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The history of Unit 731 and the atrocities of Japanese medical experiments on human subjects is not well known even to students of WWII history Unlike the similar Nazi experiments, the Japanese experiments were covered up in exchange for access to the results and many of the Japanese doctors and scientists responsible went on to long and lucrative careers There is evidence presented in this book that knowledge and permission for the cover up reached the very highest levels of the American military and government This book presents information that has been buried for far too long Unfortunately, it reads like a hundred miles of teeth jarring gravel road The first half of the book is written thematically and makes it very difficult to follow the development of Unit 731 as the writing jumps back and forth in time The brief pre history of chemical and bacteriological warfare, along with a definition of the terms involved, does not come in the first chapter but rather several chapters along The second half of the book switches to chronological sequence from the end of the war to the present and is much easier to follow By that point, however, the reader is too exhausted to care and is just trying to reach the end, much like the few survivors of Shiro Ishii s madness This is a story that deserves attention, but this book will not accomplish that as only the most determined students of WWII history will slog through it. [[ Free ]] ✐ A Plague upon Humanity: The Hidden History of Japan's Biological Warfare Program ☝ From To , In A Headlong Quest To Develop Germ Warfare Capability For The Military Of Imperial Japan, Hundreds Of Japanese Doctors, Nurses And Research Scientists Willingly Participated In What Was Referred To At The Time As The Secret Of Secrets Horrifying Experiments Conducted On Live Human Beings, In This Case Innocent Chinese Men, Women, And Children This Was The Work Of An Elite Group Known As Unit , Led By Japan S Answer To Joseph Mengele, Dr Shiro IshiiUnder Their Initiative, Thousands Of Individuals Were Held Captive And Infected With Virulent Strains Of Anthrax, Plague, Cholera, And Other Epidemic And Viral Diseases Soon Entire Chinese Villages Were Being Hit With Biological Bombs Even American POWs Were Targeted All Told, Than , People Were Infected, And The Vast Majority Died Yet, After The War, US Occupation Forces Under General Douglas MacArthur Struck A Deal With These Doctors That Shielded Them From AccountabilityProvocative, Alarming And Utterly Compelling, A Plague Upon Humanity Draws On Important Original Research To Expose One Of The Most Shameful Chapters In Human History So I ll start off by saying this book is not for those with a sensitive soul or stomach Plague Upon Humanity describes numerous, horrid ways the Japanese experimented with the lesser Chinese, Korean, Malaysian etc and even American, Soviet and Dutch human beings Experiment extend to, and even go beyond, injecting prisoners with deadly diseases like the bubonic plague and cholera, forcing prisoners to breed with each other, dropping plague infested fleas over Chinese villages and even harvesting organs from live human specimens.Barenblatt fills his book with examples after example of the horrors Japanese medical researchers did in the 1930s and early 1940s He also follows some of these accounts up with testimonies from surviving Chinese citizens And to think, the original purpose of all this experimentation was to make vaccines for the Japanese army.I don t think I can bring myself to say anything else about this book It is well written and presents tons of shocking information on why certain Japanese doctors ARE guilty they originally diluted translated versions of medical reports from Unit 731 and 1644 to make it seem like humans weren t experimented on of horrifying biologicalbacterial warfare Just make sure to mentally prepare yourself before reading. A sad time in history and a strong indictment of man s callous indifference to life and inability to deal with differences in a compassionate and accepting manner I was as much indignant of the US involvement cover up as of the Japanese role The book presented facts, but wasn t written in a very scholarly manner and I felt, at times, like I was reading yellow journalism A map of the area would have been useful. A very haunting, powerful, and disturbing book that exposes the secret history of Japan s biological warfare program and the US orchestrated cover up that followed A genuinely thrilling and entertaining read for those who want to know about the deeper darker cracks hidden during WWII Just as a warning, this is not a happy read I honestly caution you before reading this.The book tells the shocking and inhumane story of the Japanese biological and chemical warfare program during World War 2, specifically the doctor who started the program, Dr Shiro Ishii, and the biochemical warfare division of Unit 731, placed in Harbin, China.Most of the atrocities of WW2 are attributed to what Nazi Germany did, everyone hears about that The concentration camps, the experiments on prisoners by Josef Mengele, and of course everything in between But no one ever talks about what the Japanese did before, during, and after the war I won t write about what is described in the book, it may be too much for some people to stomach, but I think that this should be taught alongside the atrocities of Nazi Germany This should not be a piece of forgotten history. Great, readable overview But does not have the heft of a Sheldon Harris or Iris Chang. Everyone should have some aquaintance with the reality of the wide scope of biological warfare in Asia in World War II The author puts forth the conservative calculation of 580,000 that died because of Japan s germ warfare and experimentation The Holocaust and the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan make it into every history curriculum, but Japan s biological warfare program makes it into.none, as far as I know, at the elementary or secondary level Only government sponsorship could produce an evil of such proportions and funding Selective breeding of ever virulent strains of disease, vaccination programs to infect the public with what they were supposedly being protected from, distribution of contaminated food to children, areal spraying of infected fleas, bombing with infected flies, bombing infected towns to force the refugees to scatter, vivisection and organ removal without anesthesia, and perhaps most dark, General Douglas MacArthur s Faustian deal to provide immunity and suppression of evidence in exchange for the ill gotten goods of the these Asian Mengeles, because fear of communism superceded the United States morality Lessons that apply1 Never trust the government to accurately name an agency or a program.2 Scientific inquiry quickly becomes sadistic inhumanity when practiced without regard to morality For the good of science is never a reason to dismiss moral concerns.3 Rules of War are broken in every war 4 We risk becoming like those we collaborate with 5 The depravity of man6 The caprice of war time justice While former Nazi collaborators faced constant danger of being brought up for war crimes, some of those Japanese scientists who committed the most heinous and depraved acts in China went on to become well respected doctors and CEOs. One of the most frightening accounts of human experimentation I ve ever read What the Nazis did to inmates at their European concentration camps is nothing compared to what was done by the Japanese to Russian and Chinese POWs The events surrounding the Rape of Nanking are only a part of the story but have become related to those leading up to the construction of one of the most notorious research labs known Unit 731 However, what was done to the inmates was only the beginning The biggest travesty was soon to come by way of the U.S s reaction after the war was over, U.S occupational forces lead by Douglas MacArthur struck a deal that would help shield the doctors, nurses and other medical personal involved with these horror from much deserved accountability Some had gone on to continue their practices in academia and in public service I ve seen fictional accounts of these events by way of horror exploitation films Men Behind the Sun , The Philosophy of the Knife that seemed to glorify in the brutal violence and grotesqueness of these crimes However, Barenblatt, in stunning and frightening detail, tells it how it was, provides some insights into the people involved as well as the mind set of a nation and its people into their justifications for committing the horrors that they did.Warning this book is not going to be for the faint of heart, or those who are of a squeamish nature Most of the descriptions of the experiments that were done and the after effects are very graphic in their details, as well there will be things in their that may upset some readers, such as graphic descriptions of sexual violence. I ve always been interested in Japanese history and finding good information about their biological warfare programs is often difficult and this book does a great job exploring this horrifying period that people should know about.