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Decided to round up, but my actual rating s still 3.5 They were burning up, and they didn t even know they were afire.An elegantly written novel with a lovely story, A Thousand Nights is a book perfect for all readers looking for an engrossing read.If I m being completely honest here, I m not familiar with the original tale and had to look it up on the internet So now I know it, and that totally counts Anyway, A Thousand Nights gives us a unique spin on the original story, mainly summarized by the word magic.Good men fall to monsters every day Clever men are tricked by their own pride or pretty words.As a huge fan of fantasy, I was completely enad with all the fantasy elements in this book But let me give you a fair warning nothing is explained thoroughly Typically that ll sort of piss me off, but with this one, that sense of blindness on the reader s end works really well with the story It gives the story an air of mystery.Another aspect that was totally cryptic was the characters Heck, we don t even know the main character s name Or basically any of the characters names, besides Lo Melkhiin But again, it worked This time around, it made the story innocent and whimsical feeling.There is life, and there is living and that is what she learned.Not only was our heroine cryptic She was also incredibly brave and selfless She didn t let her seemingly hopeless situation stop her from living, and from trying to find a way out She uses her wits to push through all the days.The snake did not always strike Sometimes it waited.There s also a lot to be learned from this book, and things that really should happen in our current world Some are stated explicitly, while some are implied Such as 1 A community should be a community In A Thousand Nights, all the women are family They re all very supportive of each other and use each other as sources of strength The men all act as a unified body they fight together, and protect each other.2 Looks can be deceiving Like with Lo Melkhiin, you have to dig really deep to really know a person.The setting and the writing were both gorgeous as well, and gave the book such a vivid atmosphere I loved imagining the desert, the qasr, the gardens Everything was just so exquisite and elegant.The only reason the book wasn t a perfect read was its pace Yes, this book is EXTREMELY slow Literally nothing of significance happens int he first, say, four fifths of the book It was just imagery and character development up until the epic ending So if you re not a big fan of books without much of an actual story, this book might be boring for you.I m not really sure why this book isn t getting a lot of love I, for one, recommend it to anyone who likes atmospheric, character driven reads.Deadly Darlings The Social Potato The Book Geek Twitter Instagram Update 2 20 17 Lowering my rating from 3 stars to 2 for I feel 3 stars was too generous Full review to come on my Youtube channel tomorrow Unfortunately, I wasn t the biggest fan of this book I ultimately felt that this book had a severe lack of plot and no character development whatsoever A lot of my time spent reading was wondering when SOMETHING was actually going to happen and jumpstart the novel, but that didn t come until exactly 100 pages were left in the book I was kind of disappointing with the book, but you can see the rest of my feelings tomorrow on received a free copy of this book from Disney Hyperion in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. [Read Epub] ♴ A Thousand Nights ⚆ LO MELKHIIN KILLED THREE HUNDRED GIRLS Before He Came To Her Village, Looking For A Wife When She Sees The Dust Cloud On The Horizon, She Knows He Has Arrived She Knows He Will Want The Loveliest Girl Her Sister She Vows She Will Not Let Her Be NextAnd So She Is Taken In Her Sister S Place, And She Believes Death Will Soon Follow Lo Melkhiin S Court Is A Dangerous Palace Filled With Pretty Things Intricate Statues With Wretched Eyes, Exquisite Threads To Weave The Most Beautiful Garments She Sees Everything As If For The Last Time But The First Sun Rises And Sets, And She Is Not Dead Night After Night, Lo Melkhiin Comes To Her And Listens To The Stories She Tells, And Day After Day She Is Awoken By The Sunrise Exploring The Palace, She Begins To Unlock Years Of Fear That Have Tormented And Silenced A Kingdom Lo Melkhiin Was Not Always A Cruel Ruler Something Went WrongFar Away, In Their Village, Her Sister Is Mourning Through Her Pain, She Calls Upon The Desert Winds, Conjuring A Subtle Unseen Magic, And Something Besides Death Stirs The AirBack At The Palace, The Words She Speaks To Lo Melkhiin Every Night Are Given A Strange Life Of Their Own Little Things, At First A Dress From Home, A Vision Of Her Sister With Each Tale She Spins, Her Power Grows Soon She Dreams Of Bigger, Terrible Magic Power Enough To Save A King, If She Can Put An End To The Rule Of A Monster My sister is no fool and she is not tender hearted My sister fights for her home, and takes what risks she must That is why I put myself before her today why I would not let you have her My sister burns, and she does not burn for youIt s been over two years now since I first read this book, and I still credit it as one of my original favorite YA books, and yes, I still think anyone who shares a book taste with me should read it.So A Thousand Nights is a