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@Free Pdf Ä A Martial Odyssey 2: The Celestial Realm ⚾ A Year After The Battle At The Holy Amalgamate Mountains, Yi Ping Had Finally Known Of His True Destiny Forced By Destiny To Transmigrate To The Celestial Realm Or Forced To Face The Divine Wrath, Yi Ping Has To Find Fragments Of The Heavenly Relics Together With The Heaveness, They Have To Transmigrate To The Celestial Realm To Aid An Old Friend Of Theirs, The Universal Old Man And The Other Celestials But What Awaits Them In The Celestial Realm Isn T What They Are Expecting Synopsis It Is Said That When A Martial Exponent Reached The Highest State Of Divinity Of Their Arts, They Be Able To Transcend Into Celestials, Overcoming The Limitation Of Life And Death And As Celestials, They Have To Overcome Seven Celestial Divinity, Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis And Ascend In Order To Transcend To The Heavens It Is Said That The Stellar Sanctuary Is Created By The First Person That Has Ever Ascended As An Immortal Being And The Astronomic Stellar Formation Is The Only Place That Is Possible To Transmigrate To The Gods Realm And The Final Key To Unraveling The Stellar Sanctuary May Be The Universal Force Which Does Not Exist In The Celestial Realm PDF Version Available Here