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I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I don t know exactly what I was expecting when I picked up Fire in the Stars, but this was not it I guess I thought this book would be something along the lines of girl meets asshole boy and instantly feels a connection they eventually fall in love and the boy becomes less of an asshole with a dystopian backdrop NOT EVEN FUCKING CLOSE Fire in the Stars opens up with one of our main characters, Harper Jones, en route to a prison island full of criminals called Penance as punishment for stabbing someone From the beginning we can tell that this isn t going to go well we all know what happened in Lord of the Flies, after all And we re right Penance is not a place you want to go Rogge and Kazajian did a pretty good job with Penance, making it seem as gritty, dark, and disturbing as you would expect Throughout this book, Harper does her best to stay alive and protect the people that she comes to care about.The other main character, Clint, has the same agenda, but executes it in a very different way Clint is a ruthless assassin working for Esme, the Queen of Penance Flat out I didn t like Clint He was a very interesting character, and had depth, but was too sadistic Fire in the Stars eventually sent him on a redemption arc, but I felt like he didn t deserve it I have a limit when it comes to forgiving people, and Clint s actions the torturing, the constant murdering surpassed that limit Harper, on the other hand, was a very relatable character She was smart and logical, and loyal to those who deserved it Another character that stood out to me was Gage I actually kind of shipped him and Harper in the beginning the scene where Harper tied him up was giving me massive Captain Swan flashbacks , but him being asexual turned out to be better, because REPRESENTATION The other characters Hazel, Sawyer, Sofia, Frank, Camila, etc were engaging enough, although I do wish they were fleshed out a little They all seemed kind of flat to me.The main problem I had with Fire in the Stars was the pacing It was moving too fast in the beginning, too slow in the middle, and then the end was just plain chaotic Too much shit was happening, and it felt rushed That being said, I did like how the story ended and it wrapped everything up fairly well I could have done with world building in the beginning and explanation in the end, but I wasn t left with too many questions unanswered Fire in the Stars was also very well written Except for the weird monologues from Frank that frankly see what I did there felt out of place, it flowed nicely The dual POV also worked well in this instance because we got to see from two completely different perspectives, which gave us a well rounded image of what was happening.Finally, I d just like to thank the authors for not adding romance because it would have just felt out of place It always annoys me how in books where the characters are in danger of dying every second they have to fall in love as well.Overall, Fire in the Stars was an extremely refreshing read with a captivating, action packed storyline, and interesting characters Put aside any reservations you may have about this book, be it the relatively unknown authors or the cover which does not adequately capture the awesome that is this book and READ IT I won this book through a goodreads giveaway This story draws you in right away The idea of kids as criminals on a island prison is an interesting concept It was interesting to watch the stories of Harper and Clint and their respective groups of friends intersect get entangled then bounce off each other like rubber balls throughout the course of the story from the very beginning to the very end I really liked with the character of Harper She s smart resourceful and resilient This story has a kind of Maze Runner feel to it. I just finished this book late last night, and I m still trying to put my thoughts together, trying to piece together what I just read My thoughts may be a little scrambled but here we go As I read The Fire In the Stars, I kept on imagining how it could be adapted to screen as a T.V show Fire In The Stars has one of those plots that s so intriguing, and makes me want to know every single detail about the island, and the mysteries surrounding it From the minute, we are introduced to Harper as she is dropped off onto the island, I began to wonder who in their right mind would think that an island full of criminals is a good idea Within the 9 months that Penance Island was put in place, a war started and ended, causing a rupture between various members of the islands I m honestly just surprised that mass homicide didn t occur within the first week of the establishment of this Island From the first page, when we first met Harper, as she was being flown to Penance Island, I fell in love with her She s such a total badass, while still having a kind heart no matter what she may say As we began to see her kleptomania in action, I began to really sympathize with her, and wonder if she really deserved such a cruel sentence as Penance Island Though we do get a little taste of her past, and what led her to Penance Island, I would have