me I have a love hate relationship with them All I can say is you WANT to read this one. Omg this book did not just freaking end this way I just raced through the remaining pages hoping for a crumb or just a tiny glimpse to what happens next, nothing Frantically I went to to find part 2, and whew it was there I purchased it and as soon as I write this review I am diving into part 2 and of hot, mouth watering Seth I have read a few step sibling books lately and this one is honestly way different than I expected I devoured it in a couple hours and as you can see I am hooked These authors know how to throw in a curve ball to beat all others I am still shaking from the adrenaline pummping through my veins from not only the shocking ending but also from the crazy sexy chemistry between Seth and Allegra Never, to my dying day, will I forget the way he looked at me Great start to the series I am off to read part 2. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickForbidden is part one of The Other Brother Serial by Lauren Hawkeye and Tawny Stokes This story was so much different than I expected, and I have to admit that I had no idea where this one was headed The blurb gave me an idea of some of this story, but the rest took a completely different twist that surprised me I am really intrigued to see where this one goes from here Allegra was always the good girl, but after her father got remarried her stepbrother Seth came to live with them Seth was the opposite of her, he was darker and broody She tried to get him to open up to her, but all he did was push her away Allegra found herself wanting to be with him, but knowing that he didn t look at her the same way Then one night changed everything, and she didn t see him again After everything that happened that night, she hated Seth But now years later, Seth is back and things are complicated than ever With this being the first installment of three, this book was really short Although we did get to know some about these characters, we are really only seeing part of who they are Seth was hot and complicated He was protective of Allegra and yet she really didn t have a clue how much he actually did for her He kept his feelings secret and did what he could to make sure that she never found out things that he didn t want her to know Allegra started off as the naive good girl, but after everything that had happened and with the time that had passed she changed She had grown into a strong woman who was physically capable of protecting herself, yet she was able to accept her desires for someone to take control in the bedroom I liked that she wasn t ashamed of herself and what she wanted I felt the chemistry between Seth and Allegra from the start, but I was glad that things didn t happen between them when they were so young While the four year age difference wasn t a big deal when they were older, it was something that would have bothered me when she was 14 I have to say that I really don t know what to make of her real brother Theo He is so creepy, and I have no idea where the author s are going with his character All I know is that I instantly disliked him, and all that we learned about him in this installment only made me wary of him There is something clearly wrong there, and I really hope that they are careful with how they proceed when it comes to him I loved how this story was told from both Allegra and Seth s POV This being the first part of three, there are a lot of things left up in the air and it does end with a cliffhanger Luckily the other parts have been released, so you don t have to wait for them I liked this installment and it definitely left me wanting to read The passion between Seth and Allegra is just starting to be explored and I am curious to see what will happen after where this one left off ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR ARC received on behalf of obsessed by books for an honest review wow, that s all I can think of I know you read the title and another step brother book, but is not your ordnary stepbrother romance book, yes we have a sexy alpha stepbrother Seth, who is hot we have Allegra who is sweet and innocence and drools over stepbrother but there is so much to this book Allegra lives at home with her father and his new wife and her brother Theo, who to me seems real creepy and when he looks at his sister it s scary, like his infatuated with her but not in a good way, but Seth notices it and feels protective of Allegra, yes even though he is a dick to her Allegra approaches Seth one night and the tension is thick sexual, but Seth feels like his desries, wants, and fetishes would be enough to scare our innocence Allegra, so he tells her that she needs to back away, it wouldn t be smart Allegra gets hurt cause she feels unwanted but that is so not the case when Allegra runs back into the house, she runs into her brother and has a different look in his eyes and she notices, but don t think nothing of it, but Seth does and he don t like it, later that night Seth and Theo have a discussion that ends Theo about dead in the hospital and Seth on his way to jail for a year Allegra doesn t know what to think, feel, or do her life is turned upside down 6 years later we Allegra trying to better her life, working on herself, working on getting over Seth you would think she would be over him but no, nothing seems to help especially when one night the meet unexpectedly This book is awesome, I for one was going to read it cause I m loving the stepbrother romances, but I was in total shock cause this is so different from all the others so looking forward to the next in series, this is definitely a must read. Back to my step sibling phase lately This subgenre really seems to be picking up a lot of speed, and people either love it or hate it, depending on the book In The Other Brother, the story took a whole new twist that I hadn t seen before That twist which I m not telling you was a bit frightening, but it really amped up the adrenalin of the story.This book starts when Allegra is fourteen, and I think her step brother, Seth, is 18 Maybe 17 I m not exactly positive on that There is also a blooded brother, Theo, who is roughly the same age as Seth Allegra fantasizes about very adult things with Seth, and once I realized she is so young, I honestly felt a little weird about it I don t recall wanting someone to touch me in such intimate ways when I was that age, but then again, that was a long time ago I do know that I definitely wasn t going to parties and getting drunk at 14, like Allegra However, nothing happens while she is young, I do want to point that out It s just