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Basset mystery whatcan I say These books 3 so far, I believe are really excellent for Basset lovers or mystery lovers and if you are both, you have hit the jackpot Duffy and Al are at it again, getting involved in a murder make that multiple murders This is a fun series even if there are only two books in the series By all rights I shouldn t like this series, after all the main characters boxes and I m not a boxing fan, he has a basset hound and I like dogs but I m not a big basset fan, so this series always surprises me Duffy spends his non work time either at a bar, boxing or in his trailer with his basset hound, Al So, how can he get into so much trouble Read the book to find out but if you want the background go read On The Ropes first, it s the first in the series.Highly recommended. #Free Epub » TKO: A Duffy Dombrowski Mystery ⚠ After Twenty Five Years In Prison For Murdering A Couple Of Cheerleaders, A Quarterback, And The Class President, Hackin Howard Rheinhart Gets Discharged His Case Is Assigned To Schlitz Drinking, Elvis Loving Social Worker And Pro Boxer Duffy Dombrowski Soon, Local High School VIPs Start Showing Up Dead And Howard Is Nowhere To Be Found Duffy Throws Himself Into Howard S Defense While Juggling A Few Problems Of His Own Like A Huge Upcoming Boxing Match, A New Hormonal Girlfriend, The Unsolicited Devotion Of A Goofy Karate Kid, And The Ongoing Misadventures Of Allah King, Duffy S Muslim Basset Hound If you love great mysteries with a bit of sports thrown in and lots of drama, you ll love the second book in the Duffy Dombrowski series In the second installment, Duffy has a lot on his plate His girlfriend broke up with him He s teaching a teen karate lessons and getting ready for a fight, there s strife at work, and his new client is controversial from his parole When there s murders happening at the same place his client, Howard Rhineheart, killed four people, thirty years ago, he s under suspicion Everyone believes it s him, while Duffy believes his innocence, when the world s against him When he goes investigates the going ons at the high school, he s closer to the truth and facing danger straight on Lots of good drama here. If you haven t discovered the Duffy Dombrowski mysteries by Tom Schreck yet, you re missing out on a good laugh Duffy is a Schlitz drinking social worker who is also a boxer His best friend is a nut crunching basset hound name Al.I just finished the 2nd, TKO, and it s even better than the first. Uncharistically I m starting on the second in the series without having read the first, but I received this book at Bouchercon and decided to dive on in to it.I gave the 4 star rating for the sheer novelness of the detective and the lovability of the characters Funny as all get out The mystery itself is a little loose, but does come to an exciting and fulfilling climax I even found the boxing to be exciting in places Just absolutely loved Al the basset hound , Duffy, and the Brain Trust This book was funny It reminded me of Stephanie Plum in a way The man s dog farts, runs around Blue with Duff chasing him, bites the officer Hilarious The mystery was okay I am not usually very good with mysteries until the tada moment, but this one I had before tada I still enjoyed it and would like to read another of Tom s books. I have owned bassets for 20 years, so of course i just loved this read On the flip side, i once again, did predict the mystery part but because the dog part was so entertaining i was able to stay interested just waiting for the dog parts to make me laugh and be surprised. Duffy Dombrowski is a social worker with a big heart Paperwork is not something Duffy is noted for much to the dismay of his supervisor, Claudia Michelin Claudia doesn t think much of Duffy but that doesn t seem to be too big a problem for Duffy since he doesn t think much of Claudia either.Duffy s current client Howard Rheinhart is in big trouble Howard went wild in high school and killed two cheerleaders, a quarterback and the class president Howard has spent his time in jail and is now free Duffy thinks Howard has changed but Duffy is the only one believing this Nowmurders are occurring and the police have zeroed in on Howard Howard is contacting Duffy saying he is innocent but the police are not convinced Howard is now number one on the wanted list and called Hackin Howard by the press.In between calls from Howard and disagreements with his boss Duffy takes on a boxing match and defends a goofy karate kid Allah King, Duffy s Muslim basset hound is still around creating the same havoc he did in On The Ropes but he is so loyal to Duffy you have to love him.Billy proves to be another wonderful side kick for Duffy and it turns out he isvaluable than Duffy ever imagined When push comes to shove Billy is there.When you combine Duffy, Billy, Allah King and Elvis on the 8 tracks you have a combination that just can t be beat Grab a copy today and delve into Duffy s adventures I don t think you will be sorry you did. After a bit of a slow start the author puts in history than I needed at the beginning this became a good, fun read Loved the dog, loved the boxing and loved the detective I did have trouble accepting Duffy s determination that the suspect, one of his clients in his role as a social worker, was not guilty of the murders that copied the MO of the killings he did years earlier Nor did I get his conviction that there was some justification for those original killings because the bad guy had been abused at home and bullied in school That reasoning seemed to validate every kid who brings a gun to school to punish the bullies, negates the strength of the kids who manage to survive without taking that kind of vengence, and puts down the poor souls who decide to kill themselves instead of taking the lives of others I just could not see a motive for Duffy to believe in the guy and downplay his admitted crimes and that made it difficult for me to go along with Duffy for the longest time Other than that, as they say, the story moved well It is fast paced, the characters varied and interesting, and the mystery well done The story never took itself too seriously and each page brought another laugh I look forward to reading another Duffy Dombrowski mystery.