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!Epub ⚓ The Road To Vengeance (The Strongbow Saga #3) ♷ Halfdan Hroriksson Is On The HuntDetermined To Find And Fight His Brother S Killer, Halfdan Knows He Must First Gain Experience As A Viking Warrior He S Been Lucky So Far He Gained Passage On A Ship And Is Quietly Learning The Strategies Of War And Conquest From The Hardy Crew Now, With A Prisoner In Tow The Daughter Of A Wealthy Aristocrat Halfdan Is Finally Starting To Earn Some Respect, And A Name For HimselfBut He Is Not Looking For Praise Halfdan Is Only Biding His Time, Gaining Strength And Skill For His Ultimate Quest Time And Again He Proves Himself On The Battlefield, Using Clever Strategy And An Uncanny Talent With A Bow And Arrow Halfdan Is Growing As A Warrior, But Will This Be Enough To Beat A Savage Murderer Through Epic Battle Scenes And Intimate Power Struggles, Judson Roberts Brings The Viking World To Pulsing Life In This Next Chapter Of The Strongbow Saga I swear this series is so addicting, and it does NOT follow any expected pattern, every single event is well planed and put with precise fitting, I am not well aware of the Scandinavian history, but I am there ,with every attack and every scene I can well see it.and I love how Halfdan is not an angel, he is a strange combination , an honest honorable boy who can shed blood and have his own demons whispering to him sometimes , and man he does have the luck of the devil, there was one duel at the end of the book, and I wandered how within almost ten pages it will end, will be it a cliffhanger , but the book didn t disappoint, it tied the last knot in this one, very elegant and with the same neatness , it didn t rush nor bore with the fight.I think if I had the last book I would have started immediately but now I have to order it and wait. I still think it s strange that good fortune should shine so much on the character who has pledged his life to avenge the death of his brother He s not just out to kill one man, but the one man in addition to all those who helped do the evil deed It s a different view of the world that the Northmen share that they trust fate and do not understand how their enemies worship a god that has been dead for hundreds of years Even the title The Road to Vengeance supports the idea that Halfdan is on a glorious and righteous quest What happens in reality is that vengeance and hate eat a man alive, especially when plans are thwarted The author succeeds in making us believe that Toke must die for the crimes he committed In real life, I m glad I don t have to judge or take action on those who choose evil over good When I read, however, I m longing for the confrontation Halfdan is lead by his close attention to his gutt feelings and strong grip on honor He s not enjoying the killing, so we hope he ll survive the bad dreams he is having I like Halfdan he s like Jason Bourne or Jack Bauer unstoppable That part of the book is predictable because without him there will be no books Still, I was worried for him wondering how he would get out of each predicament when the odds always seem stacked against him In this book, two things threaten to undo him an epic battle and the daughter of a count who is also a nun.I actually stopped and wondered if I should let Sarah read this one because of how the nun recognizes what she is about to do is sin and then says, but I don t care while dropping her clothing The chapter ends there without any details whatsoever Then I remembered that Sarah has already read this book before me, so now I have to talk with her and make sure she understands that the nun broke covenants and it s a bad thing even though we want the nun and Halfdan to be together I wondered where the author could go with this, and I predict that Halfdan will either repeat the history his parents lived, or the nun will stay a nun Either way, Halfdan will win He s the hero.As for the epic battle, I appreciate that these books are historical fiction These events have actually happened with a few liberties to help the story along I like the historical notes given at the end.What I liked most about this book is how it brings me closer to the confrontation I am anticipating I feel like the author is milking it for all its worth, but appreciate that it is in keeping with how everything happens in the story it takes time to traverse a river or receive a message by horseback Things take time It s a good thing that these books are quick reads What I disliked most about this book is that Halfdan does not worry for his sister at all I guess he has had no choice but to go on this war campaign, but I suspect that when he finally reaches his father s home there will be a lot for Toke to answer for. I Halfdan Though sometime he can be very fierce and terrifying when fighting and at parts the book is quiet gruesome, but that is the way of vikings, so I understand I love that Halfdan cares about his honor My ancestors are from Denmark and Sweden though I doubt any of them were vikings At first I was kind of let down by the ways of the Danes They are a violent are gruesome people, but soon I started to understand why they act the way they do I love Halfdan because without him my views on the Danes would probably be destroyed and I wouldn t have had much respect for them during the 180 s Halfdan though cared about his honor, I ve never thought much of honor until now Most people mistakingly call pride honor Halfdan luckily is not among them Even though I don t agree with his way of living and beliefs I can respect it Normally I am against vengeance, but with him and the way of the Danes I can see why it is necessary. Very enjoyable book As with the second book in this series this one was better yet The sacking of Paris by Vikings Always fun The consummation of a forbidden relationship Always a good thing The death of particular individuals who totally