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Easily one of the most important history books available about hip hop culture. Puts you right there in the early to late seventies and into the eighties as the burgeoning hip hop movement gets it s feet off the ground From underground movement to commercial superstars, this book is utterly fascinating There are so many parallels between underground and counter cultural movements that sprung up around this time period This is a great read for anyone who loves music, the city, and youth movements all with a slight undertone of seediness. @Free E-pub ⚢ Yes Yes Y'All: The Experience Music Project Oral History of Hip-Hop's First Decade º Hip Hop Today Is Ubiquitous, Dominating Not Only The Music Industry But Also Popular Culture Around The World Like Rock And Roll Before It, It Has Permanently Transformed Music, Art, Dance And Fashion While Capturing Millions Of Listeners And This Vast Cultural Revolution Was All Started By A Bunch Of Street Kids In The Ravaged Bronx Of The S Documenting Hip Hop S Remarkable Genesis, This Book Tells Its Stories In Voices That Bristle With Vitality, Character, Humour And Menace, Tracing The Music From DJ Kool Herc S First Parties In Through The Release Of Rapper S Delight In And The Rise Of The New School In The Mid S Fricke And Ahearn Weave An Electric Narrative From The Accounts Of Over Of Hip Hop S Founders And Stars, Old School And New, Including Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Kool Herc, Melle Mel, Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Caz, Rahiem, Fab Freddy, Tony Tone And DMC A Wealth Of Previously Unseen Photographs, Flyers And Posters Illustrate The Text This Work Is A Chorus Of Voices, A Tale Of Artistry In The Face Of Extraordinary Adversity, And The Definitive History Of A Revolution Created With Nothing Than A Microphone, A Turntable And A Dance Floor So I m getting going and adding a few books that I ve read recently in an effort to make them not all children s books I ll start with this one This is a truly fascinating and well put together book and I wouldn t say it is for hiphop fans only although if you are a fan, run don t walk to your local independent bookseller and buy a copy This is told firsthand by the dj s, dancers, mc s, graffiti artists and other s who lived through the beginning, giving some great insight to the bronx in the late 70 s and chock full of awesome photos and my favorite part original show flyers. A tie with Please Kill Me as one of the most important books written about 20th century music Completely engaging, relevant, and well written, in the same oral tradition of Please Kill Me If you don t read this book and love it, you re a fucking moron. I read this for a book club Nobody else could make it all the way through Perhaps my tolerance is higher than most because I love burgeoning revolutions, and this was certainly one Plus, great early visual artifacts. A coffee table book that is well worth the full read, a fascinating first hand journey through hip hop s birth. always a fan of oral history i d give this book higher marks if i actually liked hip hop. This is the straight dope about the early days of hip hop from the people that were there Reminiscent of jazz oral histories, though with considerably street crime. On the whole enjoyable history of the first ten years of hip hop Hearing directly from all of the principals was great, it is easy to forget how young everyone was when this was popping off in the 70 s The focus on the soundsystem culture as the foundation and it s ultimate demise at the hands of it s own success in records and disco clubs in Manhattan was very interesting.I think Piskor s Hip Hop Family Tree graphic novels are actually a accessible and fun way to read these same histories, but the written word gives depth and breadth than you can squeeze in a graphic novel format Last thing, I would have bumped it up to four stars, except for the really distracting formatting of the book It has too many pages with hella small typography and too similar coloration of the prose and background page color it makes for frustrating reading in less than perfect daylight The pictures are wonderful, the captioning is illegible The publisher f d this up for everyone authors get a pass.