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It was good, but again a pretty quick read, and nothing that makes you really latch on to the characters I did cheer when Nola kicked that farmer in the knee, though Especially given that her mother tells her her dead father has just told her to. For reviews like this one, check out my blog, Free E-pub ⚓ Magic Can Be Murder ♫ Nola Isn T Much Of A Witch She Can Work Only A Few Useless Spells, Like The One That Lets Her Spy On People By Enchanting A Bucket Of Water But There S No Spell For Keeping Her Mother Who Hears Voices And Is A Magnet For Witch Hunters Out Of Trouble The Two Of Them Evade The Authorities By Traveling From Town To Town, Taking Odd Jobs And Moving On Until The Day Nola Magically Witnesses A Murder I love Vivian Vande Velde, but I would not consider this book to be on the same level as her other works It fell a little flat for me The main character brings all of her troubles on herself instead of enjoying the story, I just kept thinking that Nola was being silly and that none of it was necessary The characters and relationships were not fleshed out enough to make up for this It was a fine idea, and it could have been interesting, but it needed substance. Nola must be one of the most hapless and inept heroines out there Her mother told her to be careful about using their magical abilities where others might see them This is a time intolerant of witches and the threats of imprisonment and death are very real.But Nola can t help herself She constantly collects and uses human hairs essential in her magic to spy on others, to be privy to their speech and actions This causes her to make a dangerous mistake leaving an enchanted bucket where it might be found by ordinary humans Then she makes a worse one.The book certainly celebrates her hardiness, fortitude and quick thinking But as the mishaps collect and escalate from blundering into the middle of a murder investigation to tumbling down a flight of stairs I wondered if Nola wasn t perhaps her own worst enemy Add to that an unlikely romance that blooms within a few days and this story suffers from both a slapstick tone and a decided lack of credibility.I normally like Ms Vande Velde s tales of enchantment and adventure But this one was just too silly to merit any real praise. This was a cute book I recommend it to anyone who is going on a trip who wants to read a book of magic and a little romance This book is kind of small and for a younger audience but its funny and enjoyable for the short time it takes to read it The characters, plot, relationships, and universe weren t very fleshed out The characters were uninteresting, and didn t catch my attention I didn t care about Nola, and I didn t have a favorite character They didn t have well rounded personalities.The plot basically just hinged on Nola making stupid decisions Nola was an ignorant and annoying character from the start, but she became even so when she started to affect the plot.I didn t CARE about Galvin I didn t care about Nola and Galvin I didn t care if they got together or not There were three spells throughout the entire story One to spy on people with water, two to change your own appearance, and three to change other s appearances It wasn t interesting The story took place in three locations total None of which were very entertaining, and I could hardly remember the descriptions of them throughout.All in all, this story didn t grab my attention, and only vaguely entertained me. This book was my first witch book inyears I can t say it was super memorable or special, or that it will stay with me for long But it was a fun, fast, fluffy read Things wrapped up a little too quickly and tidily at the end Otherwise, I enjoyed reading it and seeing how Nola got out of each fix Overall, a fast and enjoyable read. And my streak of horrible books continues Basically my main problem with this book is this Nola is literally too stupid to live There is a difference between characters making misinformed choices and having to deal with the consequences And the author MAKING the character make such STUPID decisions that NO ONE would be so dumb as to make, just to progress the story the way they want it to go It s weak and amateurish writing Every single plot turn or advancement was made because Nola made one stupid decision And then had the gall as one point to think Even though I had never been a naive child, or at least not for a very long time YOU ARE THE BIGGEST MORON TO EVER LIVE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE Every character in this book is pathetic and annoying and I hated them The first chapter was so promising but it was just absolute shit after that I ve seen this author s name thrown around a lot but you couldn t pay me to read another of their books at this point. The story wasn t as interesting as I thought it would be, after reading the first few pages, but overall it was still okay The troubles Nola finds herself in are of her own doing and could been avoided, but I did like how everything wrapped up in the end.