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!READ DOWNLOAD ♽ First Rider's Call ☾ Abenteuerlich Und M Rchenhaft, Spannend Und MagischDie Magische Reiter Trilogie Geht Weiter Karigans Mission Ist Noch Nicht Zu Ende Denn Auch Wenn Der Finstere Magier Shawdell L Ngst Besiegt Ist, So Gilt Dies Nicht F R Die Dunklen Kr Fte, Die Er Nach Tausend Jahren Wieder Zum Leben Erweckte In Den Tiefen Des Waldes Schlummert Etwas, Das Ganz Sacoridia Bedroht Seine Vorboten Erreichen Bereits Die St Dte, Unheimliche Ereignisse H Ufen Sich Die Fl Sse Flie En Pl Tzlich Stromaufw Rts, Tiere Versteinern Und In Geschlossenen R Umen F Llt Schnee Zeit F R Karigan, Ein Zweites Mal Dem Ruf Der Gr Nen Reiter Zu Folgen Und Ihren Vater Zu Verlassen Doch Diesmal Scheint Auch Die Magie Der Reiter Nicht Stark Genug Zahlreiche Der Erfahrenen, Lteren Reiter Fielen Bereits Dem Feind Zum Opfer Die Reihen Der K Niglichen Boten Sind Gef Hrlich Ausged Nnt Und Karigan Wei Nicht, Ob Sie Der Ihr Zugedachten Aufgabe Gewachsen Ist Zudem Beunruhigen Sie Immer Wieder Kehrende Visionen, In Denen Sie Sich Einer Wilden E Gegen Bersieht I am really astonished at how much better First Rider s Call is than Green Rider 1 This book is much darker than the first, but Britain s prose doesn t feel forced here to become such, as I felt it did throughout Green Rider In fact, just in general, I feel her writing improved a thousand fold The world building has become very solid and engaging, the pacing is fantastic, and the interlude excerpts from the Journal of Hadriax el Fex are a great addition to the narrative Smartly written character growth for Karigan here, and for what seemed to be a general idea of who she was in the first book quickly deepens now, and much of her growth makes sense for what she is now being forced to contend with I loved the ghostly spectre aspect of this story, and the dark intrigue of Blackveil has definitely lured me full on into this series I m also interested in how the descriptions of objects described as mechanicals will further the subsequent story arc of these books Overall, a wonderful combination of magic, supernatural mystery, time travel, courtly dealings, and romance. Read in March, 2016 DNF 70%A highly relaxing and predictable read, great for lulling me to sleep I enjoyed the first book enough to want to buy a Hard Cover copy and to get my hands on the sequel right away Maybe if I ve tried it earlier in my life time I would ve totally loved it and rereading it would ve been a happy nostalgic experience Unfortunately it s just plain boring for me Moving on I really struggled between giving this book two stars or three, but ultimately had to admit that I liked it I am a sucker for series, and this book really had some good moments I found myself drawn in and actually reading the book before bed, where with most books I reserve them only for my commute.So now for the badGOOD LORD is this book a rip off of Lord of the Rings Just like the first one is Allow me to list the similarities of course, some of these are carry overs from Green Rider, but bear with me So the main character, Karigan Frodo , gets dragged into this quest because she inherited a magic object, which is a golden brooch ring This brooch allows her to become invisible Ok, so that was last book To move one to this one, there is an evil being, Mornhaven Sauron which has been asleep for a long time that is now coming to life and spreading evil He uses ugly, evil creatures called groundmites ogres, anyone to fight battles He also sends out these wraith like creatures wearing crowns who used to be his generals ring wraiths to do his bidding and retrieve Karigan Complicating the matter is a race of tall, beautiful, and magical people called Eletians Elves who are trying to stay out of worldly affairs but find themselves drawn into the conflict.You see my point I m not trying to rant here, I really think it s funny in a lot of ways What was not funny was the fact that I came to start groaning out loud every time Britain wrote angry retorts sprang entered jumped into her mind because I still think Karigan is a little brat and she really needs some new phrasing material whatever Despite all of this, I enjoyed the book, as I said, and I won t lieI ll be reading the next one just as soon as the public library gets it back from whatever sucker is reading it at the moment. It s not often that I want to rip the pages out of a book just so I can finally finish the book and be done with it, so I guess that s one thing First Rider s Call will forever be notable for But that s not a good thing I swear, the damn thing would never end and a great deal of nothing was happening the whole time My copy was 800 pages, and the only time anything truly started to get moving was around the 700 page mark, and at that point you just want it to be over.I am particularly disappointed in the story s flagrant use of deus ex machina elements No one actually accomplishes anything on their own in this book without spiritual or magical entity doing all the work for them I m not kidding During the climactic battle of this book, Karigan was in the backseat of her own body Everyone would be sitting down navel gazing if shades of the dead weren t around prodding these slabs of meat into action.Karigan had such potential in the first book to come into her own, but she plateaued in this sequel and actually regressed into a character as bland and boring as everyone else I resisted the common perception that she was a Mary Sue in the first book, but now I have to admit defeat and agree she s as Mary Sue as Mary Sue gets She s special and all the bad guys want to kill her, but this time it s not because she s carrying a deadly message or whatever it s because of her blood