feminist, thematic retelling of the A Thousand and One Arabian Nights stories And, well, we all know how this retelling goes, don t we Add a bit romance, a bit less storytelling, and a bit fantasy, and boom We have an easy to market YA book But not so fast A decent amount of reviews on this page seem to have described this book as The Wrath and the Dawn s less attractive little sister, but I genuinely think these books are completely different to the point they shouldn t even be compared The Wrath and the Dawn is romantic fantasy and in my opinion, pretty good romantic fantasy A Thousand Nights is of a slow burning, tension filled, literary fiction esque tale of the power of women in a history that tries desperately to erase them.There s something to be said for books that do something new, rather than just remaking something old This is a book that, somehow, does both.There s something so magical about the setting and story of this book The entire book feels like the best fairy tale ever written, all with prose that I could just drop off my finger And yes, it is a slow book, but it works with such an utterly captivating atmosphere, I was completely addicted I d feel comfortable giving this to a ten year old, or to my mother Okay, and now the real gush point the unnamed heroine of this novel is one of my all time favorite main characters I love how strong willed she is, how dedicated, and I love that she s clever without reading overpowered Her dedication to her family never feels forced so many books use she loves her family as a major motivation but fail at actually conveying a love for family, but no, the main character of this book feels so real and rounded I don t even know how to convey how much I love her and connect to her and would die for her instantaneously No one paid any mind to the line of dark haired, dark skinned girls who came to the qasr, and met their end there They were nameless and faceless under their veils. The heroine of this story remains unnamed, and as such, this story becomes one of the unnamed, the anonymous, the forgotten In history, we tend to erase the legacy of women throughout history A Thousand Nights chooses to play with it by never naming any of the women, but still giving them the legacy they deserve And while many Thousand Nights retellings play with the romantic dynamic before all else, this book focuses on the women within the story the heroine s relationship with her sister is the absolute touchstone of the book, and the love she feels for her falls through the pages It s a cleverly subversive retelling, in the manner of Madeline Miller s Circe or Melissa Bashardoust s Girls Made of Snow and Glass Listen, guys, this is one of my favorite books, and it has this beautiful cover, and it has so much heart, and the lead is such an icon, and you should all be reading it Please come scream at me in the comments when you finish Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube So, you should know that I m partial to books set in the desert or retellings of Arabian Nights so naturally, I expected to LOVE this book WellDo I gotta story for you s Sit tight fam, we got a wild ride ahead A v coherent list of my thoughts during this book This chick doesn t have a bloody name Or if she does, she s NEVER referred by it In fact, NO ONE has a name Except the freaky but hot and brooding king guy The writing is so weird, you re never sure if its talking about past, present, or whatever the heck bc the time frames are not distinct or even slightly apparent There s literally no purpose to the entire story like whats going on, I m never sure The Arabian culture in expressed in a strange way It s not necessarily wrong or false its just weird and like a lot of things were translated weirdly For example, titles would be like lady bless or daughter of my heart or daughter of mine and im like bruh I know you re trying to set the scene for historic or whatever but you could literally just say my daughter Also a lot of the culture isn t explained so it just sounds strange There s a point where this unnamed girl, the narrator, tells a story of her father s father s father And I kid you not, she literally refers to him as that for the entire length of her monologue Honey, he s called your great grandfather Also in that story, her father s father s father talks to an effing camel And the effing camel talks back In fluent, eloquent language Yeah, I know It s supposed to be a retelling of A Thousand Nights Which if you didn t know is basically the story of this girl who marries a king who is known for killing his wives yikes and this girl devises a plan so every night she tells the king a story but stops in the middle of it So that he ll let her live the next day bc he s so engrossed in the story and wants to hear the ending And that continues on for a 1001 nights and then the king guy has a change of heart and yada yada they fall in love etc etc So that s the original story But in this bloody retelling THERE IS NO NIGHTLY STORY THERE S NO ENGAGING TALES THERE S NO NOTHING Its so weird, the only few sentences that they exchange each night are about her bloody sister It doesn t make sense what the heck I want a refund AND LIKE HER NAMELESS big surprise there SISTER IS CONSTANTLY TALKED ABOUT YET SHE LITERALLY IS PRESENT FOR 0.034 SECONDS I thought this would be like The Wrath and the Dawn But its actually like, just bad The