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A truly awesome selection of 36 early British short stories, all by different authors, originally published between 1705 and 1926 The authors include a few that are still quite well known, together with others that have lost favour and vanished in the elapsed time Consequently, the style varies considerably, yet the quality is high throughout For example, stories by Conan Doyle, Saki, Chesterton and Kipling have been reprinted an incredible number of times, yet in the midst of this you will find a beautifully written piece by Margaret Oliphant in 1896, an author apparently responsible for than 100 novels My point here is that many of the authors were famous in their time, and many of the stories were not reprinted subsequent to their original publication and, perhaps, subsequent inclusion in the authors anthology This might make a great sampler for the authors included, if only their other works were accessible, but I shall keep looking Brilliant. [Read Epub] ♽ The Penguin Book of the British Short Story, Volume 1 ♃ Hilarious, Exuberant, Subtle, Tender, Brutal, Spectacular, And Above All Unexpected These Two Extraordinary Volumes Contain The Limitless Possibilities Of The British Short Story This Is The First Anthology Capacious Enough To Celebrate The Full Diversity And Energy Of Its Writers, Subjects And Tones The Most Famous Authors Are Here, And Many Others, Including Some Magnificent Stories Never Republished Since Their First Appearance In Magazines And Periodicals The Penguin Book Of The British Short Story Has A Permanent Authority, And Will Be Reached For Year In And Year OutThis Volume Takes The Story From Its Origins With Defoe, Swift And Fielding To The Golden Age Of The Fin De Si Cle And Edwardian PeriodEdited And With An Introduction By Philip Hensher, The Award Winning Novelist, Critic And Journalist I love short stories and knew that this magisterial collection of the best of British short stories would be a must have A few not so subtle hints later it magically appeared in my Christmas stocking I ve been alternating reading it with my other books and am quite surprised that I ve got through the first volume by mid May It s a beautifully produced book and wonderfully edited and introduced by Philip Hensher I d only read three of the stories of the many contained in this first volume those by Conan Doyle, M R James and Saki so there were many surprises in store The most pleasing discoveries among many were the stories by Thackeray, Elizabeth Gaskell, T Baron Russell, Arnold Bennett and E M Delafield The range of stories is excellent, covering everything from humour, crime, ghost stories, social comment and studies of environment and character It s difficult to imagine a effective or entertaining overview of the development of the short story in Britain Now for volume two 823.0108 P3988 2015 The Penguin Book of the British Short Story, Volume 1 Daniel Defoe to John Buchan.Thirty five stories by thirty five authors, all significant writers of English literature It s like travelling through the history of the British short story, from 1705 to 1925.It begins with Daniel Defoe s A True Relation of the Apparition of Mrs Veal, the title itself giving a clue to this verbose and incomprehensible affair which I found almost unreadable Then follows Swift s advice to his footman, typically satirical, and a surprisingly unexpected story of a lesbian crossdressing deceiver by Henry Fielding.Towards the middle, within the Victorian age, the stories tend to settle into domestic scenarios, though the writing gets tighter and a greater economy of words and for the final quarter of the book, the stories have a contemporary familiar feel about them.I enjoyed this book though, for me, there was a lot to get through 750 pages I had intended to dip in and out of this while reading another book but in the event they drew me in Some names were unfamiliar but good to discover, such as Mrs Ernest Leverson, Margaret Oliphant, James Hogg, and Frederick Maryatt, while others confirmed an earlier disliking of them what is it with G.K Chesterton I don t get it and some old favourites Dickens, Conan Doyle Holmes and H G Wells There were also some well known names in literature which I hadn t read before, such as D.H Lawrence, Rudyard Kipling, Saki, and Arnold Bennett.The authors biographies at the back of the book make interesting reading too A diverse range of professions these people had before turning to writing Some unfortunate lives, as well All in all a good collection. Wonderful and varied collection of short stories, starting with a story by Daniel Defoe written in the early eighteens century I ve been dipping into this book over the last two years Now on to the second volume of Philip Hensher s selections, covering mostly the twentieth century, and ending with a story by Zadie Smith.