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Wow, not only is this yob a poor writer, he is a pedophile as well This book provides a great overview of what sex tourism was like in 1990s Thailand and I give the author props for being so honest about his behavior But the behavior is shockingly abhorrent Hopefully the Thai government had cracked down on aging perverts flying into the country to deflower 16 year olds. I was intrigued by his story, but this book really, really needs an editor What a sad sad story Riddled with errors, bad grammar, shocking spelling and dreadfully edited The constant predictable sex and the sadness of the writer is constant throughout How can a man be so gullible so many times simply for the sake of a fuck is beyond my comprehension I don t know why I finished but somehow I did At least it ends happily and alls well that ends well There is so much to love than sex `Download Book ↺ Walking the wild side ☠ CONTENT WARNING Please Be Aware That This Book Contains Scenes That Are Extremely Explicit And Of A Sexual Nature, With Explicit Language And Topics Including Prostitution A Reflection Of Events That Happened To A Young Man In His Mid Twenties Over Numerous Visits To Thailand Between And A Path Towards Self Discovery And The Discovery Of His Surroundings, With Many Comical Events And Complicated Relationships That Finds Our Man Becoming Quite Close To Insanity A Mature Read As The Awareness Of Sexuality Of Himself And Others Becomes Apparent A Transformation From A Nice Young Man As His Eyes Are Forced Open To See And Experience Some Unbelievable Episodes My Accounts As I Recall All Of The Things That Happened To Me Between These Dates