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Did a little re read, because I m in the musical mood I love Wicked the musical and this is just an awesome book for everyone who loves Wicked I love the photos and the interviews with Kristin and Idina Also the set drawings are amazing Yay Ello Ozheads This book is wonderful Utterly wonderful As a fifteen year old Wicked fan, I only have so much opportunity to express the depth of my admittedly unhealthy passion for Wicked This book is fantastic and very obsession worthy It features firsthand commentary from Idina Menzel, Kristin Chenoweth, Stephen Schwartz, Gregory Maguire, Winnie Holzman, director Joe Mantello, and loads of other people cast members It is very satisfying.There were one or two things that bothered me Hold on, lemme go grab my Grimmerieee Here we go The cover is also very squishy and huggable 3.Here it is A Quiz Are You More Glinda or More Elphaba Some of these characteristics just did not delve deep enough to satisfy.For example, Glinda Your brain is always craving knowledge I m not sure if that s truly a Glinda trait Elphaba is the one who wants to see the world, learn, and share her ideas with anyone who will listen Glinda, quite honestly, is scared of adventure, scared of confrontation except with Elphie , and scared of things she doesn t have control over Glinda will stop and back away when things get too rough That s why she stayed with the Wizard despite his fraud That s why Elphaba was the one to fly off into the sunset, screaming her passionate defiance into the heavens Glinda might want knowledge to an extent, but Elphaba is the one who really craves it I have a couple rants like this, but let s just do one Elphaba trait and move on Elphaba Your friends would describe you as a rebel Listen to the song The Wizard and I Elphaba is NOT a rebel by choice She s not trying to stir up rebellion or band the people together to start a revolution just because she feels like it She is, however, a girl who thinks for herself She has a strong mind, which makes up for her damaged emotions She also has the benefit of a heart that works with her mind, as opposed to against it For example, her heart tells her not to trust the Wizard s fraud, and her mind works out the logic behind his phony smile She understands the Wizard, and therefore detests him and his methods Her heart breaks, and because she cannot bear to be dishonest to herself, she runs away Do you think she wants to run away from her dream No In the moment, it was a clear choice to her, but in the long run, it was the hardest thing she had ever done The only people who would say that Elphie is a rebel are the ones who do not understand her motivation.Again, aside from the quiz, I am in total love with this book The commentary from several cast members about their roles is completely fascinating One of my favorites is from Ms Carole Shelley What an intelligent, experienced actress I also love Kendra Kassebaum s commentary on Glinda She uses the best words, like innocent snobbery and It s about finding the truth in the story, never playing for the laughs.Also, there s an original hand written copy of an early draft of Defying Gravity, and Mr Maguire s very first hand written draft of the beginning of the book Wow.All in all, this book is about the journey And as you read it, the interviews, the commentary, and you see scribbly notecards containing the very first plot ideas, and you look at early set design sketches, there s something wonderful there Something that you can t believe the Wicked community would want to share with the public because it seems so personal This book is a true journey, and I so don t care that I sound corny Lots of love to everyone in the Wicked family, the writers, directors, actors, stage hands, the guy who programs the spotlights for the end of Defying Gravity, Idina, Kristin, every other wonderful cast member, and OBVIOUSLY, their kickass fans. [Read] ♀ Wicked: The Grimmerie, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Hit Broadway Musical ♅ So Much Happened Before Dorothy Dropped In Two Girls Quite Accidentally Crossed Paths One, Pretty And Popular The Other Smart And Green The Story Of How These Two Unlikely Friends Became Glinda The Good And The Wicked Witch Of The West Has Made For The Most Spellbinding Musical In Years Wicked Wicked The Grimmerie Is The Behind The Scenes Story Of The Hit That Has Captivated Broadway And Now The World Designed To Resemble The Ancient Book Of Spells That Changes Ozian History, Wicked The Grimmerie Includes Profiles Of The Cast And Creative Team, The Complete, Illustrated Lyrics To All The Songs, And Than Full Color Photographs Packed With Thrillifying Details, Wicked The Grimmerie Is Also Full Of Bonus Features That Will Delight Fans Of The Show, From An Ozian Glossararium And An Oz Travelogue To A Step By Step Look At How Elphaba Gets Green No Need For Innuendo Or Outuendo This Is A Must Have For Wicked Fans Of All Ages Fantastic insight into the wonderful world of Oz ehm Wicked Unfortunately not the full libretto was put into the Grimmerie which was disappointing Nevertheless a must read for every fan of the musical. This book is all about how Wicked became a musical It contains information on the original Wizard of Oz, Wicked book and then how this has been transformed for the stage Costume, lighting, lyrics, dancing and script it all covered I did like this book and am a fan of the musical however this was one of the first books made when books about musicals started taking off and it is interesting to compare to recent musical books such as Hamilton which contain a lot information and is far in depth. Ahhh What a gorgeous, gorgeous book everything about it is just beautiful, from the thick, softly cushioned hard cover, to the rich colour design inside to the texture of the paper When I went to see Wicked last year, I just knew I had to get this And given I m such a fan of the novel well, it was inevitable I love companion books to films, TV shows and, I suppose, theatre I love hearing how plots got developed, reading about how actors approach