only pros I have for this book was that the font was large and the chapters were short And the only entertaining thing was the scarce chapters that were told from the anonymous speaker But even those got old after some timeNeedless to say, this is exactly how I felt when I finishedThere is life, and there is living 1 star i dont know if this specific to my copy or like the author got this done but my copy smells good and no, not like book smell, this thing is like actually perfumed i know i m as weirded out as you are right now Watch your world burn, light of my heart Tomorrow we will find another one and burn that tooI just want to put this out there most of my reviews are negative because i don t know how to review books i like There are some positive reviews but it takes me way too long to work on them There is so much i want to say I HAVEN T EVEN REVIEWED THE RAVEN CYCLE SERIES My favorite books are the ones that tend to leave me speechless Alright, here we go.Remember this book Less attractive sister of The Wrath the Dawn according to most people I read a few reviews to get some idea why everyone seems to dislike it Well, what i can tell so far, based on the reviews i read, people aren t pleased with similarities between both books You do realize both are retellings of One Thousand and One Nights, right I might be the only one who thinks A Thousand Nights was 10 times better than The Wrath the Dawn Why, you ask Because unlike the other one, it delivered what it promised I was so pleased with that Plot rundown Lo Melkhiin is looking for a wife, he has already killed hundreds girls before he came to HER village She knew he would choose her sister since she is the prettiest girl in the entire village She vows she would never let him take her She sacrifices herself in her sister s place, now she believes she will be dead soon When she finds herself still alive a day after day, she starts to explore Lo Melkhiin s court She discovers many secrets, one of them being Lo Melkhiin wasn t always this cruel Once he was kind and loved by his people Something somewhere went very very wrong with him He actually has good reasons for being the asshole that he is.I can not tell you how happy i am that the author didn t try to romanticize this shit That was my biggest problem in TWatD THANK YOU SO MUCH, E.K JOHNSTON The main characters had a plan, and she stuck to it She isn t running around swooning over his hot body cough Shazi cough , and acting like a useless brat If you are expecting some creepy romance between the captive and it s victim, this book might not be for you There is nothing sugar coated here Everything ugly is out in the open my kind of book Writing style It s written so beautifully, i have no words The writing was the first thing that drew me in It could be a total hit or miss For me, fortunately, it was a hit No woman in this book has a name our narrator included HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT I thought it gave her power She s never seen her reflection in the mirror She is nameless, and faceless I m always up for anything unusual like this LOVE I was so sure this was a stand alone Now it looks like i was mistaken I honestly don t think this or TWaTD need a sequel I was satisfied with this ending With TWatD on the other hand, i was just glad it was over. 4.5 stars Review first posted on www.FantasyLiterature.com When the dust rises over the desert, the villagers know that Lo Melkhiin is coming with his guards to choose another wife He always takes one wife from each village, or each district within a city And she always dies.E.K Johnston s A Thousand Nights is a young adult fantasy retelling of the Scheherazade framing story for One Thousand and One Nights, the famous collection of Persian, Arabic and Middle Eastern folk tales Lo Melkhiin is the ruler over a large area in the ancient Middle Eastern world Those who know him know that he has changed from the caring person he used to be, though he is still a capable ruler What they do not know is that when he rode out alone too far into the desert one day, his body was possessed by a ruthless creature Let s call him a demon This isn t a spoiler it s disclosed in the first pages He then proceeds to suck the power and life from the girls he marries, to give himself additional power Most girls last only one night The original Lo Melkhiin s soul is still there, trapped in a corner of his own mind, watching helplessly as his body is used to bring death to innocent women and mar the minds and hearts of craftsmen and others around him.A seventeen year old girl, who remains or less nameless throughout the novel other than appellations like sister and, later, lady bless sees Lo Melkhiiin s group heading to her village and knows that he is certain to choose her lovely half sister as his next wife In an act of supreme love, she dresses up in a beautiful purple wedding dress, or dishdashah, to capture his attention and save her sister It works Before she is whisked away by Lo Melkhiin and his men, she asks her sister to make her a smallgod when she is gone, one of the spirits of dead family members who protect and help the living But her sister tells her that she and the other village women will make her a smallgod immediately, beginning the moment she is taken away.This unorthodox jump starting of the normal process of ancestor worship unexpectedly bestows