deserved it More fun Now on to the fourth and last book Constant action and interesting scenarios, conflicts, and resolutions set in the woods in times of old. I should have re read the other two books before I launched into this one I must sadly confess that while I remembered most of the events from the others, it took me over half of the book to recall who was who But that may not be my fault When you have so many Viking characters whose personalities blend into one, and whose names are so bloody similar I am complaining at three in particular Tore, Torvald, and Toke , I don t think reading the books one after the other would have helped much anyway But, to give Mr Roberts credit, his Vikings have personality than most, and Halfdan is fairly likable.I have no complaint against the storyline it has been good ever since the beginning And the battle sequences aren t horrible to read, though certainly not masterpieces One thing that usually irritates me about Viking stories is it is really hard to find a likable character They are Vikings, and the common picture of Vikings is plundering, killing, drinking, and liking women a bit too much Not an entirely inaccurate portrayal, from all historical accounts, but these qualities does make it hard to accept a Viking as a main character hero Halfdan, though, does his best to be good He s out for revenge and for a completely legitimate reason , so he always tries to keep his head clear by not drinking nearly as much as his comrades He does raid and kill, and he doesn t like it he doesn t see his killings as a good aspect of his character, and when they invade Frankia, he isn t too happy, because he doesn t like killing people with whom he has no quarrel with And when he claims a woman as a captive, he swears to see that no harm comes to her, nor does he ever harm a woman s honor when he has ample chance to.Which brings me to content I read the Strongbow Saga with some nervousness because while Judson Roberts has never been explicit, he doesn t shy away from the blunt truth that invaders raped women I was worried when Halfdan captured Genevieve in Dragons from the Sea I saw there being serious trouble with her and the other Danes, and I didn t doubt that Judson Roberts would devote some time to relating such incidents Never fear, Readers nothing happens And while there are plenty of alludements to taking pleasure in the opposite gender, it never goes beyond alludements Genevieve does tell Halfdan about how a man she was betrothed to tried to have his way with her before their wedding, but it doesn t go anywhere, and there are no physical details And then there is a scene between Halfdan and Genevieve, which irritated me to no end because I could now no longer respect them Much to my surprise, though, there are no explicit details In fact, Mr Roberts never actually says though it is quite plain what happened what passed between them.So, a note for the Strongbow Saga there are no explicit details, but such things are definitely mentioned And while the gore certainly isn t as detailed as in a Michael Cadnum book or even The Adventures of a Young Sailor trilogy, Judson Roberts doesn t skip over where and how much the blood is gushing out But the storyline is good and it is quite clear that the Author has done his historical research For once, other than in Rosemary Sutcliff s books, I feel like I m reading about authentic Vikings.I look forward to the sequel whenever that is released. Reviewed by The Compulsive Reader for TeensReadToo.comHalfdan s quest for revenge continues in the third book of the riveting and highly entertaining STRONGBOW SAGA He returns to his ship and captain with his prisoner, Genevieve But he finds it difficult to protect her while at the same time fending off attacks from Toke s men THE ROAD TO VENGEANCE is a vivid, honest portrayal of the trials and tribulations of life in the 9th century, and it delivers an unflinching look at the many realties of that time period This is one high spirited adventure novel that you won t soon forget. The Road to Vengeance started out action packed and it didn t stop through all three hundred and twenty two pages Sure it had slower parts, but for most of the ride it didn t slow down.Halfdan is still the same guarded and bitter young man that he was when we first met him Yet Genevieve seemed to remind him that there is a life beyond killing.Unlike most of his companions he doesn t have a lust for blood or woman like they do He doesn t like killing or looting from people he has no quarrel with and I really respected him for that Although one scene between Halfdan and Genevieve although it didn t go into details annoyed me quite a bit I lost respect for them both after that.The Vikings may be blood thirsty people, but I really respect that they keep their word There are many gritty and horrible things about their lifestyle, yet there are also things that they do right I got annoyed with how lightly certain characters disregarded woman at points in the story Nothing graphic was shown, but it was implied and it left me ready to throw the book I don t think that the author took liberties with this series however because from what I have studied on Vikings they appear to like their woman and wine a little too much.On a positive note I loved the interaction between all the side characters and Halfdan They aren t cardboard characters and have personalities instead of just being there Ivar had me in stitches even though he could be quite bratty During this book I felt like I was reading about real Vikings I didn t enjoy certain parts, but the battle scenes were well done and the descriptions of Halfdan s world are vivid There aren t explicit details in this book but things are mentioned so parents of younger children should probably skip this series for the time I enjoyed most of this book and will be reading the next part whenever it comes out.