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!E-pub ♴ Beast and Prey ♵ Adrien Has Been Away From The Civilian World For Far Too Long, And He Needs To Relearn Everything About Daily Interactions Specifically, How To Touch His Preyblood Without Terrifying Him Meanwhile, The Pressure For Him To Find A Mate Is Mounting, While Ellie Shows No Inclination To Change His Independent, Single Status Adrien, Elijah Murmured Against His Lips I Feel Like I M Going Into Heat Adrien Was Oddly Aware Of His Own Teeth, Of The Way They Bit Painfully Into His Own Cheek, His Tongue, Looking For Sweet Flesh He Couldn T Get He Lusted After Elijah S Throat His Mouth Salivated But He Swallowed It Down And Growled, You Re Not But I M Hot, Elijah Whined Adrien Felt A Pang Of Sympathy For Him, Which Helped Clear His Head I Have An Idea, Adrien Whispered, Stroking Elijah S Hair There S Something The French Do That Could Help The French Ellie Didn T Much Want To Do Anything The French Did, But He Said, What Is It Kissing, Adrien Said Preybloods And Beastbloods Kiss, Ellie Argued No, Little One Adrien Smiled This Is A Different Kind Of Kissing I Kiss Your Lips, Like This, Like Normal Adrien S Lips Pressed Against His It Tingled, A Silvery Rush, Ellie S Skin Prickling In Delight Although It Wasn T Enough And You Kiss Mine, Just So Mhm Ellie Murmured He Closed His Eyes When He Returned The Peck, Feeling Adrien Smiling Against Ellie S Lips And Then Sometimes The French Do This, Adrien Whispered He Leaned In Again, Kissing Ellie, But This Time He Didn T Stop At A Peck His Tongue Flickered Across Ellie S Bottom Lip, Inducing A Shiver Ellie Liked The Tongue He Liked Being Licked, Always He Parted His Mouth, And Adrien Complied With His Body Language, Tongue Skimming Ellie S Adrien Pulled Back, Laughing What Ellie Asked, Ducking Down To Tuck His Head Again Adrien S Neck Had He Done It Wrong It D Felt So, So Right, Though Don T Try To Get An American To Kiss Like A Frenchman, Adrien Said Warmly His Hand Pressed Comfortingly Against Ellie S Back It S Nothing, Elijah It S Fine It S Just That The French Don T Normally Open Their Mouths So Wide, Like They Re Hoping To Be Swallowed Whole Adrien Chuckled Again Aw, No, Don T Be Embarrassed It Was Cute Your Tongue Felt Nice, Ellie Said Defensively I Wanted To Feel It It S Fine, Adrien Said We Re Not French We Can Kiss However We Want