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I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I honestly wasn t sure if this series would be able to compare to the Talented Saga when I read the first book It was an enjoyable read with plenty of mystery and suspense, but I didn t quite feel an attachment to the characters the way I did with the characters from the Talented Saga.However, this book finally managed to pull me in and I just can t wait for the last book The suspense is killing me and I am definitely left wantingSophie Davis has made me a fan of yet another great series I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Wow Just Wow I can t even explain how much I enjoyed this book It doesn t really fit into a genre that I typically read, but after reading the first book in this series, I had no choice but to read this one The characters were so realistic that I really became invested in the outcome of their story Speaking of their story What a unique concept I can honestly say I have never read anything like this before and I love it One of the things that I enjoyed about this book was that some of the characters from the first one reappeared here but indetail I liked learningabout Adam in particular and I look forward to seeing how he ultimately ends up fitting into the main storyline The best part about Platinum Prey and the Blind Barriers Trilogy as a whole, so far is that it keeps you guessing Every time I think I have something or someone figured out, I m proven wrong It makes me stress about how long I m going to have to find out the truth I absolutely can t wait for the third book in this series to come out #FREE DOWNLOAD õ Platinum Prey (Blind Barriers Trilogy #2) ⛅ Sometimes The Darkness Is Best Left Unlit If A Stranger Was Begging For Your Help, Would You Answer When Raven Stumbles Upon A Missing Heiress S Diary And The Riddled Pleas Within Its Pages, She S Stunned To Discover A Mysterious Connection Between Them received this book to give an honest review.Okay now I will say this now please make sure you have read book one before you start this one, and if it has been a hot minute on reading the first one you may want to read it again Unless you have a super great memory and remember everything in book one The reason I say this is because I remember a little bit about book one it has been 2 years since I read the first book so I jumped into this one and at first I was a bit lost as to what was going on I couldn t truly remember why Raven was a mission to the answers to what happened to Lark or why I thought Asher was shady Though as time went on it all started clicking and I have to say I was really enjoying the whole mystery of Lark going missing We go back and forth between Lark s point of view and Raven s We finally learn what is bothering Lark with her father s company and I have to give Lark props on how she handled it Asher became evenshady and he really showed his colors towards the end Now we a scene with some mystery man and Asher which throws in another mystery person I wonder who this mystery man is as he was not given a name and what is his role in it all Raven doesn t seem to be too close to finding Lark but she will find her boyfriend the one that she kept secret from her lavish world I can not wait to read book three when it comes out because I want to see what happened Lark, will Raven figure out all the clues There is so much mystery within this story that you just can t help enjoying it I think all the answers we need will come together in book three it will be just a waiting game until it comes out This book is good for the teens and young adult s as there is nothing graphic in any form. Loved this book just as much as the first and I cannot believe that this book has as big of a surprise twist in it that the first one does This book picks up where the first left off and can be confusing because Lark s story goes from past to present Some questions were answered and too manyare left unanswered and leave you hanging for the next book You find out muchabout Lark s past, especially the tremendous pressure on her to be perfect, and what she knows about her father s business A new character is introduced and I m thinking he must play a bigger role in the 3rd book You find outabout Asher as well, but Raven still isn t much closer to finding Lark which should be expected since there is another book coming There was never really a dull moment in the story and it was a fun read I m excited to continue the story and find out how it all ends Hope the next book is out soon Raven Ferragamo continues her search for missing heiress, Lark Kingsley This has been her obsession since she found the missing woman s journal Why did Lark want Raven to follow the hidden clues and find her Luck that Raven has help from her downstairs neighbor, Asher He s been with her every step of the way Does he have an ulterior motive Thewe learn about Lark and her life, thethe mystery deepens Who wanted her gone and why Sophie Davis has ramped up the tension and the suspense Raven is smart and diligent She keeps moving forward with her investigation I like her She tough Originally I liked Asher but now I don t trust him Who is he really This trilogy has me hooked I need answers and soon Platinum Prey is addictive The setting, the clues and the treachery kept me reading The plot moves swiftly and the twists just keep coming We won t get the answers we need until Book three So be aware that their is no closure, but I think seeing how it ll end will be worth the wait. Love, love, love I had a theory at the end of Fragile Facades, and as I got into this sequel I was onlyconvinced that my theory was correct until the last page, when I learned that, in fact, although one portion of my theory can still be correct, the entire theory as a whole is NOT Although now I have a new theory.and isn t that the fun of mysteries thrillers If the author can successfully keep the reader guessing until the very end of the series At this point, I am dying for the final book in the series, and am very glad that it won t be longer than a trilogy because the months I will have to wait will be long enough already, thankyouverymuch Well done, intriguing, and captivating.I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion Which is that it rocks. I received a copy for an honest review, and I honestly must say I HONESTLY LOVED IT Fragile Facade left me wantingand a lot of unanswered questions that I could not wait to resolve The second in the Blind Barriers, Platinum Prey continues the mystery but we slowly start to learn some of the answers I could not stop reading The characters of Lark and Raven develop in unexpected ways A real page turner The only negative comment I can include is how frustrated I am having to wait for the next one Ugh Sophie Davis is a very creative writer and I am looking forward to reading her other series I received a copy of Platinum Prey for an honest review, thank you Sophie Davis This book, like with Fragile Facade, switches each chapter between Lark and Raven and I like that the books are written this way.I don t want to say too much as I don t want to give away anything you just have to read it and find out for yourself The reason I have given this book 3 stars, well I actually would like to give it three and a half stars, is because this book is a bit slow moving and I love to read books that are fast paced and I m still finding it hard to gain a connection with the character Lark as I did with the first book, Fragile Facade, but her character is opening up and revealingabout her life, friends and secrets in this book which I m really liking This book picked up pace at the start, slowed down around the middle and then the rest of the book picked up a lot and it has added a thousandquestions that I want answered The start of this book the character Raven asked herself a lot why me I felt she was getting a bit whiny and she was starting to annoy me a little but she made up for that by covering a lot of ground with figuring outof Larks clues and seems to be getting really close to some solid answers.I love the story line I just wish this book was little faster paced, it s a good read and I cannot wait to read the last installment This Trilogy is Dark, Intense and Addictive Who can Raven trust As She digs deeper into Lark s disappearance the twits just keep coming and the danger getsreal Sophie Davis has given us aGlamorous Thriller that will keep U on the edge of UR seat and cravingPlatinum Prey is a must read for mystery lover I need book 3 Vacant Voices like now that ending is a killer