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A great set of lean, taut and compact near future SF stories with a cynical Australian worldview Including Some hard boiled cops in a Noir SF crime story with drones no, UAVs as the delivery method A story of unintended side affects of a new VR technology being developed by a scrappy new start up, that delves into the nature of perception Meditations of the effects of anti aging technologies on society wrapped in a corporate intrigue story A mysterious active graffiti concealed in an alley turns out to have evenhidden depths A dreamy post death experience that looks at the nature of consciousness.I m a great fan of Permutation City by Greg Egan, and other similar books of that ilk, and quite enjoyed this volume Let s hope the author can extend out to longer books in future. [[ READ DOWNLOAD ]] ↵ Stories Of An Awkward Size ☙ Swords Holdsworth Has A Lot Of Talent The Stories Were Well Written, And I Couldn T Put Them Down San Francisco Book Review The Stories Were Varied, Captivating, Enthralling And Quiteimmersivein One Notable Case And It Was Not Uncommon For My Legs Tofallasleep Because I Sat Reading Too Long And Lost Circulation KIWIreviewsVolume One Of The Awkward Stories CollectionYou Can Read Most Of The Story Black Prince For FREE Just Click Look Inside On The Kindle Edition Book Cover An Excerpt He Noticed A Movement Out Of The Corner Of His Eye He Looked Down And Beheld The Shadow Of A Cat, Moving On The White Of The Wall Heh, Kitty, He Said Aloud, Turning And Searching For The Original He Scanned Along The Top Of His FenceThere Was No CatDamn Things Move Too Fast, He Thought, And Looked Back At The WallThe Shadow Was Still ThereHe Looked Back At The Fence, Then Again At The Wall In A DoubletakeStill There Was No Cat, Anywhere And Now He Realised There Was No Angle That Could Have Put A Cat S Shadow On The Wall Not In That WayFear A Pulse Of It Hit Him, Surprising Him And Leaving Him Breathless An Icy Chill Had Crept Down His Back And He Felt His Hair Standing Up, His Heart Pounding In The Back Room Of His Mind A Voice Had Whispered Black PrinceA Disillusioned Man S Life Is Turned Upside Down When He Walks Out His Back Gate One Night What He Finds Cannot Be There, Cannot Have Stayed Hidden For So Long, And Cannot Be So Smart The Ghost Of Ren MagritteA Team Has Nearly Achieved Full Realism Virtual Reality, Directly Interfaced To The Nervous System But One Of The Team Discovers That, When Push Comes To Shove, Reality Isn T What We Expect Come Silent Winged SleepTwo Homicide Detectives Are Drawn Into An Investigation, Following A Shocking Incident They Soon Find What Lies Behind It Is Far Frightening Than Random Violence, Or Terrorism And To Make Matters Worse, Now Their Supposed Allies Seem To Be Keeping SecretsHere Are Five Long Stories, By Australian Author Jonathan Swords HoldsworthThese Tales Embrace Both The New Genre Of Slipstream And Of Hard, Near Future Science Fiction They Speculate On Subjects From Electronics And Bio Tech To Deep Metaphysics, And Cover Locations From Australia, Europe And Asia To Beyond Our World As They Pull You Into The Unexpected Five Stars for Stories of an Awkward Size, by Jonathon Swords HoldsworthSo, how does one approach reviewing a book of five imaginative, unique, intrinsically different and exceptionally well written short stories This question germinated when I finished the second story and was in full bloom midway through the fourth.Chucking my typical format, I believe I will, relying on my own instincts and imagination, just have to Wing it Stories of an Awkward Size, by Mr Swords Holdsworth may not only be the best book I ve read by a contemporary fiction writer, it may also be the best compilation of shorts I ve read to date.The author blends a superb writing style with his vivid imagination and tosses in the perfect serving of credible science and technology The writer obviously has a background in a tech field that makes each story resound with a thumping bass line of plausibility Warning Spoilers ahead The Black Prince Story one.Henri Roseboro s marriage ended three months earlier He ruminates on the sour feeling he now has for his house Directionless, and disconsolate, he ventures into his alley where he encounters the shadow apparition of Rufus, a long deceased cat, on a Graf Wall, a white anti graffiti stretch of masonry, in his alley.The apparition of the cat consumes Henri as it responds to him as he passes as he approaches as he attempts to communicate with it, first with visual gestures, and later with direct Wi Fi communication via a tablet computer and an obscure terminal buried within the wall.His research will bring him to Viktor, a