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Very thorough, engagingly written history of the development of Ukraine as a people, a nation and a country. . @DOWNLOAD EPUB õ The Gates of Europe: A History of Ukraine ì Ukraine Is Currently Embroiled In A Tense Battle With Russia To Preserve Its Economic And Political Independence But Today S Conflict Is Only The Latest In A Long History Of Battles Over Ukraine S Existence As A Sovereign Nation As Award Winning Historian Serhii Plokhy Argues In The Gates Of Europe, We Must Examine Ukraine S Past In Order To Understand Its Fraught Present And Likely FutureSituated Between Europe, Russia, And The Asian East, Ukraine Was Shaped By The Empires That Have Used It As A Strategic Gateway Between East And West From The Romans And Ottomans To The Third Reich And The Soviet Union, All Have Engaged In Global Fights For Supremacy On Ukrainian Soil Each Invading Army Left A Lasting Mark On The Landscape And On The Population, Making Modern Ukraine An Amalgam Of Competing Cultures The Gates of Europe A History of Ukraine, was a tough read for me To preface, my family is of Ukrainian heritage, and I am always interested in learning about Ukrainian culture and history Serhii Plokhy has not itched that scratch for me The Gates of Europe is a short book for something so ambitious, and it really begins to show as one reads Massive details that would have been fascinating to read in depth are glossed over The book is just too ambitious for its own good Entire centuries are covered in a few pages Only a chapter or two is dedicated to the fascinating time period of Greek and Roman colonization of the Crimea Tartar and Steppe tribes are relegated to foreign others and ignored, only being mentioned as untrustworthy allies of the valiant Cossack Tribes in their struggle against foreign aggression from Poland, the Ottomans, and Muscovy The Cossack s received much coverage than most of the rest of history, with another large chunk dedicated to modern and politically questionable material Plokhy had an axe to grind with this book, and he did it It was a timely release due to the Russian backed war in Eastern Ukraine that began to gather steam in 2013 It is also politically charged, with Plokhy pulling no punches in his discourse on Ukrainian and Russian conflict and interdependence throughout history.He goes to great length, as well, to talk about the cultural differences that developed between the Rus of Kiev and the Rus in Muscovy, and the religious and cultural changes that occurred under the tutelage of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth The desire for independence throughout history did not always exist, but Ukraine developed its own national identity throughout history due to its connections to other European states, and its closeness to the Turkic and Tartar tribes that inhibited the Crimean region These were the interesting parts of the book Even so, there is little that I can say to recommend this book to anyone It is far too politically charged to be a serious history book The edition I read had literally zero sources There are hundreds of statements in this book that are questionable and biased, and I would love to see the sources to allay my suspicions Huge portions of fascinating historical periods are glossed over to play off the Ukrainian Russian rivalry that will sell copies of this book It is difficult for me to say anything , as I enjoyed this book so little I urge any readers to only pick this up if they are inclined to do so for political reasons There are many facts that will be interesting to those who interested in historical background to current events However, as a serious history book, and one written by the chair of Ukrainian history at Harvard University no less, this is a poor excuse. must read 1991 ,. overall interesting but somewhat unbalanced there are some periods treated in detail and some almost skipped and the narrative is not as smooth in other similar books some stuff I was only marginally aware of and sometimes not at all , and a reasonable introduction to a topical subject The Gates of Europe A History of Ukraine Basic Books, 2015 by Serhii Plokhy.A good history of Ukraine and its changing land s from Kievan Rus through the Mongol invasion through the changing power of Galicia Volhynia, Poland, Lithuania, the Cossack Hetmanate, the Ukrainian SSR, and into modern Ukraine Good reading from anyone wanting a comprehensive and up to date history of Ukraine. ,. A long view of the history of Ukraine, starting with the Greek colonies around the Euxinos Pontos we now call it the Black Sea and continuing all the way to the first stages of the Euromaidan protests.Plokhy emphasizes the shifting and porous borders of what is now Ukraine religious institutions, military conquest, and languages chief among them But he discerns some long enduring strands of history, language, and societal organization which persist despite long periods of rule by outsiders All of this is apparently an extended rebuke to Putin s boast that Ukraine is not a real country Plokhy is right in suggesting that the current battles over Ukraine suggest a larger contest between constitutionalism and the rule of law versus Putin style autocracy Of course, for the former to succeed, the old Soviet style oligarchs must be cut out, root and stem As such, the stakes over Ukraine are high, and unfortunately the Ukrainian people are not the only masters of their own destiny Such as it was before. This book was a challenge for me , I have wanted to learn about Ukraine since I heard about the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014, I finally got the chance to do it Ukrainian history is full of invasions, violence and empires , from the Austrian , polish , German and soviets It has been defined by multiethnic cultures and by a conglomeration of citizens that shared a language but not a culture , it has managed to survived the oppression of its language both written and spoken by the Soviet Union ever since WW 2, in this book you will find that for good or bad Ukrainian history is linked to Russian history, as Ukraine has fought for its sovereignty it has clashed with Russia many times before , therefore a knowledge of Russian history is needed to enjoy this book better , but not necessary since the author does a good job of introducing all of these concepts step by step in a very detailed manner, I recommend this book to anyone who tries to understand current relations between Russian and the rest of the world as Ukraine is the ground where it has been tested for the first time.