characters The detail that goes into costuming my favourite aspect of any piece of theatre , set design, music, lighting, whatever This covers so much, and is a necessary piece for an big fan of Wicked.I would have liked to have read about the San Francisco portion of creating the musical I know Galinda s Popular dress was original blue, not pink see , and I would have liked to hear about what got taken out, what was added that sort of thing More of the deconstruction process, really But still, given what this book offers, it s not that big a grumble.Ahh, beauty so lovely I ll be the less than popular reviewer on this one Sure I ve heard the play is terrific but I thought the bk was just weird and a little creepy. AMAZING obviously Being a drama student, this book is everything I dreamt it would be Inspiring, insightful, funny, charming, clever, just AMAZING It has everything a Wicked fan would want Copies of original draft scores, quotes form Gregory, Idina, Kristin and everyone It has explanation of stage set some magic may be spoilt , costume, scenography, sound, lighting, everything The bound up is beautiful and is just like Elphie s Grimmerie A great gift for any Wicked fan and a MUST read for any musical theatre lover After seeing this musical twice in the space of a year, I realized that I really am enough of a fan to track down the companion book I love Maguire s book, too And they are going to make a movie Maybe So, this is a coffee table book It is completely gorgeous and very well designed, with lots of beautiful photographs and sketches and overall a great layout Which I guess is the point of musical companion books I don t know the other companion books I ve read are all for fantasy book series.Anyway, there is a little less content than there might be There is not a full libretto, although most of the script is here, illustrated with really great pictures It s kind of weird when there s a break in the script and part of a scene is just summarized I guess there are copyright reasons for this, but then other musical companion books evidently do have a full libretto the Rent book for instance Maybe they are worried about community playhouses stealing their show I mean, it s such an easy set to put together, right There s a lot in here about the set and costuming and such I am genuinely impressed by how much attention is put into detail that random audience members don t even notice Or at least there was a lot of stuff I hadn t noticed.Other things I learned from this book Gregory Maguire is not really a fan of the ending He had to do some mental gymnastics to convince himself that it s sad enough I actually don t think the musical has a particularly happy ending The first time I did because it wasn t what I was expecting The second time I thought it was of a downer, although not for exactly the same reasons as Maguire They did once have a black guy play Fiyero on Broadway Not in the original cast though Why is it that you can paint a main character green but yet having an actor who is not Caucasian is so difficult Broadway musicals go through a really long production process, including lots of readings for small audiences with real actors who might or might not end up actually playing those parts and then real unofficial performances, where they look at what s working for the audience and what isn t and change stuff Really, it s a wonder Broadway ever produces a flop I wish I lived in a city where this stuff happened Well, not really But it would be cool to go to an early performance and then see how things had changed What I didn t really get from this book, and was hoping to get perhaps unrealistically , was of a sense of how they developed the plot and characters and why they made the decisions they did There s this part where the actress who played Glinda in the readings and the original cast everybody who had anything to do with the musical is interviewed in this book, although in very short snippets says that Glinda was hardly in the original script Well, that s very different from how it turned out what was in the original script I mean, maybe this is just me, I love to analyze stuff that I love it s a pity I don t love very much classic literature , but I find it fascinating how much the Wizard of Oz Wicked story changes with each adaptation and yet how each new version is in conversation with the ones that came before it So you ll see a Chekhov s gun in one version that won t fire until the next one for instance, the way the Scarecrow in Baum s book talks loudly and often about how vulnerable he is to fire, but nothing comes of that, at least until the 1939 movie, where the Witch keeps throwing fireballs at him Then in Maguire s book, Elphaba thinks the Scarecrow might be Fiyero, but only because she s having a nervous breakdown and is delusional but in the musical, he is the Scarecrow.And I wonder if the people who made the musical realized they were making the same changes in the hero villain dynamic from Maguire s book that were made when Baum s book was turned into a movie Both take a story whose heroine goes voluntarily into a confrontation with a villain who doesn t know she exists, and turn it into a story where the villain hounds her into it is it the moral ambiguity the developers are afraid audiences won t like, or is it just a matter of getting villains onstage There are a lot of similar things that I wonder about I kind of hope that if they do make a movie, they adapt it all over again, just to see what they do In Baum s book we re told in a brief aside that the Witch had used the flying monkeys to drive the Wizard out of the West doesn t somebody want to do something with that Because I want to see it.Anyway, this is going far afield from the companion book, which obviously is not some kind of literary analysis Get it for the pictures.They re really pretty. I got this one from my brother after watching the show for the second time the first time I watched it was the summer of 2012 in London The second was on the 21st of December 2012 and in the Netherlands 17th of October 2014 16th of November 2016.24th of October 2017