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Just didn t work for meTwo star rating The first installment of this series was captivating when being introduced to the main and supporting characters This second installment to the series killed it for me Nate with his background and age fits his character pretty well but he is a bit too nice Now Kate on then other hand, I found to be too naive, immature and insecure Well very gullible for sure without the common sense to think especially given her age, her education level and her parenting Her character was a major put off in this second book leaving me not caring for the next ones. I read this series as a collective None of the books are stand alone It is a sweet innocent story without much depth I liked the characters but it felt like there was too much happening rather than picking one thing and developing it well lots of stuff was thrown into the pot The editing was shocking especially in the later books I bought the series as a bundle and it wasn t so bad that I abandoned it but if I didn t have it as a set I wouldn t have carried on buying the books. Good book Kept my interest Would recommend it to everyone Getting ready to do the next book in the series I m sure it will be just as good. Oh myThis story is getting to be really intense, and I couldn t put it down once I started it Katelyn and Nate seem so perfect for each other, and it is easy to picture them together forever Yet, the ending of this book leaves me a bit disappointed in Katelyn and in her sense of discernment I can only hope that the finale doesn t find her unable make up for her lack of faith, and that Nate doesn t leave her for someone with the maturity to be worthy of his love. GoodGood book If I take the time to read and review a book then I really liked it I won t review a book I couldn t get through. This book had my jaw dropping every 2 minutes towards the end This is a continuation of book one, The Biolllionaire s Heart Kaitlyn and Nate continue their quickly budding relationship when trouble rises.Definite Cliffhanger Stay tuned for book 3.The writing style is still almost like a diary or inner thoughts Although it may seem childish at times, I find it easy to relate to The book moves along quickly with very little lag. Love this series.Very heart warming read Total Cliffhanger I had tears in my eyes. &Epub ☛ The Billionaires Mind (The Billionaires Heart #2) ☂ Book II The Billionaires Mind Katelynn Is Missing Nate, The Man She Fell In Love With While Working For His Father S Company, While He S Dealing With Aftermath Of His Father S Heart Attacks Back Home, But When Nate Returns To North Platte To Be With Her Again, Some Strange Circumstances Begin To Make Her Feel Like Something About Their Love Isn T Right They Seem To Be Going In The Right Directions, Though, And Before Long They Re Thinking About Marriage, And Discussing What Comes After However, Things Are Not Always What They Seem, And When Katelynn Is Presented With What Appears To Be Proof That The Man She Loves Is No Better Than The Lowest Scumbag, That He D Resort To Terrible Things To Get What He Wants, She Decides That She Was Wrong About Him, And Chooses To Take Drastic Action To End Their Relationship It still felt like a rough draft, with the feelings and thoughts of the characters glossed over and inorganic but better than the first. Just when she starts to believe in a future her world is shattered Right after he buys and engagement ring he gets served with papers and she s the witness