loved a little backstory for her, and perhaps a little insight on her kleptomania, to give her a little depth to her personality I didn t like Clint, I didn t sympathize with him at all, I didn t understand why he was such a supporter of the leader of the Island, Esme, honestly he just didn t appeal to me But that didn t stop me from really enjoying his POV, and what he brought to the story There were times when I began to think that maybe he was an okay guy, but then he just goes and brutally murders someone, and I m just like wait never mind There was a part where someone says that people call him a psychopath, and he s surprised Clint is a psychopath there s no doubt about it Though by the end, I began to feel sorry for him, and I kind of wish the book could ve been longer, so I could have grown to like him One of my favorite things about the book were the side characters, all the side characters were so interesting and honestly I could ve read an entire book about them I really wish we could ve gotten a little backstory on those characters I honestly don t care if that would ve made the book longer, I just loved them so much, and want to know about them These characters really added something to the book, and I m glad that Harper didn t stick to her policy of always being alone because without some of these characters this book wouldn t be the same I wish they got page time though, some of them were really not there for a lot of the book I guess that just made me appreciate them even One of the things I really appreciated about this book, was the fact that the authors didn t create a romantic sub plot I was terrified that Harper and Clint would end up together, which would have been the worst romance ever, and would have ended up with one of them being murdered by the other So I m so grateful that they didn t go in that directionThe last 50 pages or so were probably the most devastating thing ever, and a lot of things happened that I m just going to pretend didn t happen and let s just pretend that everything turned out wonderful, because that s just way easier than facing the truth I did have a few issues with the book, one of them being the length Though the book was 400 pages, I really wish it was longer, or like stretched out into another book because 400 pages wasn t enough There s so many things that weren t explained in much details, things that I desperately want to know I really wished they focused on the mysteries of the island a little bit , instead of the politics of the islands, which was interesting, but could ve been cut down on I could honestly read 800 pages of this book, and not complain one bit So overall I really enjoyed this book, I thought it was fast paced, filled with an interesting and diverse cast of characters The plot was absolutely fantastic, and is one that I d love to see being expanded upon Though I had some minor issues with it, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fast paced reads, filled with action and adventure Expect to have your heart broken multiple times, and to at least shed one tear. Fire in the Stars is a book about survival, redemption, hope, and freedom also, lots of murder.Harper, a seventeen year old kleptomaniac, is sent to Penance Island, just one of hundreds of delinquent teenagers dropped onto the island with a backpack and a promise they ll never get back home.it s similar to lord of the flies, with less cannibalism and straight up murder.in contrast with Harper, there s Clint, who s been on Penance for a while and knows how to survive he does a lot of the murdering in the book, thanks to orders from the Queen of Penance , Esme As far as first kiss stories went, mine was especially awful It really didn t deserve to be called Seven Minutes in Heaven when your lip ended up getting snagged on their braces The remaining four minutes in the closet consisted of me yelling at him as he desperately searched for something to stop the blood rushing from my lip he d also explained afterward he had some sort of salivary gland issue which explained a lot, actually.the book is has a few little moments like this, where nothing particularly lethal is happening and Harper is just Harper she s sarcastic and a bit rude, yes, but she s also pretty funny sometimes her personality doesn t feel forced onto the reader it s natural and realistic even in dangerous situations, Harper is still a teenager, dealing with and reacting to things the way teenagers do.this is not the best book ever, but it s also not trying to be it embraces its tropey parts and comes across as genuine than gimmicky.i will say, though, that i found Rogge s chapters better, not just in terms of overall writing quality, but also characters that just seemed much fleshed out.Kazajian s chapters are confused and he repeats words and phrases too much, making it difficult to read i also found Clint to be a less compelling protagonist than Harper he s just not a good person, and while that in and of itself wouldn t normally turn me away from a character, it in combination with his stoic manly murder guy attitude was aggravating than intriguing.my favorite thing about this book besides there not being a romantic subplot, thank the good and gentle