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A Few ProblemsMolech is the shameful King in the unholy pantheon who is over both Baal and Ashtoreth Molech displaced Mot for rulership over Sheol Ashtoreth and Molech are twins and Baal is the son of Astoreth,ie Nimrod.Baal Rimmon was the former Baal also called Shachar who was the father of the twins with Asherah their mother Asherah was just Naamah, Noah s wife who had the twins after Canaan castrated Noah.Shachar, Yam and Mot Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are 3 of the 4 angles bound in the Euphrates Molech, Ashtoreth, Baal are the unholy trinity with Asherah a lesser fourth since she is not of angelic descent but is the mother of all mankind post flood and mother of the divine twins.The four angels that guarded Eden pre flood are the post flood source of the Nephilim They were imprisoned at Babel for falling into error but the children rule sheol The four replacements took over because Yah gave dominion over the earth to man.Molech is Lucifer who is just the spirit of a dead nephilim He is the Greek god Apollo Ashtoreth was both Artemis and Aphrodite during different stages of her life.The baalim were worshiped as a group with Baal and Ashtoreth in the grove on the high place at the head of a valley The grove represented the pubic hair of mother earth while the children from the ritual prostitution were sacrificed in the valley between her legs at a sacred spring or cave representing her vaginal opening Asherah poles were young trees in the grove with the standing stumps carved as phallic images of the goddesses carved in the standing shafts used for sexual purposes.If you are going to write about the ancient paganism, might want to get the facts straight Granted in the mystery religions, you had to be a high level initiate to know this I learned it from a very high level high priestess of Ashtoreth who didn t expect me to live long enough to tell anyone. [[ Ebook ]] ⇱ Joshua Valiant (Chronicles of the Nephilim Young Adult Editions, #5) ⇱ It Takes Men Of Giant Faith To Face The Giants Of Canaan Joshua Valiant Young Adult Edition Is A Version Of The Original Novel Joshua Valiant Edited To Be Appropriate For Ages And Above, Grades And Above It Is The Fifth Book In The Series, Chronicles Of The Nephilim For Young Adults After Four Hundred Years Of Slavery In Egypt, The Israelites Under Moses Have Escaped Into The Desert And Are Prepared To Enter The Land Of Canaan That God Had Promised Them There S Only One Problem It S Crawling With Giants And These Giants Are The Seed Of The Serpent, Linked To The Nefarious Nephilim Before The Flood They Are Called Anakim, Rephaim And Others Only Two Men, Joshua And Caleb, Have The Faith To Face These Nephilim Giants Whose Murderous Idolatry Defiles The Land But First, They Must Establish A Bridgehead Across The River Jordan To Launch Their Invasion But This Land Is The Territory Of King Og Of Bashan, The Last Of The Mighty Rephaim Giants Who Worship The Goddess Of War, Ashtart And Ashtart Has Plans To Annihilate Israel With An Evil Occultic Army The War Of The Seed Is Climaxing In This First Of Two Companion Novels, Including Caleb Vigilant Young Adult Edition Biblical Fantasy Based On History And Ancient Mythology Joshua Valiant Young Adult Edition Is Written In The Spirit Of The Chronicles Of Narnia And The Lord Of The Rings, Blending Fantasy And Mythopoeia With History To Retell The Biblical Narrative With A Fresh Perspective, Making It Come Alive In A New Way, While Staying True To The Original Spirit Of The Bible Story The Battles AboundI love these books Brian is giving me quite a well rounded education by combining all his sources into these entertaining books The scriptures come alive even knowing the fullness of the back stories that we only glimpse in scripture I never knew that Rehab the woman not the monster was from the tribe of Benjamin I think I remembered that correctly And to learn that all these fantasy stories creatures I grew up hearing about are actual creatures makes sense than believing someone made them up out of their mind Especially when they are so prevalent in fantasy. Thought provokingBrian s book is a page turner that challenges me to dig deeper and take a closer look at scripture While I find many of the explanations of difficult texts found in commentaries to not be satisfying I am reluctant to embrace as plausible the story that he has crafted Much to his credit though Brian goes the extra mile in the end of his book to lay out the sources that support and add credibility to his story I enjoyed the book and was particularly blessed by the thoughts of Caleb who is such a remarkable man of character and faith I am looking forward to reading the next book of the series that bears his name. Great seriesI really enjoy reading this as I love biblical history and there isn t enough imaginative writing to see what it could have been like I like the idea that it could have happened like this I definitely recommend But start at the beginning. Interesting This is a history lesson inside the story The Giants and biblical creatures are well described and use biblical text to add to the story. I couldn t put itdown.This series was well researched and the action keeps you hanging at the edge of your seat I will read the whole series. Yet another amazingly written installment in this series Thankfully, there were not as many graphic, gross scenes in this one as there were in Abraham Allegiant, though this one had a few It s funny because when you hear some of these Bible stories like Noah the ark the times of Abraham, Moses, etc, you re taught that the times they were living in were wicked And I knew they would sacrifice people children to idols, and of course knew that was horrific But that and all these other repulsive things like the rape and sex with animals, incest, etc and of course the gory violence, when told as a narrative like this is very shocking But it really gives you a realistic perspective on what life might ve been like back then Thank God I didn t live in that time I m very impressed with this authors ability to write such epic, cinematic battle scenes I feel like as I m reading them that I m actually watching an epic motion picture like 300 or Lord of the Rings, and they re intense This writer is seriously one of the most impressive authors I ve ever read I m looking forward to Caleb next I had wondered why the author hadn t written a book in this series on David, since it s called the Chronicles of Nephilim David killed probably the most famous giant of all, Goliath But after some investigating on the authors website, I see there are 2 books in the series, David Ascendant Jesus Triumphant , so I m am STOKED for both of those I wish the publisher or whoever is in charge of adding the books to Goodreads would set up those upcoming books profiles on here so I can add them to my to read shelf RivetingThis is a book that delivers Action, suspense, good versus evil This entire series has made me look at angels and demons in a new light Brian Godawa does it again He uses the available historical details concerning these biblical characters and using his imagination, beautifully creates the amazing story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho I love the characters, the action, the angelic help and the battles with the Nephilim but most of all the love God has for His people My favorite thing is how he keeps the story biblically accurate, which is important to me as I am sure it is to the author I absolutely love this series and can t say enough good things about it I highly recommend it