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Good easy readingI got really engrossed in the story, but it ended rather abruptly leaving me wanting to get a closure to the story. Me and my mum have been hitting the charity shops recently, and this is exactly my mum s sort of book, so I ve read a lot of them recently stories about young girls who go through some tragic experiences but come through stronger than before I don t hate those kind of books, but I generally don t have high expectations for them relatively enjoyable, quite predictable, but an easy read for when you want something that isn t that taxing However, I was really pleasantly surprised with this one I m not going to include any major spoilers as I think that will detract from people s enjoyment of the book, but I will say that the elements of magical realism dotted throughout this book, while unexpected, were a really lovely touch I saw another review that described it as similar in tone to a fairy tale, and in that I would definitely agree there are spells, romance, family drama, all things you see in a fairy tale, but woven up into a story that is still appealing for adults While it was written from the perspective from a young girl, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the tone wasn t at all juvenile, and neither was the plot My only criticism was that there were some points that I didn t feel were fully explained e.g the behaviour of Louisa at times seemed inconsistent with how her character had been initially portrayed , but that is really a minor criticism, as it is no way detracts from your enjoyment of the book Overall, I was really happy to have picked this one up, and I will definitely be reading of Finlay s work in future. A nice little heartfelt story Easy to read Made you want to continue reading to see what happened next You either loved the characters or hated them. Truly loved this book This story really got me hooked, let me start of by saying that i wasn t expecting much from this book, but i was pleasantly surprised I loved the character development and how the plot was developed throughout the book I love fact that the ribbon was a spiritual magic tie to her mother it made this book just that much better to me. This story had lots of interesting characters the wicked stepmother, the besotted husband to name a few I enjoyed the story but was frustrated that Rowen never spoke to her father about her stepmother. I bought that book because I wanted to practice my English and to read not only reviews in English but books Every time I read in my native language, so I thought that it would be the challenge for me But it wasn t This book could be even difficult to read for my English level of understanding About the story At first I didn t like too much because it resembles Cinderella which for me it s quite boring when I m all grown up but later the story gets interesting I can say that I really like this book and the mood author was creating It was cozy reading for evening, morning and little breaks at daytime. Lovely story and one I didn t want to end. Slow to startSlow to get into but well worth the read poor Rowan has to go through some hardships before her story ends RowanWhat a fabulous read by Linda the story of Rowan and Jack and Sab really lovely story i will be looking for of Linda s books must give it 5STARS. `Ebook ⇥ The Girl with the Red Ribbon ⇶ Is The Legacy Of Her Mother S Love Enough To Survive Alone At Just Eight Years Old, Rowan Is Devastated When Her Mother Dies And When Years Later Her Father Remarries A Scheming Woman Who Makes It Clear She Doesn T See Rowan As Part Of Her New Family, She Finds Herself Facing A Desolate Future At The Local Asylum Yet Rowan Refuses To Give Up Hope With Her Mother S Cherished Red Ribbon Tied Around Her Wrist, She Draws On The Strength Of Her Spirit To Plot A Daring Escape To A Nearby Town It Is Here That Rowan Finds Work As An Apprentice To A Bonnet And Dressmaker, Discovering A Natural Talent For Colour And Detail That Brings Success Beyond Her Wildest Dreams But The Greatest Reward Of All Is The Blossoming Of A RomanceBut Rowan S Past Still Casts A Shadow Over Her Happiness Torn Between Her New Life And The Family She Longs For, Will She Ever Find A Place To Call Home The AuthorAs An Image Consultant, Linda Has Always Had An Avid Interest In People Linda S Writing Has Been Published In A Number Of Magazines And Annuals Moving To The Spectacular Devon Coast And Learning About Its Local History Inspired Her Novels Set In The Area