mysterious magical powers on the sister who marries Lo Melkhiin When he grabs her hands in the ritual that would normally kill his wives, she is able to see life and power being sucked from her into him and something unexpectedly returning in the process I thought I could see it, threads of gold and blue, desert sand and desert sky, bleeding from my body into his, but I had been a long time in the sun that day, and did not trust my eyes He held on for one breath, then five, then ten A strand of copper fire wound from his fingers to mine, so faint I wondered why I would imagine it at all.This copper fire will prove important to the heroine, as will the stories of her life in the village and of her family that she tells to Lo Melkhiin.The world had never seen another like Lo Melkhiin, and it had no stories to combat him Not whole stories, but maybe there was something smaller A thread in the story of a warrior who laid siege to a walled city A fragment in the story of a father who had two daughters, and was forced to choose which of them to send into the desert at night There were stories, and there were stories No single tale that I could draw from would save my sister from a short and cruel marriage, but I had pieces aplenty I held them in my hands like so many grains of sand, and they slipped away from me, running through my fingers, even as I tried to gather But I knew sand I had been born to it and learned to walk on it I knew that I had only to hold it for long enough, to find the right fire, and the sand would harden into glass into something I could use.Her tales are not of fantastical genii, but of her family and their desert life She tells her stories not to convince Lo Melkhiin to leave her alive for one day, but in defiance, to show him that he does not have all power over her, and to remind herself of what is important in her life And these stories have an unexpected power they can predict the future or even change the future The question becomes, what will she do with her powers She finds she needs to consider not only her only life and desires, or even her family s, but also the country s needs.The evocative language used by Johnston immerses you in this ancient Persian culture The girl s stories are simple but carry a deeper meaning Among other things, they show the power of women, even when they live in a society where men are in charge I suspect this is at least part of the meaning behind Johnston s leaving the women nameless They may seem powerless, but a careful examination of their lives and roles reveals a subtle power, often hidden below the surface A Thousand Nights is reminiscent of The Night Circus in its deliberate pacing, in the elusive use of magic, and in the lovely, poignant prose used by Johnston, though the setting is vastly different Some readers might find the pacing in it too slow, but I enjoyed this novel and even reread most of it a second time as I was writing this review A Thousand Nightsexplanation of the basis for the ruler s serial murder of his wives that he has been possessed by a cruel demon actually makes sense than the original Scheherazade story, at least from our modern point of view How could Scheherazade come to respect and love a king who has murdered countless women before her, and is only biding his time before adding her to his tally So this is not a romantic tale, but it is a story of an extremely powerful love primarily the love between these sisters, and love of family, but also a love and concern that extends to others who may be touched by your actions Free advance copy received from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thanks i almost didnt read this i was very worried it would be too similar to the wrath and the dawn which i love with all my heart and although the premises are quite alike, there were enough differences that it was easy not to compare the two my only problem with this book was that not a lot happens i think that had there been substance to it, the characters and relationships could have been developed , and i would have been enthralled with the story but the writing was lovely there was a very light and charming quality to the way the story was told very decent book, overall 3.5 stars Lo Melkhiin killed three hundred girls before he came to my village looking for a wife.She that he chose of us would be a hero She would give the others life Lo Melkhiin would not return to the same village until he had married a girl from every camp, from every town, and from each district inside city walls for that was the law, struck in desperation though it was She that he chose would give hope of a future, of love, to those of us who stayed behind.She would still be dead. This book is magical It entranced me I wished it would never end, and it s rare that I ve been so enchanted by a book It is, dare I say, a subtly feministic masterpiece.This book is a reimagining of One Thousand and One Nights, and far superior to that other book I say reimagining, and not retelling, because it is not quite a retelling There are similarities A ruler who marries a woman only to kill her soon after A young woman who sacrifices herself in order to save a beloved from that fate Survival is of the essenceBut that s where the similarities end, for this book weaves a tale with much complexity and beauty It was truly, truly magical The setting is a desert kingdom, and it is