neighbour, his son Erik, and an elegant story of the wall s designer, Alley Ellie, who, he concludes, may have designed Rufus.There is also a tale of an unsolved crime which Rufus may have observed, adding to the mystery and allure, but, as this part is integral to the story I ve chosen to omit it from my review The Black Prince is nearly flawless The detail is laudable, and the author s stylistic writing is inspiring Mr Devries Red Bowler Hat Story two.How does one assert an argument with an imaginative story that opens with, I died This, in my opinion, was the author s attempt at writing a story guaranteed to bend the minds of even the hardest of hard Science Fiction readers.Jon dies in an automobile accident, then wakes and meets Gwenn who died falling from a balcony Together they meet Tom who has also recently perished Then, of course, they meet a road which takes them to, where else, The Conference Centre I mean, where were you thinking you d end up after this life on Earth thing wound down From there, the author delivers up a brilliant and creative smorgasbord of mind rattling fantasy, surreal imagery, and afterlife hypotheticals.From The Numbers, who endlessly walk the Conference Centre s grounds, to The Quiet, the purported afterlife s boundaries, to Mr Devries himself who, as it will turn out, may have this entire afterlife Realm manifesting in his mind.And there s oh so muchIncluding some of the cleverest, albeit modestly abstruse, dialogue I ve yet found in a fiction work.Here is one passage I highlighted 20 as I read of the author s writing prowess Four hundred years passed Yes, I know that sounds flippant, but there really isn t much about that era to report Well Ok Maybe a few things Beautiful This one story would make the book a worthy purchase if the others were complete rubbish They aren t Come Silent Winged Sleep Story three.In story three, the author shifts gears and takes us into a crime investigation with elements of an Arthur Conan Doyle mystery.Detective Andrew Mahoney witnesses a military grade drone missile strike that takes down a hotel casino Was it terrorism If so, why that hotel and why was the determined target the 31st floor And, as they will later discover, why were two city councillors and a local media tycoon meeting with the minister for air safety On the 31st floor This story goes deep into drone technology, special interest groups, and an undisclosed entity, or organisation, This part is left unclear intentionally with unthinkable power wielding it for some assumed greater good.Spectacular writing superb pace plausible plot, and, again, just enough science and technology to make the story real and compelling The Ghost of Magritte Story four.As this was my favourite story of the book, and one I would label a Must Read, to anyone, I will trim my review as to avoid spoilers.Fiction writing, in my opinion, doesn t get much better than this.The theme is enhanced VR Virtual Reality experimentation, and the company is called Pacific Dwarf, and some test subjects are having disastrous residual effects causing them to blur the line between actual and artificial reality.The author, in story four, The Ghost of Magritte, reaches into the world of mind science and something AI designers have termed Phenomenal Consciousness, and pulled out a thought provoking winner Elsewhere, the VR world, essentially a construct, is un real, but, at which point does the mind decide what is real And, if our minds have the ability to create reality out of the un real, will we one day see reality as something producible, or in this case, programmable Will reality one day evolve into something flexible Less defined Less definite Great, great story.This one scores slightly above my highest recommendation Read it The Thousand Yard Stare Story five.The subject, in story five, is the quest for longevity, and, in a sense, immortality.Though my least favourite of the five, this story, with admirable depth, touches on the questions that have plagued mankind from the Sumerians and Egyptians to the 17th century European alchemists who searched, inexorably, for the elusive Elixir of life Why do we age And, is there a way to reverse the process thus making us essentially immortal beings Here, in The Thousand Yard Stare, we have technology replacing Egyptian mummification and misguided 17th century Alchemy in the form of manually imprinting cellular technology and 3d cellular printing.People are having tissue, skin, organs and their skeletal structure re layered And, as a result, reversing the aging process.The author also does something rather crafty, and decidedly clever He touches on the potential societal and political consequences People are living longer