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{Free} à Courage Above the Clouds ⚣ THE Inspiring True Story Of One US Eighth Army Air Force B Crew Who Sacrificed Themselves To Save Others The Mi Amigo , Captained By Lt John Kriegshauser Of The Th Bomber Squadron, Th Bombardment Group, Based At Chelveston In England, Suffered Terrible Battle Damage When Engaged By A Defending Luftwaffe Me Over Denmark On February Nd On A Daytime Bombing Mission Without Fighter Support Somehow, The Stricken Bomber Made It Back To England, But, As She Emerged From Low Cloud, The Crew Faced An Immediate Dilemma, As They Were Heading Down, Engines Rapidly Failing, Over A Major Industrial Northern City Sheffield Ahead Of Them Was A Public Park, But As The Mi Amigo Headed For Its Grassed Field, Children And A Building Were Spotted Directly Ahead There Was An Instant Decision To Be Madecrashland On The Field Or Crash Into A Wood Just Yards Behind The Courage Of The Crew Was Recognised In The Awarding Of A Posthumous Distinguished Flying Cross By The US Army Air Force Authorities To Their Captain, Lt Kriegshauser, On Behalf Of Them All Their Sacrifice Is Still Commemorated Annually In A Parade Of Remembrance In Sheffield There Is Also Now A Dedicated Mi Amigo Woodland Walk In The Park This Book Includes Many New Facts On The Events Of That Day, Drawn From Military Documents, Eye Witness Reports And Police Statements It Also Reveals, For The First Time, The Identity Of The Young German Pilot Who Engaged The Mi Amigo , At The Cost Of His Own Life, And Details The Extraordinary Fates Of Three Other B Crews On That Mission This Illustrated Book Is An Enhanced Anthology Of The Ten Amigo Series Of Short Books, Also Available On Kindle, And Includes Photos And Fresh Additional Facts