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This is an easy read that had the book not used the familiar names could have just passed for your ordinary dramatic romance It is the timeless characters you are familiar with and their history which you ve read about time and again that engage you This story however takes those particular one liners we ve heard before and mixed them within at odd times They are not used by the same characters but when you hear them you are instantly transported to the original occurrence.Pride and Prejudice was not present in this retelling, in fact, the story begins with the scene by the lake You know the one if you are a Colin Firth fan the spirit and light hearted banter paints a playful Darcyso than the original Lizzy is still outspoken and defends the master of Pemberely onthan one occasion The two have a united front against a whole slue of familiar sorts who wish to do them harm for their own self gain I think the hardest for me to take was Georgiana and Bingley They were both such gentle souls but in this story Georgiana is spoiled and selfish There is not that bond and trust between brother and sister that I love to see Bingley is desperate to better his current financial situation and does not care what has to be done to attain that His personality took on his sisters Hurst was actually the descent one instead of soused on a couch somewhere I am happy to report though that Georgiana and Bingley grew up and became closer to their original forms There is a lot of drama and schemes a foot but what I appreciated was the author keeping DE locked on the same mind set together instead of confused and silent of how the other felt There are no sex scenes but the two are mentionedthen once of their romantic escapades This is not one of my favorite PP retellings but it was entertaining and enjoyable for me Enjoy I loved it Unique and captivating plot with a lot of fun and intriguing twists and turns Especially liked the creative reuse of Austen s words in new contexts Highly entertaining book with a lot of twists to the original characters as well, thoroughly enjoyed some of their new traits There was a lot of interaction between ODC and they fall for each other early and are married, half way through ODC met at Pemberley, the summer before we enter canon Intrigued by each other, they reunite in Hertfordshire with the timeline of canon but everything that happens are original in this off canon story Their feelings are mutual but family and friends will unite in scheming to keep them apart Some of the villains might come as a surprise as well Really enjoyed the changes to Jane and Mr Collins which both had gotten some additional strengths Several dramatic events follow as a result of the scheme for Darcy to marry Caroline Not to forget, the Wicham Georgiana debacle who had a lot of additional drama.Ends in a funny epilogue with the Darcy s children and extended family, coming together in a celebration Heartily recommend this book In this Pride and Prejudice inspired story, all his friends and relations seem to have a motive for manipulating Darcy for their own selfish purposes Luckily, he has met his match in his true love Elizabeth Bennet Can they together overcome all the obstacles thrown in their path and discover their true family This story is a lot of angst and drama It has a lot of characters completely out of cannon but I liked it That being said the writing and editing had flaws. This book has an amazing, unique, fascinating plot I love really unusual PP variations and this one certainly delivers on that score In fact this book almost has an excess of plot There is a conspiracy, a kidnapping, a serial killer, an elopement, and several balls.The heart of the matter is that there is a GIANT conspiracy for Caroline Bingley to become the mistress of Pemberley and all that stands in between her and her co conspirators way is one little lady from Hertfordshire Before Bingley can lease Netherfield Mr Darcy comes out of the pond at Pemberley and face to face with the love of his life, Miss Elizabeth Bennet who is touring with her aunt and uncle.This story is fast paced, absurdly fast paced It isn t so much a book as a collection of scenes which string together to push the plot onward Which makes the book feel both rushed and disjointed Time sequences don t make sense Things happen that are illogical And the writing is both very modern and sophomoric But the story is somehow compelling This no matter how annoyed I would get at the dialogue or the frenetic speed I had to keep reading to find out what would happen The book doesn t give you any down time it just leaps from one crisis problem drama to the next And it doesn t know where to end There are at least 3 suitable endingsthan any books needs.Warning view spoiler if you hate books where Jane and Bingley don t end up HEA you should skip this one hide spoiler Too many smirksApparently, everyone in Regency England likes to smirk They smirk over this they smirk over that and I smirk over something else there s got to befacial expression and just smirks going on somewhere back in that time. The Corrupt PlanJust reading this again, it s one of those stories you like to go back to, and enjoy with a cup of tea on a Saturday Lots of interesting twists and turns, from our Beloved Couple actually meeting on the grounds of Pemberley, and meeting again at Netherfield Park Lots of deceit and trickery ,also, from completely expected sour sand some very unexpected sources Fortunately, the love between Darcy and Elizabeth keep it a pleasure to read, it is definitely an above the average story. Everyone is against Darcy and Elizabeth except the HurstsThis one will keep you reading Although Darcy and Elizabeth come to an understanding early in the story, everyone is opposed to their marrying, each for their own reasons Even Bingley and Georgina conspire to have Darcy marry Caroline, although has declared that he will never marry her Mr Bennett simply is opposed to the match, Georgianna is a resentful teenager and very nearly comes to a bad end when she is sold to one of his friends After much deception, and dangerous adventures, Darcy and Elizabeth finally win out This book turns Pride and Prejudice inside out, proving that your friends and relatives are not always what they seem to be. *Read ⇥ The Corrupt Plan ☜ A Non Canon, Pride And Prejudice, What If Variation Just When Darcy Decided To Follow His Heart And Chosen Love Over Family Obligation, Their Friends And Family Begin To Conspire Against Them, Each For Their Own Nefarious Reason Will Their Love Be Able To Withstand The Interference I find this story compellingI believe I m writing a poorer review than I usually do I know I m no wordsmith like many of the reviewers I follow so I just to tell the truth as I see it, and hope my weaknesses are overlooked.I find this story compelling and I m not sure why The plot is original but notso than other variations I can t point to anything in particular to praise I ve read the story twice, once when it was published and finished another read today I enjoyed a lot each time.I recommend this book, perhaps even highly. Very Interesting I enjoyed reading this Pride and Prejudice Variation, very much so that I had to leave this review The story flowed freely with a nice fast pace for me It s nice to read a story about Elizabeth and Darcy without all those misunderstandings between them Love at first sight I enjoyed the concept of Bingley and Georginana and what transpired between them The ending was very good too