a set up for what s to come.Seth has an attraction, but he doesn t act on it Through a crazy turn of events, Seth ends up leaving in a pretty permanent way The step family is destroyed, everyone going their separate ways There s somewhat of an unusual twist with Allegra that I thought was pretty interesting A lot of times, when something bad happens with the hero and heroine, they pick themselves up and become stronger With Allegra, it was quite the opposite She turned to sex and lots of sex at a very young age to fill her need for affection It felt like is a very possible and real response.Then the book fast forwards, and Allegra is 20 She s still pretty messed up emotionally, and Seth is a billionaire Currently I am to part 3 in this 3 part book, and I still don t know exactly how Seth made all his money It s kind of irking me However, I do enjoy the rest of the story A chance encounter puts the two back in each other s path, and you can feel the sparks However, the locale seems a bit odd It does factor in through the rest of the story, so it does work, ultimately But I think it would work even without it, and the result of the locale hello, vague much Overall, this is a pretty good book It s got some exciting and dangerous events, along with some super hot sex Each release is pretty short, and they are released close together so that helps for those of us who don t like to wait Later on I ll review parts 2 and 3 together, but for now I wanted to give you a bit of an intro to the series. Yeah, part one of a trilogy that I will absolutely be following up and reading This was super hot, super emotional and completely taboo You guys, you have no idea, how messed up this story is, and how tainted our hero is, but he is going to save the day, I just know it Warning this is the first part of a three part series so it s short.A lot of tension was introduced in this introduction to the series There s the chemistry between Seth and Allie as well as tension not sexual with the other characters especially the brother I do wish there had been a bit interaction between Allie and her step mother as well as between Seth and his step father just to add another dimension for when it all goes to hell When the characters are reunited, that chemistry that was there is still there despite all the baggage Allie s mad at Seth, Seth feels guilty When the story jumps forward 6 years I did wonder at Allie s passion to be strong Not just to vent all her anger and rage but she was adament about being able to protect herself so that did leave me wondering if something happened I have questions about Seth and oh the frustrations of a serial pouts I also wondered how a 20 year old was able to get into a club because 21 seems to be legal age But pushing aside my questions I was drawn into the story and immediately shook my Kindle when I got the tune in next time same smexy time, same smexy channel Ahhhhh.serials There s a little kinkand it s smokin hawt in a way that had me going ooooh The writing team up of Lauren Hawkeye and Tawny Stokes authors in the Invitation to Eden series was a brilliant chemistry in itself This is going to be a good one even though it s sighs impatiently a serial So where s my part two, ladies I m wwaaaaaaiting. Actual rating 1.5 stars.I imagine there are tons of people out there who are going to enjoy the hell out of this forbidden romance with a pinch of BDSM in it, unfortunately I am not one of these people.I guess I could have stomached the stepbrother and sister falling in love stuff I could have handled the age difference him being 18 in the beginning and her 14 or something, because I don t think that 4 years or so is such a big difference But the fact that Allegra s real brother the one she shared parents with is kind of into Allegra as well, kind of creeped me out Additionally, I didn t really get how a guy who got sent to jail at 18, out at 19, can be a billionaire by 24 Isn t this plot line a bit overused Or maybe it s really not, but it simply wasn t for me.I don t think I would ve continued with the story if it had been longer than 125 pages In a way I m kind of amazed that I didn t stop reading before the final pages, because this book really wasn t my cup of tea. Wow that was unexpected With that title I was prepared for dark and forbidden, but this was than that The forbidden in this actually felt sinister and menacing.There are three central characters in this Allegra, her brother Theo and her step brother Seth Seth s mum married Allegra s dad but we only hear from Allegra and Seth in this part There s a tantalizing mix of teenage hormones and simmering resentment that makes for some great dramatic tension between the three of them, but because we re inside Seth and Allegra s head we know much about what s really going on and that s where the underlying sensation of menace makes this story than yet another tale about lusting after someone you can t have Theo, wellI don t know what to make of him at all We only learn about Theo through his interactions with Seth and Allegra, so he s a really dark mystery character.Then, things come to a head one night and the story skips forward six years A few details about what happened during those years are filled in, but we re left with the sense that all of them have been deeply affected and damaged by what happened.I have to say, the circumstances under which Seth and Allegra run into one another again rely on a couple of preposterous coincidences, but this was such an entertaining read that I was able to just roll my eyes a few times and move on This is the first part of a three part serial so it ends on a big old cliffhanger.I would have liked a little story I think, perhaps I m just being greedy because I enjoyed this so much, but it was an incredibly short read I m interested enough to read the second part though just to see where this is all going Thanks to the author and Ainsley Booth for the ARC ^E-pub ☠ The Other Brother Part 1 ☘ From Two New York Times Bestselling Authors Comes A Stunning Tale Of Betrayal And BloodSimple The Consummate Good Girl, This Is The Word I Used To Describe My Life Until My Stepbrother Seth Came To Live With Us Until That Point, I D Been A Very Good Girl But My Older, Emotionally Blocked Stepbrother Made Me Want To Do Very Bad ThingsWith HimIn The Course Of One Night Everything Changed, And My Simple World Was Torn To Shreds I Wanted To Hate Him I Did Hate Him MostlyBut Now He S Back And Nothing Will Ever Be Simple AgainThe Other Brother Is A Novel Told In Three Parts Contains Graphic Sexual Content And Harsh Language It Is Only Appropriate For Adult Readers Age