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Awesome read I loved itImara and the President, T.R Matthews was an amazing good story The strong willed woman going against a strong willed man made the story better.Each character was strong and compliments each other in every way Liz, Tee and conniving Sandy and the other professors, were going to take the man for themselves, all made this a good story Very good debut for Xyla Turner, will recommend it to everybody. EBOOK ⚖ The College President ♫ Imara Winters Is An Adjunct Faculty Professor At Far Rockaway Community College She Loved Her Students, Her Co Workers And Her School And One New College President Threatened Her Future With Them All T R Matthews Fired Half The Staff And Started His Campaign To Eliminate Her Job As Well Imara Planned To Eliminate His Job, Until He Had Her Up Against The Whiteboard Screaming His Name She Has A Man, But Her Body Wants The One Who Is Ruining Her Whole CareerThe New College President, TR Matthews, Has Made It His Mission To Bring Far Rockaway Community College Back To Its Former Glory Unfortunately That Includes Eliminating Employees Like The Adjunct Professors Matthews Is Up For The Job And Was Thought To Have Thick Skin, Until The Fiery Ms Winters Crawled Under Him And Began To Unravel His Facade He Wants Her And He Will Get HerThey Fight, They Argue, And They Fuss, But Will The Forces Working Against Them Prevail Or Will They Overcome Their Internal And External Obstacles An awesome read This book will have you hooked from the start I did not put it down until I was done It was good to read something different from the normal Urban genre The writing and editing were great, The interaction between the two main characters will have you laughing, screaming and cheering This is the first book that I have read by this author and I will have to read all her books. Yessss So this book came out today And guess what I finished it today This book was a page turner from start to finish The journey between Matthews and Imara was so beautiful The sex scenes Had me hot Lol but nonetheless, I loved it I can t wait to read about Tee and Liz Xyla is really turning into one of my favorite actors. What A Page TurnerThere wasn t a bit of this book that I did not enjoy It was perfectly spicy, yet still quaint, with the author bringing such southern comfort to a NY tale I would have liked to see the ending drawn out and not wrapped up so quickly, but it was written well, with a satisfying ending Can t wait for the other books in the series Even a prequel about Imara s parents would be great The College President was well worth the wait This was a page turner from beginning to end The smooth flowing storyline kept me captivated as I read about T.R Imara s sizzling romance I even re read some parts Xyla Turner did an exceptional job writing this novel I highly recommend all to read The College President was a page turner from the beginning The attraction between T.R and Imara could be felt from their first meeting Xyla is an awesome writer and has a way of drawing you into her stories She is at the top of my list for new up and coming authors I thought that The Chase was good but this one here was through the roof Excellent job Xyla Can t wait for your next release I hate to DNF, I don t want to waste my money and I hate giving up on an author s work because I know they ve worked hard For this one I just couldn t connect.at all The plot work didn t draw me in and I found myself skimming for meaningful dialogue which left me wanting Sorry kidsDNF. Xyla Turner has done it again with The College President Although, she is still a relatively new author her books are written as though she has been doing this for years The only thing that I could say was an issue was sometimes the words ran together, so you had to add mentally a space between words for it to make sense Despite that this book drew me in from page one until the end If I had to describe this story with songs, I would say it was a mix between Aaliyah s Hot like Fire , The Weeknd s Earned it and Avant s You and I The storyline wasn t too fast yet it wasn t too drawn out The character development was descriptive enough that the reader can visualize them.T.R Matthews The president who thought he would be in control and usually was but not when it came to Imara Winters Her aura made him always on his toes and excited which appeared new to him He was supposed to be the Boss , but it didn t always turn out that way The way that he wanted to protect and provide for showed that to he had some qualities of an alpha male who had a sensitive side.Imara Winters the alpha female who was not afraid to speak her mind or act on her emotions She had the tendency to run from situations with her assumptions This is typical of someone who is use to being done wrong The growth she goes through wouldn t have been possible if she didn t learn to compromise in particular ways Many people are like her in the sense they have a wall built up where they have to be tough all the time But it takes that one special person to bring that wall down and be able to take some of the control.This was truly an excellent book Xyla is on my list of authors that I will always read their books I am anxiously waiting for the next one to come out Pre ordered already