And it s not even particularly special blood Lil Ambriodhe, the first rider, singles her out for no other reason than they share the same brooch, but for some mysterious reason, Karigan can travel back in time Her inexplicable romances with King Zachary and Alton render dishwater exciting in comparison.As you might conclude, I m not picking up the next book Let Sacoridia go up in flames, I m having none of it. With this year marking the 20th anniversary of the Green Rider series, I stepped back into the series with The Dream Gatherer earlier this month, and it rekindled the magicjust as I d hope it would I vividly remember reading and enjoying Green Rider, and I can only figure that it was the 5 year gap between books that kept me from continuing My younger self s loss, and my present self s gain.Despite the years between books, I found myself slipping back into Kristen Britain s world with ease, reuniting with the cast of First Rider s Call just as if I d put down the first book last week That s a testament to the characters, the world building, and the writing.There s been so much said about the series over the years, I m not sure what I can add, but the world building here is incredible The mythology of the Green Riders is deep and detailed, with the broaches connecting them to the Call, as well as to the ghosts of past riders Those ghosts play a huge role here, most notably with Karigan and Lil Ambriodhe, the First Rider, but also on a smaller scale with the ghosts of the castle catacombs.History plays a crucial role here as well, exposingabout the world, the conflict that defined its last age, and the connection between characters There are some genuine surprises there, and conflicts that add additional layers to the story It also provides the story with a legitimate force of evil that haunts every aspect, and which threatens to bleed out from the Blackveil, one of the cooler pieces of haunted geography I ve come across in epic fantasy.Is it a perfect book Not quite The pacing is a bit uneven, and there are some secrets held too close to the chest for too long, making for a confusing read Also, there was a strikingly poor choice in layout, with the font used to capture the Journal of Hadriax el Fex extraordinarily difficult to read Those are minor quibbles though, and the strength of characters and the quality of the writing overcoming all else, driving me to order The High King s Tomb, Blackveil, and Mirror Sight over the weekend.https beauty in ruins.blogspot.com LOVED IT SO MUCH I finished this a few days ago and it was so so good I had really enjoyed book 1, but this blew that one out of the water An awesome fantasy story, I loved it I wish I could be a rider or Karigan G ladheon herself I was super into the story the whole time, though it was kinda painful because there were so many heart wrenching deaths and I cried like 4x This was one of those books that felt written just for me, I love stories where women sword fighting is commonplaceCan t wait to get my hands on book 3 as soon as possible You know when it s a nice Sunday afternoon, and it s raining, and you re just curled up with a good book and some tea Well it s like that except it s a thunderstorm, and instead of tea you have Kleenex. Great continuation of the series I found there waspathos this time,desperation in the matter,difficulties to overcome I just feel invested in this world and in Kerigan s adventures 3.5 stars Another good read, if slightly too long I enjoyed the scenes in the ancient past, time travel with Legendary Lil, the first Green Rider I also enjoyed the journal of Hadriax el Fex, with short, succinct entries Vivid and scary scenes in the Black Veil Interesting plot development involving a secret society, The Second Empire But hard to believe the Arcosians wouldn t have fully integrated after 1000 years Only think how comparatively quickly the Anglo Saxons accepted the invading French Normans Hard to imagine an uprising between American Natives and the invading Europeans 1000 years onward Arcosians involved in the secret sect would be considered lunatics, even by their own people, I would think.Quibbles Author REALLY needs to work on characterization Karigan needs to be growing and maturing as the years progress She is quick to take offense and petulant at times, and too slow to believe in magic, despite all she has seen Characters need to stay in character For one example, the king s guards his swords would not need a 20 something rookie to save the day when the king is attacked They can do it Why else do we constantly hear that his Swords surround him in the shadows and that they are masters at arms For another example, why couldn t the king or his advisors or his guards bring order to the room, when the crowd of petitions became too restive The characterization of Allessandros Mornhavon was hard to swallow The optimistic, intelligent, and good natured fellow depicted in childhood and during the voyage from Arcosia became an insanely evil sorcerer in Sacoridia His sense of abandonment and his disappointments with empire building did not provide enough impetus for a 180 character change I suppose he went crazy from something in the water Something he was smoking Secondary characters need to become real, not just red shirt cannon fodder Not just props for the amazing feats of Karigan the Courageous Let them win sometimes Let the whole team work together to solve some problems I see some of this, especially with Captain Mapstone, but not enough It s mostly all about Karigan.As for pacing, it s not bad, but as I stated in a status review at one point After all that adrenaline, can t we all just stop for a breather Gather round the table Be warm, well fed, and safe For just one little chapter