lord above is the side characters they re developed very well and are just as important to the plot and story development as Harper and Clint also s o for having an aroace character i do think that the novel has too much plot for its own good it could be easily split into another novel even at 400 pages, i don t feel like it explored everything it could have i also would have liked to read about the island itself.despite its faults, Fire in the Stars is still a very good read, especially for a book written and self published by two teenagers the plot moves along at a steady pace, and the twists aren t too predictable, which is hard to pull off in a work like this i would recommend it to most fans of action adventure novels, as long as they aren t bothered by violence there s a lot of it and like a heavily involved plot.overall rating 4 5 ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ♫ Fire In The Stars ☪ A Thief A Killer Two Separate Stories One Doomed IslandSeventeen Year Old Harper, Incurable Kleptomaniac, Never Expected To End Up On A Place Like Penance Yet, Here She Is, Imprisoned On The Secluded Island Full Of Delinquent Teenagers At First Glance, The Place Is Everything They Want Freedom No Laws, No Authorities, Just Pure, Unadulterated Liberty With That Freedom, However, Comes Danger At The Center Of The Chaos And Brutality That Rocks The Island Is Clint, A Seasoned Murderer Working Under The Elusive, Self Proclaimed Queen Of Penance, Esme Cold And Brutal, Clint S Reputation Has Managed To Keep The Islanders In Line Until NowAs Harper Unwillingly Becomes Entrapped In The Island S Politics, And A Tragedy Leaves Clint Hunting For Revenge, Penance S Unstable Order Begins To Crumble As Their Fates Draw Closer, Both Harper And Clint Must Survive Against Bloodthirsty Criminals, Unnatural Weather, And Their Own Inner Demons Before Their Blood Too Is Spilled In The SandWELCOME TO PENANCE ISLAND,THE PLACE WHERE YOU DIE I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways None of the characters are perfect they were sent to a prison island after all , but they re multidimensional and you grow to care for some of them And get mad at them Why couldn t they just all talk it out It was a well written story, and I did not see the end coming.3.5 stars Make sure to stop by my blog I m about to toss a lot of shade and mixed feelings at this book It s pretty much The Lord of the Flies meets The Hunger Games Catching Fire Maybe some Death Cure from The Maze Runner series too, just a Frankenstein of those concepts and ideas It makes the action in this pretty nonstop and fast paced I can see where time was spent putting this together Though even with that care, I still can t say that I liked it It felt a bit like a rough draft If a beta or just a little editing went into it, I might have enjoyed it But three stars isn t bad on my scale It s just a disclaimer on that you might like it, but it s not so much my cup of tea.When I first picked this up, I didn t fully realize that it was self published In terms of rating, that hardly matters But as I was reading it just becomes and increasingly clear that it was Some time ago I read an article about writing do s and don t Now, typically, I don t agree that good writing can be defined into a bullet pointed list, as it depends on the author But I kept thinking back on how it noted that dialogue should be no longer than three sentences unless other wise needed Yet, even then, it still needs to broken up So, Frank, that tidbit was for you Otherwise, as far as the typos I found and I confess that I am in no position to criticize But when you make a mistake on your own character s name How do you not catch that And then to have such obvious mistakes that anybody reading this would catch Like a sentence that starts off one way before repeating itself in a different tense As if someone had already made an edit and forgot to use the delete button to remove the old line Then, sorry not sorry, what really makes me cringe is that there s a bio for the editor in the back of the book So I m questioning if things were changed after they looked at this or if money should be returned All that aside, the plot itself is so reliant on steps in a sequence that it s pretty guessable So okay, cliches are cliches and I don t mind when they re done well But half of this still had me going but WHY Which is annoying because yes, I can see how it moves the plot along but also no, it s questionable and excessive.I mean does Frank and the beachers have to be THAT brutal All that mass murder without any real pay off Also, can I point out that the mutes , a nick name for the mutants DO NOT have useless powers Clint and Frank are up there laughing about some guy who can breathe under water and another who can glow Are those things really useless when you re surrounded by water with food swimming around in it and nights of unlit darkness HmmmmmSo just stuff like that was so furiously annoying to me But again, like I said before, the book as a whole is not bad I do also want to point out this might be the first asexual rep I ve ever read, which kudos And it s not painful or difficult to read At most, I just kept side eyeing everything. 3.5 stars