How many people can the Earth support Tolerate With so many elderly people Voters hanging around, how will this affect the political climate And what about the young What will their response to this be as they see themselves at a potential disadvantage As I stated in my preface, this story may have the most depth and relevance to our present world environment There are also some rather clever twists near the end with one that put an almost painful grin on my face Summary Brilliant selection of stories Almost phenomenally imaginative and the author s style is, as I stated earlier, unrivalled by the current authors I ve read Criticisms Remarkably, I have not a single one Recommendation Buy the hard copy This is a book you ll want in your library as you WILL be reading it multiple times I m currently rereading it myself This time just for fun Review by T.E Mark Author24 Jan 2018 This is a great read Quite surprising that this is the authors first that I know of full release, the concepts and narrative in this book are excellent, Swords Holdsworth is definitely onto something here with his gritty futuristic sci fi set in the backstreets of Melbourne Australia, Swords Holdsworth paints a wonderful just exactly over the horizon future with a healthy small dose of Aussie cynicism and takes you along for a great ride Highly recommended Come Silent Winged Sleep and The Ghost of Rene Magritte were definitely a hit for me I was Privileged enough to get my hands on this in the final stages of editing and was simply amazed at the variety of content yet all fitting under the Slipstream genre The Black Prince was definitely my fave, but I enjoyed the author s style across all stories Very Australian, very readable, and very well written Can t wait to see what JSH does next Excellent hard sf Well written and with well conceived science and technology and topics runming everywhere from virtual reality to the surveillance state Dark but optimistic. Good science fiction is thought provoking It makes us reconsider our place in the world in ways that is often dramatic and unsettling Unlike mysteries or romances, genres built around the suspense and seduction of readers, good science fiction also provides its audience fresh insights about life, technology and society that no other forms of narration are tasked to accomplish.Australian writer Jonathan Swords Holdsworth lends a talented hand to the genre he grew up loving and clearly illustrates through his first collection, Stories Of An Awkward Size The former software engineer, who now dedicates himself to writing full time, shares five tantalizing tales that take place in the near future and offer the kinds of subtle plot twists, tech developments and creepy catharsis that television savvy readers at first might rightly compare to the Netflix series Black Mirror.However, unlike the world building in Black Mirror that is ultimately immersed in disappointment, setbacks and satire with the intellectual terror and gallows humor such a treatment of characters provides its audience the short story collection written by Swords Holdsworth glimmers with a slightlypromising vision of the future In it, readers slowly acquire the astonishing sense that humankind might just might succeed in making a damn of a difference solving the myriad of problems and tackling the grave threats to survival on this planet it has caused.Thus, to be fair, then, when considering the finely written tales of Stories of an Awkward Size, it might be best to imagine an updated version of The Twilight Zone, delivered as episodic narratives of the mind, often based on hard science, and presented with the deadpan tenderness of your favorite friend from down under.To quote a character from Swords Holdsworth s metaphysical romp, Mr Devrie s Red Bowler Hat, which concerns the misadventures of a man who discovers an odd afterlife awaiting him after a car crash Bugger this let s explore On that note, the four other stories in the collection include Black Prince Try not to be too superstitious after reading about what happens when a digital black cat crosses the protagonist s path Come Silent Winged Sleep Be careful of eyes watching you in the sky Great story that would make a great drama The Ghost of Rene Magritte Virtual reality sometimes sounds better than promised You ll see The Thousand Yard Stare What youth wishes for isn t always a waste, or is it These stories would be great shorts developed for TV or film, aupbeat series in the tradition of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone Maybe for us lovers of science fiction, one day they will be adapted for our screens, big or small Until then, they remain great reads worthy of your time and space.