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I received this book free in exchange for an honest review This story just keeps getting better Now we throw in a hot cyborg who needs to learn how to feel Talk about sexy Croe, Tyn, En Daria, this is just a great book As the journey continues, you get several WTF moments and Oh man, the ending has me dying for the next story I m loving this series I can t wait to see how everything unfolds FREE DOWNLOAD ⚐ Caressed by Starlight ☰ En Daria Is On The Run From An Unknown Enemy, Aided By A Pit Fighter And A Cyborg Hybrid She Isn T Sure She Should Trust While She Grows Closer Every Day To Croe Ix, Her Attraction To Tyn Hy The Cold Leave Her Confused She Wants Him She S Wary Of Him She S Enchanted By The Glimpses Of Vulnerability She Sees In Him, But Also Senses The Danger Hidden Beneath His Emotionless Fa Ade Ominous Dreams And Erotic Interludes With Her Traveling Companions Leave Daria Wondering If She Ll Return To Endiku With Her Heart IntactTyn Hy The Cold Has Never Been This Disturbed In His Remembered Existence He Worships At The Altars Of Logic And Emotional Distance, Yet From The Moment He Sees En Daria, Things Begin To Change When The Princess S Enemy Offers Him The One Thing He Wants, It Seems A Logical Choice To Get Closer To En Daria To Gain Her Trust Before He Ends Her Life But Between A Highly Protective Croe Ix And The Strange Feelings En Daria Stirs In Him, He Will Have To Decide If Bonding With Them Both Is Worth Giving Up His Quest To Discover His Past And, Instead, Look To The FutureNote This Is The Second Book In A Four Part Serial This Book Contains Strong Sexual Content Between Consenting Adults Such As Anal Play And Male Female Male M Nage Scenes I could not even finish this Not only am I ticked off that I had to pay for this when it s not a complete story, but the way Daria is treated and the fact that she is insanely attracted to a guy determined to KILL her Bleh Also note, this is a BDSM type story The bondage SM was pretty tame as far as I got, but the dom sub aspect of the book is predominate and made me pretty queasy I know some people like stories about subs doms But I do not and would have liked some warning that this is what the book was about. Adding Tyn is book two in the Caressed by Starlight series It can not be read a s a standalone, you must read Meeting Croe first I was super excited to read this one After reading Meeting Croe, I couldn t wait to see how Tyn would add to the mix I definitely was not disappointed I loved the first book but I think I loved this one even In this one we find out who was behind Daria s kidnapping and why they want her dead There is a lot of sexual tension between Daria and Tyn Tyn is a hybrid cyborg and tries to use his programing to prevent his attraction to Daria Croe and Daria push Tyn a little bit Just when I thought everything was going good something happens They end up meeting Helskoir Hels Hels seems to be a little rougher than Tyn and Croe, I can t wait to see what he adds.A copy was received for a review. So I was given Caressed by Starlight Adding Tyn by Danica Avet as an ARC and she had my emotions everywhere and I loved it Adding Tyn starts where Meeting Croe ends so they are on the way to princess Daria home The problem is Tyn don t know whether he want to take her home or to kill her, his biggest issue is that she makes him feel things he has never felt Croe is trying to get them all together and Daria has feelings for both but not sure if they are good feelings to have This book is hot the characters have a lot of chemistry you need to read this Of course at the end of the book you meet Daria s next potential mate and he is something else This book and series is 5 stars all around.