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[Free Ebook] ♵ The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing ♿ Frank M Ahearn Spent Much Of His Career As A Skip Tracer Finding People For Private Investigators, Lawyers And Tabloids However, His Real Forte Was Extracting Private Information For Sale He Is A Leading Privacy Expert And Author Of The New York Times Best Seller How To Disappear Most Of The Pretext And Social Engineering Tactics In This Book Are Illegal In Non Technical Language, That Means Do Not Be A Dumbass And Try This Stuff At Home, From Work, On Skype, With A Prepaid Cell Phone Or Through A Psychic Medium If You Are Caught, Utilizing These Tactics Some Bad Mojo Will Happen That Is My Disclaimer Excerpt From The Little Black Book Of Skip Tracing I Mentioned That Another Way To Pretext A Subject Of A Landline Is To Do So As A Telephone Repair Employee Hi, This Is Joe Momma From Dingle Falls Telephone Repair I Am Working On The Phone Lines And Your Phone Service Might Be Disconnected For About Five Minutes Fear Not It Will Be Immediately Repaired Some People Are Cool About It And Others Are Huge Dicks Rambling Off They Need Their Phone Service Yea, Yeah, Yeah I Wait A Few Minutes And Dial Them Back And When They Answer, I Hold Down The Pound Button As It Cranks Out That Unpleasant Sound In Their Ear I Do This A Few Times, Depending How Much Of A Schmuck The Subject Was During The Pretext Call After About Five Minutes, I Call The Subject Back And Explain All Is Fixed And There Will Be No Interruption Of Service Before I Hang Up, I Hit Them With The Second Part Of The Pretext I Need You To Confirm Your Building Number And Zip Code And Please Spell The Name Correctly Note, I Do Not Ask What The Building Number Is But Confirm The Building Number By Saying, Confirm It Automatically Implies That I Have The Information Most People Fall For The Pretext But There Is Always One Unpleasant Crayon In The Box You Work For The Phone Company, You Should Know My Address If Someone Were Being A Dick About Confirming The Information, I Would Ease Out Of The Call And Tell Them No Problem From The Multiple Prepaid Cell Phones, I Call The Subject Back Using Different Voices And Requesting Various Styles Of Pizza The Subject Would Soon Realize That Their Phone Number Is Crossed With The Local Pizza Shop I Call The Pain In The Ass Subject Back And Act As If I Am Calling The Pizza Shop To Confirm All Is Well With Their Services The Subject Usually Blew Their Stack And Blasted Me For Screwing Up Their Phone Line This Was A Good Thing Sorry But I Am Showing This Line Belonging To Pizza Haven You Will Need To Dial And Report The Issue This Totally Infuriated The Subject You Are Repair, You Broke It Now Fix It My Response Was Polite I Would If I Could But I Can T I Show The Number Belonging To Pizza Haven On Broadway Then Came The Roar No You Moron My Name Is Kurt Duesterdick And My Address Is Webfoot Walk, Duckburg, Calisota My Apologies, I Will Repair Immediately Pretext Is Like A Prompt System, You Need To Create The Right Buttons To Push FrankAhearn InterestingI enjoyed reading this book and would love to read about this subject Skip tracing as presented by the author sounds like fun. Quick read for research purposes for my NaNo project.