unbelievably beautiful in how this world is woven so subtly Some books build their setting with a lesson or a few paragraphs of history This book is far, far ingenious, and I truly applaud the author for creating such a wondrous, believable world and in integrating it so seamlessly into this fantastical tale.The king in this tale chooses a wife from every village, and kills her soon after Our nameless heroine chooses to beautify herself so that the king should choose her, and in doing so, save her beloved sister s life Part of the reason I love this book so much is that the love that the main character has for her sister is so fierce, and so realMy sister finds the fire in others, I said Her husband may be the quietest man at the market until he sees her Then he will burn with a flame to match her own My sister is no fool and she is not tender hearted, I said My sister fights for her home, and takes what risks she must That is why I put myself before her today why I would not let you have her My sister burns, and she does not burn for youThere is pure love between the two sisters There is no envy, there is no subtle hatred There is a bond between them that remains unbroken through distance There is no jealousy, and the main character s love is the only motivationI am not you, I said to her I was not bitter She had never made me feel the lesser, and she had only scorn for those who did That is true, she said And men will lack the imagination to see us as separate beings For that I am sorry I am not, I told her, and I was not, for I love you than I love the rainNaturally, our main character is determined to live longer than just one night Indeed, others have lived longer than one night, but eventually they all die She is determined to stretch out her life as long as she can, and though fearful, she does not lack courageI do fear him, I said, which was close to the truth I fear him as I fear the desert sun and poisonous snakes They are all part of the life I live But the sun gives light, and snakes will feed a caravan if they are caught and cookedAnd though outwardly submissive, she knows the true power a woman can wieldI am yours to command, husband, I said to him, and met his eyes.When my mother spoke to our father, she often said that He liked it, the way she put herself in his hands Until just now, I had not realized that since my mother was the one who allowed it, she had power than even he might have realized Lo Melkhiin thought I was less than him but his was not the only tally. I love the fact that there s no whitewashing in this book Granted, I m not middle eastern, and I can t comment on the accuracy, but again, this world feels real The characters are appropriately dark skinned, and there is no attempt at green or blue eyes for the sake of Mary Sue ness The main character comes from a nomadic desert tribe, and she looks the part We had skin of burnt bronze, a deeper brown than sand, and duskier where it was exposed to the wind and sky Our hair was long enough to sit upon, and dark the color around the stars, when night was at its fullest. This is a re imagining not a retelling, that you should discover for yourself Already, the story is changing.When men tell it in the souks and in the desert, they shape it to fit their understanding It passes from caravan to caravan, to places where they have never heard of the one called Lo Melkhiin The words change language, and meaning is lost and gained in every vowel s shift They change the monster into a man, and they change her into something that can be used to teach a lesson if you are clever and if you are good, the monster will not have you.You should not believe everything you hear. Watch your world burn, light of my heart Tomorrow we will find another one and burn that too 3.5 stars I almost steered clear of this marvel, fearing that it would turn out to be far too similar to another very special book The Wrath and the Dawn.But I decided to look around to see what others had to say about it And guess what My fear instantly dissolved when I learned that this is not a retelling of A Thousand and One Nights but a reimaging of it, rather.And reader, it s wonderful Come to bed, he said to me again I turned my heart to stone, and climbed into bed with the viper E.K Johnston is an outstanding storyteller She mesmerized me with her words, her poetry, her heart She wove a story worthy of a Disney musical movie.While it s true that A Thousand Nights is slow and with little action, it has a fairy tale vibe to it that makes it such a delight to plunge into.The repetition is truly the only element that keeps me from giving it a higher rating but, otherwise, nothing about it enraged me.I felt as if I were the main character herself the one captured by the monster She bares no name and is so brave Her love for her sister is incredible Not only does she save her from Lo Melkhiin s clutches, but it s for her sister that she fights and fights and fights, in hope to one day see her again She was not of my kind, yet there was some power to her that was not human, not quite She did not die, and I wondered if I might at last have found a queen for whom I could set the desert on fire The ending is especially colourful and not at all what I expected when I first started the book Sigh Beautiful If only the release date to Spindle could come sooner.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin